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Color Friday is: Celadon!

2 Mar

Call it what you like: mint green, sea foam, or celadon. It’s that light airy blue/green/yellow shade that is calming in the winter, cooling in the summer, and gorgeous all year round (perfect for this crazy weather we’ve been having!). I like to pair it with crisp white, a creamy rich taupe, or mix things up by sprinkling it among various blues and greens. Here are a few of my favorite celadon picks right now; they’ll be right at home amongst your whites, taupes and blues alike! Enjoy them!

Clockwise from pendant at top: Opaque Celadon Pendant by Omer Arbel, $2235 (image via Lightopia); Vanuatu Twilight Wallpaper from Anthropologie, $198/roll (image via Anthropologie); Celadon Links Pillow by DL Rhein, $70 (image via Horchow); Celadon Breadstick Tray from Sifnos Stoneware, 15EUR (image via Sifnos Stoneware); Danish Neoclassical Style Pale Celadon and Gilt Mirror from Epoca, San Francisco, via First Dibs, price on request (image via First Dibs); Wegner Wishbone Chair from Design Within Reach (currently unavailable), (image via DWR); Celadon Crocodile Side Table from Gore Dean, $525 (image via GoreDean); Contessa Jade Necklace from Stella & Dot, $118 (image via Stella & Dot); Elysian print from Z Gallerie by Karen Dupre, $449 (image via Z Gallerie); Rae Celadon Porcelain Lamp by Arteriors Home, $645 (image via Arteriors)


Have a great weekend! Hopefully you’ll be spending some of it outdoors!

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Sneak Peek: A Beautiful Blue Bathroom.

24 Jan

How many times have I said I was going to be taking project photographs “soon.” Then a lot of time went by. And I didn’t. Maybe two times? OK, ten.

Well yesterday I styled and photographed a few fantastic rooms, and surprisingly many of them turned out quite well! Here’s a sneak peek of a bathroom I worked on in 2011. I mentioned in my A Designer’s Year in Review post that I’ve come to really enjoy designing bathrooms, and this one was a huge part of that! (You can actually even see a little progress photo of it in the montage.) So here it is: enjoy the views! 


Have you ever seen such a fun, fancy shower in a second bathroom? This one has beautiful tiny glass tiles from Sicis from floor to ceiling!


Even the back of the toilet is beautiful. And the backsplash is lovely, if I do say so myself.


See that light? Perfection.


Hope you enjoyed the Sneak Peek! Coming up: another bath, a bedroom, and a kitchen! What fun!


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Vintage Frames!

17 Jan

I love accessorizing with a few thoughtfully placed vintage items, and I find that frames are one of my favorite things to use. They come in all colors and sizes, all kinds of materials, and they are pretty cheap in the grand scheme of accessories. You can often find bundles of antique frames in thrift or antique stores, or sold together on Etsy (which saves you the hunt of trying to put together a coordinated frame collection!). I once got a group of three white frames at an antique store in Tennessee for about $20. I still use them. Here’s one that I recently styled for an article on vintage pieces; I think this would be perfect for a teenager’s room!

One of the challenges with frames like this is that they often have no back or hardware (see above!). If this is the case with your recent find, you can always take the frame to a local shop and have them work their magic. For a more cost effective method of displaying your frame, you can just attach you own hardware and display it au-naturale like the frames below.

As you can see, a little spray paint never hurt anyone. (images via L - HGTV, R - sfgirlbybay)


Another image I saw this weekend that I just loved was from a favorite site of mine, Design Sponge. It’s the upstairs hallway from Sarah Fowlske and James Milward’s home in Toronto. You can see the rest of this lovely, typography-heavy abode here. This image of the virtually grayscale hallway is just perfect!

Monochrome minimalism at its best! (image via Design Sponge)


Finally, though this isn’t a frame it evokes the idea of using a frame to store jewelry. I am totally enamored with the way this home uses a strip of simple wood and hooks to display colorful beads at the top of the wall! This idea could be easily emulated on a smaller scale with a few frames rigged to hang your beads.

A neat, non-traditional take on molding. (image source unknown)


Do you have any creative uses for old frames, or good places to find them? If so, share in the comments!


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Color Friday is: Midnight Blue!

7 Jan

Considering that I typically get my Color Friday posts up pretty early, it’s fitting that this late-in-the-day one is “Midnight” Blue. (I know that it’s late not only from the tell-tale darkness outside the window over my desk, but because there is a small voice beckoning me to “Come back! Get my milk bottle! Let’s play! Don’t be mean!” from the upstairs bedroom that is reserved for the tiniest member of our household. The joys of parenting don’t end at bedtime, you know.

So while I’m wishing that my midnight would come sooner, I’ll give you your gorgeous midnight finds right here in your handy dandy little Color Friday circle of goodness. Enjoy!

