Lately on Pinterest…

5 Apr

I thought I’d write a quick post to share some of the things that I’ve been pinning to Pinterest, which I joined very recently. I have seven boards – Interiors, Exteriors, Art, Eats, Crafts, Kids, and Things That Are Fabulous – so I’ll share one image from each of those.  Here are a few peeks at my Pinterest page:

An Interior I adore.


An Exterior that is lovely.


Art to swoon over.


A delicious Eat.


A pretty smart Craft.


Kid coveted design.


How could you not think this is Fabulous?


Many people say it’s addictive to pin, but honestly, I’ve been finding that I have to make myself do it more often than not because I tend to hoard images on my desktop and tuck them into folders for clients and blogging. In any case it’s fun – and quite useful – to pin things.  As I’m sure you know, each image links back to (or should link back to) the site from which it originated or one that credits the creator; as such, it’s a great visual bookmarking tool. As the wife of an attorney, believe me, I’ve heard the lectures about proper crediting and legal issues that the site raises…it didn’t exactly make me want to sign up immediately, but alas, I caved, and I try to do it the right way.

Do you belong to Pinterest yet? If you don’t and would like an invitation, just shoot me an email!


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