Chalkboard Projects

3 Sep

Just avoid doing these things in rooms with upholstery...

I didn’t intent to write another back-to-school themed post, so consider this a well-timed compilation of great DIY chalkboard projects.

Each of these is just as easy as it is cute, and looks self-explanatory enough that I don’t even feel compelled to include directions.  If you like one, think about tackling it over the long weekend. There’s no time like right now (which should only be taken half seriously coming from someone who has no time herself).


This is a gorgeous solution for a frequent cook: would be a stunning entire wall of spices. My only concern is not screwing one of the lids on tight enough... (image via Rhapsody)

Spice Rack Frame! (image via Cafemom)

Chalkboard Pot, from Etsy seller Moxiesisters (image via

Chalkboard Door...a pantry door? This would be fantastic on the inside of a front door: just think you'd never forget anything ever again. (image via Country Living)

Design consultations for all styles and budgets: JGB Interiors.


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