Clockwise from pendant at top: Laguna Bouquet Pendant Light in Navy/White, $1,790 (image via YLighting); Zig Zag Shimmer Navy Pillow by Oomph, $165 (image via Oomphonline); Kate Spade Idiom Bangle, $88 (image via Kate Spade); Jonathan Adler's Nixon End Table, $695; Milo Sofa from Anthropologie, $4998 (image via Anthropologie); West Elm's Stripe Favorite Throw in Navy, $38 (image via West Elm); Graham and Brown's Soprano Wallpaper, $75/roll (image via Graham and Brown); Gorgeous (name unknown) china from Richard Ginori (image via New England Home Magazine)

Have a great weekend…and enjoy the weather if it lasts!


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Dots Here, Dots There, Colored Dots Everywhere!

5 Jan

I love polka dots. Black and white ones, differently sized ones, and all-over-the-map rainbow colored ones! Turns out I’m not the only one…

This beautifully imperfect color-splashed room is part of an interactive space at Queensland Gallery of Modern Art in their ‘Yayoi Kusama: Look Now, See Forever’ Gallery: it’s called The Obliteration Room. The photo is my Mark Sherwood. Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama did a similar installation in 2002, which was the inspiration for this vibrant experiment. The installation features a room filled with Austrailian-made (local to the Queensland Art Gallery) furniture, painted white, and subsequently decorated with stickers by visitors, particularly the little ones (I sure know my little one loves stickers). 

A few years ago, my husband took me to a Valentine’s Day Dinner at the Kennedy Center, which was then hosting an exhibit by Yayoi Kusama called “Dots Obsession.” It, too featured a room full of polka dots that rendered the fixtures indistinguishable from the walls and floors (and ceilings!), but these were not stuck on, rather they were amidst inflatable protrusions and printed onto the walls, floors, and inflated shapes. You could literally walk through the huge shapes, feeling wonderfully disoriented. The best word I have to describe it is “fun,” and it was even more so because we visited very late at night after dinner. Almost no one was there.

Yayoi Kusama's Dots Obsession, "Day," featured black dots on yellow. "Night" was yellow on black. (image via


I think one of the things that has always attracted me to one of my favorite spaces (featured in Domino Magazine long ago), Jenna Lyons’ NYC  apartment, is the painting above the mantle. It features dots not dissimilar to those from Yayoi Kusama’s Dots Obsession installation. The repetition combined with the variation of the sizes is consistent yet exciting. I just adore these dots.

Jenna Lyons' former townhouse in NYC. (image via - the late - Domino Magazine)


If you’re interested in a similar look, consider perusing Etsy for polka dot decals and try curating your own Dots Obsession. It’ll be some of the most fun you’ve ever had with stickers, I promise!


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Beyond the Edges: Five New Ways to Think About Molding!

15 Nov

Decorative molding is the hallmark of a traditional home. It’s clean, bright white, and refined in a way that exudes crispness and civility. Since we’re all used to seeing intricately carved bands of white adorn the space where ceiling meets wall (and top of the wall meets bottom and the wall, and wall meets floor…) here are a few new ways to think about molding and its wide array of uses. Some of these are great applications that you may never have though of, while others are extremely daring. Hope you enjoy each and every one of them!

1.) Molding doesn’t have to be white.

A glossy black paint can bring molding to the forefront of your design in a way that's graphic, bold, and very fresh! (image via DecorPad)

2.) Molding can be painted unconventionally and exuberantly.

Farrow and Ball advertised their new 2011 colors by showing off how they could be used to top off a room in a fabulously unexpected way. What a great paint job! (image via Farrow and Ball)

3.) Ignoring molding can make it stand out in a great way!

This wall design completely ignores the molding's presence, but somehow it amplifies the architectural detail. (image via Carpet The World)

4.) Using molding functionally, in this case as a shoe rack, is a great idea!

Evenly spaced bands of molding provide the perfect place to hang your heels. Genius! (image via Pinterest)

5.) You can use molding as wall decoration…all over the wall!

This is such a simple idea with such a powerful impact. I'm sure it's a dusting nightmare, but it's absolutely lovely! By Christopher Stevens Interiors. (image via Christopher Stevens Interiors)


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A Monday Full of Rainbows!

26 Sep

I wouldn’t say that rainbows are exactly a “trend” right now, but I have seen a lot of them popping up in decor recently. Whether they’re vibrant, pastel, on the floor, wall or table, I love every single one of them.  Below are some of my favorite rainbow-clad finds; maybe you can even find some colorful ideas to inspire your space…

I love the palette here - subdued but still fun! A lovely pastel rainbow painting... (image via Apartment Therapy: "Beatrice and Ramsey's Cultured Echo Park Casa," photos by Juan Enriquez)

Yet another way to organize your books -- but where to put all the black and white ones? (image via Craftzine)

No need for rugs when you have floors like these! (image source unknown)

Such a fun touch in an otherwise simple bathroom! (image via Design Crisis)

The Louis XV Upholstered Ribbon Chair (image via Dransfield & Ross)

How much fun is this?! (image via Nordsjö/Elle interiör)


What an uplifting group of images for a Monday! I feel better already! Have a great week!


