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Color Friday is: Fall Leaves!

1 Oct

You guys. I’m the worst. I haven’t been blogging, I’m doing the Color Friday I promised on a Monday, and I made frozen pizza for dinner for my family several nights last week. (But I made a salad too, so it’s cool).

Things have been really busy. Lots of great clients, my little one is doing very well at preschool (but we’ve encountered our first fall illness this year – both of us), and my husband is working hard as usual. That said, it’s been a nice past few weeks and we’ve managed to spend time together and with family and friends, and that is what it’s all about.

Plus, IT’S HAPPENING. And by that, I mean the leaves are changing. We were sitting at a stoplight today and I had my car window open and a leaf just blew into my lap. Amazing! I just love this season.

So here is my Color…umm…Monday: Fall Leaves! You can also see the one I did last Fall, and the Fall before that.


Chandelier, $869; Paper Bull, $178; Artwork, $1,495; Lamp, $519; Pillow, $388; Settee, $1,249; Teapot, $56; Pouf, $90; Vase, $78; Pot.

Enjoy the colors, and have a great week!

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Color Friday….and, I’m BACK!

14 Sep

It feels bizarre not to have blogged for a while! I almost forgot my WordPress password! But please forgive me, because I’ve been staying away from blogging so that I could take better care of my clients. And boy, are there clients! September has swept me up in a cloud of school supplies, packed lunches, new renovations, and paint swatches unlike any September before this one. And I love it. But it’s keeping me on my toes.

So without further ado, let’s get down to the typical Friday routine: Color Friday! Today’s color is Navy. I’ve done it a few times before, sure, but it’s on my brain again with more than few clients. It’s also the primary color for a recent room I did for the Washington Post’s House Calls series. In November, my second room for the column comes out, and I can’t wait to share it with you! But today, I’m sharing the usual hodgepodge of goodies. Hope you enjoy!

Blueprint Throw Pillow, $35; Bunny Williams for Mirror Image Home, $979; Dessert Plate, $12; Navy Nautical Steamer Trunks, $690; Navy Shop Chest, $399; French Regency Style Chair via 1st Dibs, price on request; Agate Paperweight, $20; Racing Stripe Chair, $1550; Sunset Throw, $49


Have a great weekend! It really feels like fall now, doesn’t it?


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Basic Black & White Throw Blankets.

30 Aug

Fall is coming…which means you’re going to want some throw blankets to drag around your house sooner or later. And what’s a better versatile neutral than black and white? Probably nothing.

Here are five great throws that will go with almost any decor seamlessly. They’re all well-made and of good-to-excellent quality, so they’ll last you for a long time. This, however, means they’re not cheap. But not to worry – I’ll “throw” you a bone here with one fab Ikea find for under $15.

1.) Wool Throw from Jayson Home, $150; 2.) Greek Key Throw from High Street Market, $195; 3.) Vilmie Rund Trow from Ikea, $14.99; 4.) Richard Nixon Throw from Jonathan Adler, $295; 5.) Chevron Throw from Nube Green, $155

Which is your favorite basic throw for Fall?


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Color (Almost) Friday is: Peach!

9 Aug

Before you delve into this post, I’m editing it to add that I posted my Friday post on a Thursday. AND I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS THURSDAY until my cousin sent me an email saying “Happy Thursday” and I went “She’s crazy…oh…wait…it’s me.”.  See, it’s been a long week, and my husband has a big project due today that’s kept him working until later than 10pm most nights. But he’s done with it today, and my clients are almost done for the week, and I finally have child-care relief tonight! So that basically means today is Friday for me. But not you. In short: expect no post tomorrow.  Now…

I admit that this week I had to search my own blog to see what colors were being ignored. Turns out I had prevalent and recent hues of everything but orange. So since it’s the absolute tail-end of peach season (we can say that, right? It isn’t over, right?) today’s color is Peach!

Door  Peaches Room via House & Garden

How about that DOOR?! I love it. And I especially love the way the above images take a little of the saccharin out of super-feminine peach, and infuse it with some edge via the Moroccan-inspired graphic aesthetic (see the shapes? the cushions? the geometric curves and variety of metals?). Enjoy this plethora of perfect peach objects. Each one is ripe for your decor!

Peach PendantPeach LampPeach Twill Tape Pillow;  Peach Candy;  Cloth NapkinDresserTransparent Louis Ghost ChairBrooklyn Fox Theatre MirrorJuice Cup

Have a great weekend!

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Color Friday is: Rainbow!

