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Fabulous Picks from West Elm’s BIG Sale!

30 Jun

I’ve been showing a lot of love for West Elm lately, so it’s only fitting that I peruse their major Summer Sale that’s going on right now and give you some of my favorite bargains.

Here they are, in all of their contemporary and colorful splendor:

1.) Round Uplight Table Tamp, $39.99; 2.) Colored Pure Vase Collection, $4.99; 3.) David Stark "Zebra" Rug (it's jute), $129; 4.) Egg Crate, $4.99; 5.) Mediterranian Parfait Cup, $4.99; 6.) Patterned Frames, $12.99 (image via West Elm)

I think I love the egg crate best of all — perfect for summertime deviled eggs! 

What’s even more exciting than these sale picks? West Elm is opening its first ever Pop-Up Shop in July in Georgetown!  Hooray!  I’ll be blogging about the preview later this month, so stay tuned for more details and pictures!


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Summer Decorating for a Steal!

20 Jun

Well, Hello Summer!   In honor of three glorious months of sun, sand, and summer reading, I’m going to be having a few special deals on my design services!  I don’t want to forget any of my clients — new, old, here, or far away — so I’ve tried to include a little something special for all of you!



Let’s jump right in and get to it.  There are three ways to get in on the deals, and they work like this:

If you’re a new client and you mention or print out my coupon, you can have one free hour of design consultation!

If you’re a current or past client who refers a new client to JGB Interiors, you can have $50 off a future consultation!

If you’re a far away client interested in a remote consultation, you can have one small space for free!  For example, if we work together on your master bedroom and you’d like to throw in your master bath, it’s FREE!

So there it is — a summer steal for everyone!  E-mail it, Tweet it, or pass it on…because like your fruity popsicles and piled-high ice cream comes, this treat won’t last forever (just until the last day of summer).  You can download and print the Summer Redecorating Coupon by clicking on it here.

Happy Summer!


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A Simple Vase + A Good Sale = A Match Made in Heaven

12 Jan

I bet that you have an unused clear vase sitting just around your house, and I guarantee you that Bath and Body Works is having their huge after Christmas sale right now (until January 16th).  Why do those two things relate to each other?  This is why:

Your powder room will be just like a posh hotel. (images on top via Bath + Body Works, image on bottom via Crate & Barrel).

Like I said, Bath and Body Works is having a huge sale, and in that sale they have millions of billions of tiny little purse-sized antibacterial hand sanitizers priced at 38 cents each!  I’m not making this up.  I bought about 20 of them today and literally handed them to everyone I knew on my way into my building.

I had few thoughts running through my head as I scooped them into my basket today at the mall (except for “oooo pretty! oooo cheap! oooo more!), but now I realize the perfect use for them: a take-home soap buffet!  Just get a big-ish glass vase, fill it with these tiny anti-bacterial sanitizers, and put it in your powder room so that guests can take one home with them when they leave.  They’re tiny, candy-colored, and truly useful!  In my house, where we’re still changing diapers and being hit with cold season, a quick and easy way to clean your hands is always much appreciated.  Just please please please remember not to use anti-bacterial soap each time your wash your hands: constantly killing every germ you touch will take away some of your body’s natural ability to fight off immunities, and anti-bacterial solutions really are best for on-the-go cleaning.

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Piano Lovers: Be Excited.

8 Dec

I got word this week that the Kennedy Center is going to be selling some of its Steinway pianos at a public sale starting December 19th.   Up for grabs — I’m sure at a pretty penny – are the same pianos that have been used at the Kennedy Center for performances and practice.  The inventory “includes grands, baby grands, studio pianos, and professional uprights.”  No doubt that this is a very cool opportunity for the music lover with cash to burn!  If only I were much more liquid I would purchase one of these for my dad, a certified piano lover, for sure.

The famous Steinway Concert Grand Art Poster by David Yost, 1984. (image via

If you’re one of those lucky music lovers with a few extra many-thousand dollars just sitting around I’d be happy to give you access to the pre-sale, which will take place before the opportunity opens to the public.  You’ll just have to promise me that I can let me dad borrow it for a few practice sessions..

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Holiday Staging Special STARTS NOW!

7 Dec

I’m happy to announce that I’m running a Holiday Staging Special for the next two weeks (until the 21st of December)!  Here are the details…

Get some style into your holidays - at an affordable price!

Why would I want my home staged for the Holidays? Maybe you have guests coming and need help with furniture arrangement. Perhaps you’re stuck on decorations or need some help with your tables and centerpieces. Or, maybe you know that your dining room is missing a certain “wow factor” and you need a designer’s eye to help style it for a special meal, event, or just for the season.

How much does it cost? $200

What does it include? A quick chat to discuss your needs, a home visit where we’ll walk through your space and do whatever is necessary (maybe even move some furniture!), and a follow-up of ideas and references within 24 hours.  I’ll also be available to answer any quick questions you have as you’re implementing your decorating scheme. I understand that time is of the essence when you get into December!

Are you going to tell me just to go out and buy $2,000 worth of decorations? Absolutely not!  I believe in working with what you have, making decor decisions that fit your family and your budget, and purchasing items with sustainability in mind so that you can use them throughout the years and re-purpose them as needed.  Almost every $300 glitter tree has a $15 analog that you can obtain, and I can help you find it.

I hope to meet some new clients and help you spread some holiday cheer this year!   You can contact me via email at jessica at jgbinteriors dot com or by telephone at 202 997 6203 for details or to set up an appointment!

Design consultations for all styles and budgets: JGB Interiors.