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Wonderful World Market Finds!

23 Oct

I love to use World Market to fill in accessories, lighting, and sometimes even small furnishings for my more budget-conscious clients. If I’m being honest here, I also like to use them for my own home. And I’m not ever one to pass up their awesome candy selection.

If you look hard enough, you’ll see that they really have the  “look for less” thing down. For example, this wood bead chandelier is  $199 at World Market and over $1,300 for a Regina Andrew version:

Wood Bead Chandelier Look for Less


And these blue linen dining chairs, which are $398 for a set of 2 at World Market, are $100 more per chair at Wisteria:

Blue Dining Chairs Look for Less


Here are five more fun finds from World Market that’ll set you back way less than other comparable items from more expensive retailers. Many are even good for holiday gifts, if you’re organized enough to be shopping in October. I’ve thought about it…but haven’t quite pulled the trigger. Enjoy!

2013-10-23 10.19.42 am

1.   2.   3.   4.   5.


As an added bonus, they also have my FAVORITE candy: Hi-Chew!

2013-10-23 10.07.50 am


Have a great week!


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Beni Ourain Rugs on a Budget!

15 Jul

Beni Ourain on a Budget!

Beni Ourain may sound like a person and not a rug to you, but I guarantee that if you pay any attention to home decorating trends or shelter mags you’ve seen one of those black and white rugs like the ones pictured above (via Elle Decor). They get their name because they’re hand woven by the Beni Ourain tribe in Morocco. You’ll recognize a distinct black geometric (usually diamond-“ish” and grid-like) pattern on a cream or off-white background.

Here are three lovely ones. The first is a well-done imitation; even some hand-crafted imitations are pricey these days.

Beni Ourain on a Budget!1.)  2.)  3.) 

They blend pretty seamlessly with most styles and can fall into place in lots of spaces, but the catch is they’re not cheap. The ones pictured above are starting at $4,800, $4,750, and $2,950, respectively. 1st Dibs has a slew of them, many for about $5,000.

BUT LOOK! I found three look-a-likes for less than $300. Do they look 100% authentic?  – No. Are they close to the real thing and 10% of the price and do they look great while being the imposters they are? – Yes. (By the way, I swear I’m not working for Target. I just poked around the website for a little too long last weekend, and had way too much fun. You’re welcome!)

Beni Ourain on a Budget!1.)  2.)  3.)


West Elm also has a pretty middle-of-the-road-priced one that is $179-$1,200, depending on the size. Not bad.

Beni Ourain on a Budget!


I feel like this trend is so versatile and timeless that it’s going to be a classic. Now if only we can work on a durability of that light-colored shag…


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Pop Quiz: High or Low?

31 Jul

It’s fun to buy things for people. But you know what’s especially fun? To be able to track down an item for a client that fits his or her budget, when they previously believed their preferred “look” was out of reach. Sometimes it is, but usually it’s not. Take these three items below, for example. A fancy settee, a glamorous side table, and a graphic rug. All are truly good quality items, which is important (because when you find a beautiful rug for $500, it’s worth $5 if it falls apart on you), but some will set you back a lot less than the others. Either way, score any of these and you’re on your way to a beautiful room. Can you tell which is the “high” and which is the “low”? If you can, respond in the comments. I’ll post the answers later this week!


Here are the rugs: which is less per square foot, but no less stylish?


Here are the side tables: how much green are you willing to spend for your bronze?

And here are the settees: one costs a lot more money, but they both only seat two.


Answers later this week!  I wonder if you’ll be surprised…


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Land of Nod Steals…for Adults!

11 Jul

Luxury is wonderful. But sometimes, a deal is even better. This simple fact is one of the reasons that I love love LOVE to peruse child-centric designs from time to time: there is always a deal to be found. Provided of course, that your adult-taste is whimsical, colorful, fun, and youthful. On that note, these new Land of Nod products do not disappoint. Here are five picks that would fit in many grown-up spaces beautifully, and for a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay at an “adult” store! Enjoy the whimsy…and the unexpected savings!

1.) Little Twigs Wall Mirror, $219; 2.) Licorice Rope Rainbow Pendant, $149; 3.) Magnificent Metal Letters, $34 each; 4.) Aquarium Gravel Rug, $299 and up; 5.) Camp Throw Pillows, $29 and up


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Look for Less: Geometric Wool Blankets!

12 Jun

Blankets are a great way to intersect form with function. Especially in my house, where 4 out of 5 nights you’ll find someone crashed out on the couch watching MadMen or Dora the Explorer or Real Housewives of….wait. Forget that last one. We never watch that.

I love these two blankets right now – for the bed mostly, but I could see them on the sofa in the right setting: especially folded neatly across the back. Can you guess which is “high” and which is “low?” I’m referring specifically to the patterned blanket on the left, and the neatly folded up patterned blanket on the right.

So were you right?


This is the sleek, mod Chelsea Stipe Throw from Dwell Studio – yours for $175. All in all, that’s not a terrible price for a nice wool blanket.



Or you could get this one, the Henny from Ikea, for $39.99.


What’s your pick?


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What Do These Rugs Have In Common?

7 Feb

SUPER QUICK: tell me what these rugs all have in common?

No, it’s not that I like them. (But I do.)

And it isn’t that they’re all fantastically inexpensive (which they mostly are, but that’s not what I’m getting at).

