A Genius Ikea Cheat!

9 Apr

I just visited a client this morning, who is also a friend, and happened upon a “dresser” she’d recently made from a ubiquitous Ikea piece: the Expedit. It was very simple, and the perfect example of how much a little hardware can make a big impact! The players? An Expedit bookcase (hers was was the bench-type), drawer inserts, and hardware (Anthropologie is a favorite, and it’s what she happened to use). Just orient the bookcase however you wish to use it, insert the drawers (they work either way because the openings are perfectly square), and swap out the hardware for knobs of your choosing: they can be uniform, or all unique. Here’s an easy formula to follow:

L: Ikea Expedit (image via Ikea), C: Ikea Expedit Inserts (image via Ikea), R: Anthropologie Knobs (image via MintDesign.com)


And here is a real-life application in a nursery, which leaves the end squares empty for “pretty storage.”

Custom-like for less than $200. Not bad, right? (image via Cape27blog.com)


Have you done this or anything else interesting with your Expedit lately? (Come on, you know you own one…)


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2 Responses to “A Genius Ikea Cheat!”

  1. Cara Bridget April 9, 2012 at 6:39 PM #

    What did she do she use as “legs” to raise the Expedit off the floor?

    • jgbinteriors April 9, 2012 at 6:45 PM #

      For the photo I’m not sure, but Ikea has a wide variety of table legs that essentially screw on in four places onto the surface. So likely that. As for my client, I honestly can’t recall if it was raised off of the floor; certainly doesn’t have to be, especially on carpet.

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