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Decorating With Paint Chips!

29 Mar

Sometime around 2009 I noticed a tiny trend developing in the world of home decor:  paint chips.  Free, colorful, and ultra Do-It-Yourself, it seemed like just the kind of thing that blogs, 20-somethings, and parents would love. And they do. And so do I.

Lovely. Just lovely. I adore the texture and the little pins tacking the chips to the wall. (image via katharinakrug)

Below are a few really interesting projects around the home that incorporate paint chips.  You can admire them, try one yourself, or scoff at the results…it’s up to you.  If you do want to give one of these colorful projects a try, the only thing you have to lose is a white wall and some pride as you stand at the Benjamin Moore/Home Depot/Duron trying not to look like you’re grabbing 600 swatches from the wall. (I’ve done it a million times, and trust me, it gets easier.)

Paint Chip Murals

Two paint chip murals of famous people: Marilyn and Abe. Both images via Apartment Therapy.

Apartment Therapy wrote about this mural and this mural a few years back. The image of a pixelated Marilyn Monroe is burned into my brain now; it’s a phenomenally creative, well-executed project.  The Abe piece is actually painted squares, but can be accomplished in the same manner as Marilyn if you switch up the method a little bit.

Rainbow Wall

Two very different spaces employing similar techniques. Image on L via CozyLittleCave. Image on R via DesignSponge.

Cozy Little Cave did an attic renovation and used paint chips to transform the hideous stairway into a bright, kind of crazy/kind of fun passageway.  All they used was whole, uncut paint chips and several cans of spray adhesive.  The blue/green/yellow image, from Design Sponge, just uses a ton of analogous colors to create a unified, flowing backdrop against the otherwise bland entertainment wall: super contemporary but it has a lightness to it. If you like these, check out this wall I blogged about a while back.

Framed Art

I came across these just last week, and I really like the simplicity and clean lines of these pieces.

I love the refined feel of these. Definitely the most grown up of all the paint chip projects! (image via Zipper 8 Design)

These are made from Benjamin Moore chips and are sold by Zipper 8 Design in…you guessed it…their Etsy shop. Head on over to grab some of your own. Or, make them!

Let me know if you are aware of any neat paint chip projects…or if you take on one yourself!  Happy swatch collecting!

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Painting Trend: Colorful and Choppy Waves

22 Feb

I fell in love with this painting (on the right) by Ann Sophie Staerk months ago.  It was featured in the September 2010 issue of House Beautiful.

A beach house living room with a gorgeous painting. (design by Christina Murphy, painting by Ann Sophie Staerk, image via House Beautiful, 2010)

Staerk’s current work is very different from the minimal but energetic painting featured in the House Beautiful beach house spread, but I did find an earlier image on her website that is quite similar. It’s called “Beautiful” and it’s from 2003.

"Beautiful" by Ann Sophie Staerk, 2003 (image via


I was reminded of Staerk’s fantastic piece of art last week when I came across this image of an abstracted seascape mural on Re-Nest:

A sea-inspired dining room mural by Emily Knudson. (image via Re-Nest)

This mural has much more severe lines and harsher colors than Staerk’s painting(s), but they are undeniably linked in form and cool color-palette.  It’s painted and designed by Emily Knudson of Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. You have to wonder if there was some inspiration here from Staerk’s work; they’re very similar, but each has its own identity and concept.

Today as I was browsing online I saw an amazing image that accompanied a short article on Holton Rower, who pours paint over a mountain of boxes to create really interesting pieces that are shaped by gravity and chance just as much as they are by his hand.  The actual piece of artwork created looks nothing like the two pieces above, but despite the warm colors I think that the process-image pictured below evokes the same type of random waves that I have been admiring.

One of Holton Rower's "pour" paintings in progress. (image via ColourLovers)

You can read more about Holton Rower here at his website, and read the short article that I read here at Colour Lovers.

Funny how over the course of six months your mind can collect images and link them all together.  It doesn’t happen to me often, but when it does I love to make the connections!  Now, back to figuring out how to get my hands on an early Ann Sophie Staerk painting…

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Color Friday is: Champagne!

31 Dec

What else would it be?


Loving this festive pendant light from Oly Studio! (image via Oly Studio)

Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope that 2011 is completely full of beautiful things for you.  While I wish you beautiful things of both the tangible and intangible kind, here are some bright shiny objects to look at until next week!  Enjoy!


Clockwise from mirror at top: Mirror by MadeGoods (image via Made Goods); Recycled Cork Flooring by Jelinek Cork Group (image via Domino); Jonathan Ottoman by Oly Studio (image via Oly Studio); Champagne Mercury Glass Lamp by Casual Home (image via Casual Home); Benjamin Moore's Champagne Kisses (1240); Marceline Gold Contemporary Rug by The Rug Market (image via Rug Market); Organza Pillow (source unknown); Ottomans (source unknown); Champagne Bubbles Ring by Kate Spade (image via Kate Spade); Champagne Flint Glass Tile by Vetrazzo (image via Vetrazzo)

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