Rubbish Rainbows

10 May

Artist Liz Jones of Melbourne creates rainbows: rainbows of trash.

Rubbish Rainbows by Liz Jones (image via BoingBoing)

She picks up garbage from local (to Australia) waterways, arranges the found objects, and takes a picture.  Though the photo-quality of these objects isn’t super crisp or well-lit, it seems to be mostly about the act of collection and arrangement.

In terms of composition they remind me very much of the work of Craig Kanarick, don’t you think?  It’s amazing how garbage and candy can be evocative of the same spirit…or at least I find that to be the case.

Animalz06 by Craig Kanarick (image via

The most fascinating thing about these to me is the different objects found at each location. Jones organizes the photos by waterway, so you can easily see the kind of trash people are littering at Merri Creek versus Eastern Beach.  So many things are universally discarded (hair clips and bottle caps) but there are also items that seem to be location-specific.  It’s really a great cultural study.

You can see more of Jones’ Rubbish Rainbow images here on her Flickr page.

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