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Rug Flipping!

30 Jan

Yesterday I was vacuuming our living room rug, which I am growing quite tired of, and I flipped it over to vacuum underneath it.

It’s a pretty rug, by Surya: it’s black with gray (cool gray…slightly green) large-scale spots on it, and it fits our colors nicely. It works well as a soft place where my son can build things, like ergonomic stands for the iPad (I am a proud mama). It’s getting older and has been well loved. It looks like this:

Rug Flipping

It’s a fine rug. But I’m a designer, and I get tired of things. Plus right now I’m in a neutral phase (or at least I think it’s a phase, but that remains to be seen).

Anyway, when I flipped it over I saw this: Rug Backing

It’s perfect. Neutral, slightly masculine, simple, and lovely.

So I flipped the whole rug over. My son helped. We talked about how “flat weave” means “no shoes.” He gets it. Completely gets it.

Rug Flipping

I layered a little throw rug on top of it, and there it is. I love it. Thinking this will last for a while…



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Happy Monday!

25 Nov

This weekend was a good one. I’ve been pretty sick (cold, cough, more coughing, bruised or cracked rib from coughing, horribly painful coughing, more coughing…) but am finally feeling MUCH better, and it was nice to have a break from a month of feeling yucky.

I wanted to share a few pictures from the weekend that I thought were fun. First of all, I was inspired by this DIY paper-bow tutorial I saw on Pinterest. It’s not in English, but it’s very easy to follow via the pictures, which are below.

DIY Paper Bows

2013-11-25 08.03.53 am


We made a few bows, and then we put one on the cat. Because why not.


Cat Bowtie


On Sunday, a long-time client of mine had a rug show at her gorgeous home. I snapped this photo of some of the rugs and a guest’s perfectly color-coordinated shoes.



Colors make me so happy. And so do bespoke cat accessories.

Enjoy the week!



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Color Friday is: Teal!

22 Feb

I’m pretty convinced this is the *it* color right now. I have three clients who are using some variation of it on their walls, in their furnishings, and as vibrant accents throughout the home. It’s slowly becoming one of my favorites, too.

Color Friday is Teal!

Doors. Room. Paint (source unknown).

Here are some of my favorite teal picks – many of them are better deals than you might guess! Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Color Friday is Teal!

Lamp. Chair (via Gilt). PillowRug. Book.  Table (via Joss & Main). Shoe. Blanket.

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Color Friday is: Black!

18 Jan

I haven’t done one of these Color Fridays in a while. So I’ll ease back into it with an easy, looks-good-on-everything color: BLACK!

Beautiful Black Rooms

(Top via Benjamin Moore, Bottom L via Pinterest (source unknown), Bottom R via Elle Decor)

I know black can be pretty dramatic. Some people find it depressing or too dark or moody. But I LOVE it. I think it’s a happy medium between serious masculinity and glamorous femininity. Lots of clients are gravitating toward black floors and railings, which I think is extraordinarily beautiful…dusty and fingerprinty…but beautiful and worth it. I find black to be a wildly sophisticated and easy to work with color, so bring on the black!

Any of these items would be lovely in a room with equally dark walls, gallery whites, or pastel brights. One of the best things about black is its versatility. Not only does it pair well with almost everything, but it is just as at home with grandma’s antiques as it is with the acrylic ghost chair you ordered last week.

Color Friday is: Black!

Clockwise from pendant at top:   Pendant.   Mohair Pillow.   Globe.   Table Lamp.  Chest.   Rug.  Table.   Chalk.


Enjoy! And have a great long weekend!


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Alternatives to the Traditional Train Table.

3 Jan

I would venture to guess that if you have a child, particularly a boy, at some point you are going to feel compelled to get a train set. And, similarly to what happens when you give a mouse a cookie, if you get your kid a train set, said kid is going to want a train table to go with it.

train table alternatives

In my house, we had to head that off before it even started for a few reasons.

1.) We live in a great condo that has enough space for our little family, but we don’t feel like it accommodates a train table in a way that allows us to still feel like we are adults with adult things, and 2.) given the previous reason, a ten square foot train table is about ten square feet too many of a stationary toy that has a single purpose. So, our solution was simple. We got a rug that serves virtually the same purpose as a train table PLUS a million others. Ours is no longer available, but this one is similar.

Here are five rugs that will substitute for a train table pretty seamlessly. Of course you are still without the train table storage, but a simple cube ottoman in a coordinating solid color will handle that problem quite well.

train table alternatives

 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

The best part about all of these rugs is that they meet my #1 “must” requirement for rugs in childrens’ rooms: they’re not too expensive. Because in addition to trains and cars, you’re almost guaranteed that someone will take a juice box for a spin on it at one point or another.

Now excuse me while I go play trains…


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Color Friday is: Rainbow!

3 Aug

I love this one! I should do it once a month. There are just so many rainbow-colored goodies out there, I can’t resist sharing them with you as I find them. So here are eight beautiful objects, each bursting with color!! (And if you’re hungry for more, check out an earlier Rainbow-themed Color Friday here.)

Rainbow Chandelier, $105 or DIYGift Wrap Paper, $4.50Tumbler, $58Cosmetic Case, $88Tectonic Floor Rug, $299-$399;  Rainbow ChairOriginal Art, $3,000Cushion Cover, $7

Enjoy your weekend! Hope it’s a good one!

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Pop Quiz: High or Low?

31 Jul

It’s fun to buy things for people. But you know what’s especially fun? To be able to track down an item for a client that fits his or her budget, when they previously believed their preferred “look” was out of reach. Sometimes it is, but usually it’s not. Take these three items below, for example. A fancy settee, a glamorous side table, and a graphic rug. All are truly good quality items, which is important (because when you find a beautiful rug for $500, it’s worth $5 if it falls apart on you), but some will set you back a lot less than the others. Either way, score any of these and you’re on your way to a beautiful room. Can you tell which is the “high” and which is the “low”? If you can, respond in the comments. I’ll post the answers later this week!


Here are the rugs: which is less per square foot, but no less stylish?


Here are the side tables: how much green are you willing to spend for your bronze?

And here are the settees: one costs a lot more money, but they both only seat two.


Answers later this week!  I wonder if you’ll be surprised…


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