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Time to face the facts…and an update!

7 Oct

After weeks – nay, months – of seeing spammy, dicey, dare I say a little bit porn-y robo-comments appear on my blog, I’ve decided to lock down the comments section. Somehow, the internet knows that I’ve stopped writing on it, so I suppose that means it’s time I officially acknowledge this with some security features. All this really means is that I have to approve comments now, so they will still work but it will just take a bit longer for valid comments to appear.

In related news, I haven’t posted since April, which seems like a very long time! In between keeping up with clients and teaching and mom-ing, I have a hard time finding moments to curate a blog. So I don’t. Which is fine, I knew that would happen. But I do miss it sometimes.

I know that some people still read this though, and I do enjoy writing quick updates from time to time, so here’s a brief, condensed recap of the past six months or so.

I finished up teaching a great Spring semester of design courses, had a Summer semester filed with teaching Adobe Creative Suite, and am now back in the full swing of my Fall design courses with The George Washington University. I also taught a few Continuing Education courses and workshops around town. As always, I love it and it feeds my creative spirit more than any other work that I do.

2014-10-07 09.56.16 am2014-10-07 09.58.05 am

2014-10-07 10.16.33 am

(The photos above are taken by me, but each is work product made by my students.)

As you probably know, the Corcoran Gallery of Art/College of Art + Design is no more. At least as an independent institution. I had the emotional honor of sitting on stage with other (much more esteemed than I am) faculty at our last graduation, and as per our silly art-school tradition, I made these paper flowers to wear in my hair. I could, and probably will, post a lot more about this whole experience, but now isn’t the time.

2014-10-07 09.52.38 amI celebrated my birthday, which was capped off by an impromptu rock scramble, which is the best way to break a flip flop. And I broke two flip flops.

2014-10-07 09.56.39 am I went up in the Washington Monument for the first time since about 1992. That first time I was about 10. It was cold and I was with my dad, wearing a jean jacket embroidered with flowers. This time I was with my five year old son.

2014-10-07 09.54.47 amThis will come as no surprise, but I made cupcakes. A lot of them.

2014-10-07 09.52.05 am2014-10-07 10.25.28 am

2014-10-07 09.53.07 amI grew another balcony garden, stronger than ever. This time with EGGPLANTS!

2014-10-07 09.55.25 am I got this photograph at an art fair in Tennessee. (Thanks, Mom!)

2014-10-07 09.52.51 am

I spent a lot of time doing soccer things. Probably hundreds of hours of soccer things. My son plays TWICE a week, and my husband plays on Sundays (and coaches our son). We went to many DC United games. Oh, and this thing called the World Cup happened, and every single game was on in our house at some point. Every single game. Sometimes twice. Sometimes three times.

2014-10-07 10.35.10 am

I made a vow to draw more, because I think it’s important. But I didn’t really do it. I did, however, make a lot of pictures with my son, which I thinks counts for half-credit.

IMG_0795I worked. And worked some more. Mostly on smaller consulting projects, which I am finding fit my life and sensibilities quite well.

2014-10-07 10.00.21 am

2014-10-07 10.00.44 am We took a few short trips. Most recently to the beach last weekend. It was actually quite warm!

2014-10-07 09.59.05 am

And that’s all I’ve got for now. Have a great week, and please tell those spammers to stop visiting my blog!

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Lots! Of! Baking!

20 Dec

One of my favorite things about the holidays is all of the baking and candy making. And believe me, we have been doing a lot of baking and candy making around here lately. Also, because I’m approximately 20% hipster, I have been instagramming all of it. Take a look:


Mint Chocolates: A first this year, and I definitely don’t regret it. I used this recipe.



Oreo Truffles: These are messy. But worth it. I use a process similar to this one, and use Wilton candy melts (from Michael’s). Oreo Truffles


Toffee: This is the easiest toffee I’ve ever made. It’s literally 2 sticks of melted butter, 1 cup of packed brown sugar (light or dark), stirred constantly until it reaches 300 degrees (or 305 if you suspect your candy thermometer isn’t calibrated correctly, like I do, but you’re too stubborn to test it by boiling water). Then you pour it over nuts and sprinkle it with chocolate chips. That’s it.



Rum Cakes: The classic Bacardi recipe, except in little loaf pans (which bake in about half the time).



I even made a gingerbread house! Truly, just me, because at this particular annual gingerbread house making party, no kids are allowed. (Is that bad?)

Gingerbread House!


Hope you’re having as much festive fun as I am! …I suspect there will be a lot more of it, because my son is now home from school for more than two weeks. Wish me luck!



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Starting to Look Like Fall…

20 Sep

Has it really been a month since I’ve blogged?

It’s been so long the leaves have started to change color! …As evidenced in this photo I took last week when my husband and I snuck away for a quick hike on the Billy Goat Trail.

Billy Goat Trail

When the weather gets cooler, I have a few essentials that I bring out: blankets, tea, a few throw rugs for cold floors (or the backs of chairs!), and pie plates for the inevitable baking that always comes with these food-filed months. Here are a few of my favorites: hope you can find some new ones that you call favorites, too!


2013-09-20 03.27.33 pm


1  2  3  4  5  6    


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Not so fast…

23 Feb

This image keeps popping up on my Pinterest page….

Teal Ombre Stairs

…would have been perfect for the Color Friday from earlier today!


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Taking off for the week…

18 Jul

I’ll be taking off of blogging for the rest of this week and the beginning of next week…see you sometime soon!