3 Aug

I love this one! I should do it once a month. There are just so many rainbow-colored goodies out there, I can’t resist sharing them with you as I find them. So here are eight beautiful objects, each bursting with color!! (And if you’re hungry for more, check out an earlier Rainbow-themed Color Friday here.)

Rainbow Chandelier, $105 or DIYGift Wrap Paper, $4.50Tumbler, $58Cosmetic Case, $88Tectonic Floor Rug, $299-$399;  Rainbow ChairOriginal Art, $3,000Cushion Cover, $7

Enjoy your weekend! Hope it’s a good one!

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Find of the Week!

17 Jul

Well…I love this.

(This rug is available from CB2, here.)

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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Color Friday is: Gold!

13 Jul

I thought about doing “rainbow” for today’s Color Friday, but somehow I feel like I’ve done that recently. So as an apt substitute, I’ll focus on what’s at the end of the rainbow: glittering gold. I get asked all the time by clients if they should choose silver or gold for their spaces, and here’s my typical response: when gold is a metal, there’s no need to expel silvers and bronzes from your repertoire: mixed metals are huge now, and all it takes is adding a few pieces of each type to achieve a beautiful balance. Throw in some distressed metals and mercury glass, and the task is easy. So see? There’s room for every kind of finish in my book. 

Enjoy the picks this week, and have a lovely weekend!

Clockwise from pendant at top: Arteriors Osgood Iron Pendant   Gold Pig Bookends from CB2  Thomas Paul  Gold Rug  Vintage Gold Clutch  Goldleaf Franklin Media Cabinet by Dwell Studio  Trina Turk Sunburst Yellow Pillow  Baroque Antique Goldleaf Mirror  Donut Table Lamp from MG+BW  Gold Velvet Pillow from Room and Board


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Land of Nod Steals…for Adults!

11 Jul

Luxury is wonderful. But sometimes, a deal is even better. This simple fact is one of the reasons that I love love LOVE to peruse child-centric designs from time to time: there is always a deal to be found. Provided of course, that your adult-taste is whimsical, colorful, fun, and youthful. On that note, these new Land of Nod products do not disappoint. Here are five picks that would fit in many grown-up spaces beautifully, and for a fraction of the cost of what you’d pay at an “adult” store! Enjoy the whimsy…and the unexpected savings!

1.) Little Twigs Wall Mirror, $219; 2.) Licorice Rope Rainbow Pendant, $149; 3.) Magnificent Metal Letters, $34 each; 4.) Aquarium Gravel Rug, $299 and up; 5.) Camp Throw Pillows, $29 and up


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Color Friday is: Dark Blue!

15 Jun

Today’s Color Friday is dark blue. No, not navy. Dark blue. Like this wall… 



I love the fireplace color – it appears to be slightly different than the wall color, which is a neat touch. I thought dark blue was appropriate in honor of Father’s Day – doesn’t that just seem like such a “dad” color?

Here are blue items that, just for this week, have zero feminine qualities. Some even make great dad gifts.  Many of them are inspired by my own awesome dad, who has an affinity for bourbon, music, and golden retrievers. Enjoy!

Clockwise from mugs at top: Pantone Blue Mug Set, $90 (image via Amazon); Dado Vase from CB2, from $20 (image via CB2); Faux Suede Pillow from West Elm, from $29 (image via WestElm); Blue State Bourbon by Heaven Hill Distilleries (image via; Dog Blueprint from Uncommon Goods, $185 (image via UncommonGoods); Juno Recliner from Room and Board in Vance – Indigo, $2,099 (image via Room and Board); Midnight Bloom Glasscoat by Ru Ardo, $499 (image via ZGallerie); Urban Ears Headphones from Crate and Barrel, $39 (image via CrateandBarrel)


Happy Father’s Day…enjoy the weekend!


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Look for Less: Geometric Wool Blankets!

12 Jun

Blankets are a great way to intersect form with function. Especially in my house, where 4 out of 5 nights you’ll find someone crashed out on the couch watching MadMen or Dora the Explorer or Real Housewives of….wait. Forget that last one. We never watch that.

I love these two blankets right now – for the bed mostly, but I could see them on the sofa in the right setting: especially folded neatly across the back. Can you guess which is “high” and which is “low?” I’m referring specifically to the patterned blanket on the left, and the neatly folded up patterned blanket on the right.

So were you right?


This is the sleek, mod Chelsea Stipe Throw from Dwell Studio – yours for $175. All in all, that’s not a terrible price for a nice wool blanket.



Or you could get this one, the Henny from Ikea, for $39.99.


What’s your pick?


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