Impromptu Residential Photo Shoot…

15 Aug

One of my clients is finishing up work on a very long renovation and her home is coming along GORGEOUSLY. I was at the site for a few hours this past week during a carpet installation, and I had some time to snap a few photos with my iPhone (which by the way, isn’t too shabby for a phone camera). I’m hoping to have this project photographed in full, as it’s incredibly detailed and wonderfully fun. But for now, here are a few of the details that I captured this week.


The custom, light-filled kitchen banquette:

Sneak Peak: Kitchen


The fun, Parisian-inspired guest bath:

Sneak Peek: Bath


This is the carpet that was being installed. Here you see it in a little reading nook at the top of the stairs. The walls are actually gray, but the brick outside the window is reflecting off of the paint and making it look pink (I didn’t say my camera phone was perfect…):

Sneak Peek: Library Nook


Looking good, right? I can’t wait to show you more!


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