So far, my “break” is starting off well. I just baked this Peach Blueberry Pie:


Have a great rest of the week!


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I’m on Pinterest!

6 Mar


You can see my boards or follow me here. Fun!

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Paper Wreaths!

5 Dec

A Book Wreath by Living with Lindsay - tutorial found below. (image via

There are so many alternative to a classic green holiday wreath it can make your head spin (not that there’s anything wrong with a good standard evergreen).  Starting in early November I see wreaths made of twigs, leaves, metallic ornaments, and pom poms, but none have stood out to me this year quite like the Book Wreath.

A little something different for your door, mantle, or wall. (images from L to R via: Homemade by Jill, Etsy seller "Haru," Papier D'Amour)

I love the monochromatic simplicity, the ability to accessorize with whatever type of bow you deem a “holiday color,” and of course, I love love love typography in almost any form.

These type of wreaths are available for purchase at various eclectic and often sustainable retailers for upwards of $100 a pop.  If you’re a DIY kind of person though, a great tutorial on how to make your own can be found here at Living With Lindsey.

*Update: the wonderfully colorful middle wreath pictured above (plus other goodies from Haru) is available here — check it out!

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Let The Cooking Begin!

24 Nov

This picture isn’t from some kitschy, down-home restaurant.

The spread. Sort of. About four things didn't make it to the wall and I didn't have any more space.

I’ll admit it: it’s the back wall of my kitchen, which is painted in chalkboard paint.  Have I told you how much I love chalkboard paint?  I think I have.  Have I also told you that my walls aren’t screaming yellow? They’re somewhere between taupe and gray (I’m a designer, not a professional photographer).

I’m really enjoying the ability to menu-plan in mega size this year, and it’s been fun to allow people to write-in requests.  As you can see, someone (my mom) wrote in “red wine” the other day.  Note that the last line, which is currently just a cloud of erased chalk,  said “sugar” — my husband mistook this for an actual grocery list.

Requests are for full dishes only!

My son has tons of fun drawing on this wall daily; in fact, we all have fun drawing on it.  And, as an extra-special design bonus, the darkness and erratic chalk marks on the surface hide the exposed fuse box very well!  I’d do this again in a second, and I recommend it highly for those of you with smaller spaces and open floor plans. It’s a project that makes a huge impact, and takes very little time and expense to accomplish.

Now back to the kitchen for me!

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Amazing Craigslist Find!

7 Sep

Orange Asian-inspired table with faux bois drawer lining - $150!

If you’re in the DC area and one of these things applies to you:

a.) you like interesting, unexpected occasional tables, or,

b.) you’re not afraid of color, or,

c.) you don’t like spending gobs of money on furniture,

…then, you’re in luck!

Check out these awesomely vibrant retro tables, which are for sale on Craigslist here and here (and I have a feeling that these links won’t be functional long…so enjoy the pictures instead if that’s the case).

Yellow table with stenciled numbers and zebra drawer lining - $85!

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It’s The MOOOOOST Wonderful Time…Of The Year

30 Aug

Don't worry...this isn't my house. Yet. (image via Pocklington Carpets)

When the end of August rolls around in DC you know it’s Back-To-School time!  Technically, it never ever feels like school season until the first Tuesday after Labor Day for me; I grew up in districts where September 2nd, 3rd, or 4th was the traditional start date, and it seems like now anywhere from August 1 to September 7 marks the first day of the school year for kids across the country.

Fortunately for my sanity (or maybe not, actually) I don’t have to worry about my kiddo heading anywhere on a big yellow bus quite yet because he’s only one and a half years old.  That said, I’m unable to resist the urge to gather school supplies, so he’s aggressively armed with (washable) crayons, little round animal-shaped markers, and huge sheets of drawing paper.

Though this isn’t a post about interior design, it is an homage to a back-to-school object that I think is an endless source of inspiration for color, art, and even texture: The Crayon. Below are a few things that really make the crayon especially dear to me, and I hope you find them inspirational, too.

Carved crayon sculptures are something I can’t even imagine trying to tackle, but a few artists have and they’ve done a phenomenal job.

Pete Goldlust is one:

Carved Crayons, Pete Goldlust, 1999-2000 (image via

Diem Chau is another. These were part of a set of crayons done for the 2010 World Cup through  a partnership with Nike.  Incredible:

World Cup Crayons, Diem Chau for Nike, 2010 (image via

World Cup Crayons, Diem Chau for Nike, 2010 (image via

Christan Faur is an Ohio-based artist who strives “to mimic […] elegant structures of nature by developing systems of my own with which to express my thoughts and ideas, so that the medium and the message appear as one.”  Too much art speak for you?  Ok, look at these…they’re made of crayons:

Umbilical Sky, 2007, Hand Cast Encaustic Crayons (image via

Boy, 2008, Hand Cast Encaustic Crayons (image via

Departure, 2007, Hand Cast Encaustic Crayons (image via

This next infographic is an image after my own heart. The creator was looking to document the evolution of new Crayola colors, and composed this chart to show the development over the years. Gorgeous, informative, and simple but intricate….I can’t get over it.

The Crayola Color Chart, 1903-2010 (image via Stephen Von Worley of

…and if those things don’t make you love crayons then I urge you to go out, buy a big box of Crayolas, smell them (ahhh), and lay them out to sort by color.  I bet they’re even on sale this time of year.  If that doesn’t make you smile, well, then there’s nothing I can do for you.

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