Nor is it that they’re all from CB2. (The geometrics…the bright colors…you thought they just might be, didn’t you…)

Give up? Ok, I’ll tell you: It’s that they’re all from Land of Nod, which is a children‘s store.  Crazy, huh? — Because each and every one of these rugs would be perfectly fitting for lots of the adults I know! You can find them here: Grey Chevron; Pink Chevron; Green Crow’s Feet; Dot Matrix Rug; Grey Broad Stripe Rug; Aqua Magic Carpet; Brown/Cream Shag. (All images via Land of Nod)

Just another PSA brought to you by me, to say that if you don’t limit your sources to the obvious, you may be able to find some great bargains — and lovely finds — in unexpected places. I myself am totally coveting the Grey Zig Zag AND the Dot Matrix Rug; I have so so so many ideas for the Dot Matrix Rug. Quick – new nursery-seeking clients – call me!!!

What about you…see anything you love here?

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Look for Less: Metallic Vases.

30 Jan

So this one may be a stretch: I’m literally saying you can get the “look” for less…but not the size or the exact finish. Nonetheless, this one will save you over $1,100.

You heard me right.

This is Kelly Wearstler’s Gold Ball Vase. It’s gorgeous, inside and out. And on the bottom where her logo is. It’s 10” in diameter and 15” high, so it makes quite a statement, too. And not to hate on Kelly Wearstler, because I adore her, but this one is not for the masses: it costs $1,125. So, there’s that obstacle to get around.

Gold Ball Vase by Kelly Wearstler, $1,125 (image via Kelly


But lucky for you, Anthropologie makes a lovely, albeit much smaller votive, for $8. That’s right: for the price of two coffees. It’s called the Silvered Hobnail Votive, but it’s much more gold/bronze in person. Its measurements are 3.5” in diameter and 4” high.

Silvered Hobnail Votive from Anthropologie, $8 (image via Anthropologie)


…and what do you know? I used it to style a shoot last week. Gorgeous, if you ask me. You wouldn’t even know that I used an $8 vase amongst very, very expensive tile. Except that I just told you. Shoot, I guess the secret’s out.


So budget aside, which do you prefer? I am a huge fan of a rugged but glamorous finish, so I may just prefer the cheaper vase. How convenient!


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Urban Graphic Maps: Hi and Low.

16 Jan

I’m a big fan of graphics: type, maps, logos…all of it. I’m especially a big fan of text- or shape-intensive maps, so naturally I love Ork’s city posters; they range from about $20 to $30 depending on the type of printing you choose. I own the DC version in gray and white. It was $27 and measures 18” x 24.”

Frame from Target; Poster via Ork Posters.

I came across this beautiful graphic map this weekend, which is by Bo Lundberg. It caught my eye for its use of color and it obviously reminded me of Ork’s work (I mean this in a complementary way, not in a “you’re copying them!” way, of course).

"Manhattan" by Bo Lundberg (image via Stampa)

It’s a map of Manhattan, and part of a series of other places; “Manhattan” however, is really the only map that evokes the Ork aesthetic. Others are less recognizable as maps, and some aren’t maps at all .Prints are available from Stampa, starting at $100 for an unframed 8”x 10” and going up to $800 for a framed 18” x 24.” You read that right: $800. 

Ork’s Manhattan is equally lovely, and you can snag one for far far less: $22 – $27. There are six colorways and two printing options. For you NYC folk, there’s also a greater New York City version.

"Manhattan" by Ork Posters (image via

What do you think? Do you prefer one print to another, or are you over the whole text-map thing already? I can tell you I’m definitely not over it yet, and I’m thrilled to see them thriving.

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Beautiful Breakfast Nooks, and a Winner!

4 Jan

Nothing starts your day right like a good breakfast in a beautiful setting. We can’t all wake up and eat gorgeous fruits and pastries on a balcony somewhere in Southern Italy, but we can try to emulate our favorite elements of some inspiring dining spaces. Here are a few of my favorites, each featuring black and white as the crux of the color scheme.

A quirky, almost-monotone look that incorporates the much loved "letter" look! Get your own wall letter from Etsy Seller OldNewAgain, and score your own fawn in the form of a pillow from Areaware! ...and that gorgeous lamp? Almost a perfect match with Arteriors' Hagen Pendant! (L image via, R image via Etsy)


The breakfast nook of Sacha Dunn and Edmund Levine from Country Living. Love the teal-ish cabinet? Paint your own, and see how to here.  (image via Country Living)


A chic black and white chevron! Start your own similar space with these plates from Missoni and bowls from Crate and Barrel! (design by Mary McDonald via Veranda)


On a completely different note, the WINNER from the magazine giveaway is #5 – Ashley Dior! Congratulations! I’ll be contacting you to confirm your magazine choice and to get your address.

Have a great rest of the week, everyone!

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Find of the Week: Midnight Mirrors!

30 Nov

I encountered the Cassidy Mirror from Ballard Designs a few weeks ago and was sad that the color wasn’t quite right for a certain client I was shopping for at the time. At $189 the price was beyond perfect for this exquisitely finished piece, which is 17” in diameter and has navy, cream, and gold tones throughout the circular frame. Ballard claims it is “nautical” but I see none of that; to me, it’s 100% refined and richly colorful. Am I right, or am I right?

Cassidy Mirror from Ballard Designs, $189 (image via Ballard Designs)


I rarely do this with “Find of the Week,” but the Cassidy reminds me of this gem from the lastcentury store on; it’s called the Knabstrup Ceramic Blue Mirror, and it too is lovely. The difference? — A little more modernity, a much less functional mirror, and about a 1000% price increase.

Knabstrup Ceramic Blue Mirror from lastcentury @ (image via


Ideally we’d take them both, but for those of you on a budget at least one is within reach!


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