What Do These Rugs Have In Common?

7 Feb

SUPER QUICK: tell me what these rugs all have in common?

No, it’s not that I like them. (But I do.)

And it isn’t that they’re all fantastically inexpensive (which they mostly are, but that’s not what I’m getting at).

Nor is it that they’re all from CB2. (The geometrics…the bright colors…you thought they just might be, didn’t you…)

Give up? Ok, I’ll tell you: It’s that they’re all from Land of Nod, which is a children‘s store.  Crazy, huh? — Because each and every one of these rugs would be perfectly fitting for lots of the adults I know! You can find them here: Grey Chevron; Pink Chevron; Green Crow’s Feet; Dot Matrix Rug; Grey Broad Stripe Rug; Aqua Magic Carpet; Brown/Cream Shag. (All images via Land of Nod)

Just another PSA brought to you by me, to say that if you don’t limit your sources to the obvious, you may be able to find some great bargains — and lovely finds — in unexpected places. I myself am totally coveting the Grey Zig Zag AND the Dot Matrix Rug; I have so so so many ideas for the Dot Matrix Rug. Quick – new nursery-seeking clients – call me!!!

What about you…see anything you love here?

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