Let The Cooking Begin!

24 Nov

This picture isn’t from some kitschy, down-home restaurant.

The spread. Sort of. About four things didn't make it to the wall and I didn't have any more space.

I’ll admit it: it’s the back wall of my kitchen, which is painted in chalkboard paint.  Have I told you how much I love chalkboard paint?  I think I have.  Have I also told you that my walls aren’t screaming yellow? They’re somewhere between taupe and gray (I’m a designer, not a professional photographer).

I’m really enjoying the ability to menu-plan in mega size this year, and it’s been fun to allow people to write-in requests.  As you can see, someone (my mom) wrote in “red wine” the other day.  Note that the last line, which is currently just a cloud of erased chalk,  said “sugar” — my husband mistook this for an actual grocery list.

Requests are for full dishes only!

My son has tons of fun drawing on this wall daily; in fact, we all have fun drawing on it.  And, as an extra-special design bonus, the darkness and erratic chalk marks on the surface hide the exposed fuse box very well!  I’d do this again in a second, and I recommend it highly for those of you with smaller spaces and open floor plans. It’s a project that makes a huge impact, and takes very little time and expense to accomplish.

Now back to the kitchen for me!

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