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Color Friday is: Candy Cane!

16 Dec

I think my favorite Color Friday each year involves those iconic red and white stripes we can’t get enough of this time in late December. Last year I called it “Peppermint,” and this year it’s “Candy Cane.” Either way, you get the point. So without further ado, enjoy these red and white picks that will having you feeling seasonal in no time!

Clockwise from pillow at top: Balanced Design Hand Printed Louis Stripe Pillow, $49 (image via All Modern); Red Scallop Chandelier Shade by Stray Dog Designs, $22 (image via Stray Dog Designs); Stitch Cake Pedestal from Crate and Barrel, $24.95 (image via Crate and Barrel); Red and White Huzza Vase by Hella Jongerius, $775 (image via; Dealmere Footrest in White/Canopy Red Stripe from Ballard Designs, $270 (image via Ballard Designs); Kalon Studios Caravan Crib in Red, $$895 (image via Layla Grayce); Vivienne Westwood Candy Cane Shoes (currently unavailable and source unknown, but aren't they fabulous!?); Edible Candy Cane Mug (image via; Red and White Striped Flatware from Sabre, $85 (image via House Beautiful)


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Take A Bite Out Of Monday…

12 Sep

It’s Monday. You’re tired. You’re hungry. You’re counting the minutes until the next day (or hour) that’s closer to Friday.  What better flatware and serveware than these to accompany your cranky, Monday mood?

Top: Bite Mark Plates from the Contact Collection, by Evthokia (image via Bottom: Bite Mark Silverware by Mark Reigelman (image via Mark

I love them both, and appreciate the culinary humor.  Have a great day!

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Gorgeous Open Shelving in the Kitchen!

22 Jun

Sometimes the smallest, least invasive things can make the biggest difference…like removing the doors from your kitchen cabinets.  This works for those of us who have the perfect eclectic set of all white dishes, as well as those of us who have just plain “eclectic” pieces (red, yellow, checkered, some from college, some from your wedding registry…). Take a look at these kitchen display successes:

All white and stunningly simple. (image via Country Living)

A quirky but lovely industrial set-up. (image via Design Sponge)

I love the textures in this image! It's definitely a fancier kitchen space, but if you have the room you may as well flaunt it! (image via NewlywedDiaries)

What a cute idea for a plain wall! (image via

Just a few simple shelves placed above the sink work wonders in this space. (image via Beautiful Kitchens UK)

Clean whites and vibrant cookbooks -- gorgeous! (image via theKitchn)

Love these openly displayed brights! (image via Apartment Therapy)

I think the real key to success is controlling the mess: if you have to store your blender and mismatched pot lids in the open shelving, then perhaps it’s best to keep the open portions limited to just dishes. No one says you have to remove all of your doors, and knowing when to edit is one of the keys to successful design. 

Do you have any open shelving? Are you brave enough to try it?

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Memorial Day Cake Plates!

30 May

I wasn’t planning on posting today since I normally don’t post on weekends and today is still a holiday, but then I remembered last year’s Memorial Day post and I can’t help re-featuring it!  Below are nine fabulous cake plates in red, white, and blue. Thankfully, this year my son is old enough to happily tag along to BBQs  (you’ll see in my last paragraph how last year this was not the case. Oh, how 365 days can change things!).  

Happy Memorial Day 2011!

I know that holidays mean a lot of things:  family traditions, love and togetherness, supporting a cause, or adhering to religious principles.  In addition to all of these wonderful things, they also often mean CAKE: probably the most wonderful of all those things.

So, in keeping with the summery festivity and seasonally appropriate colors, enjoy these red, white, and blue cake plates on this Memorial Day weekend!  And enjoy lots of charred meat and backyard barbeques; I’m jealous, as it’s very difficult to attend nighttime grilling activities when your toddling mini-monster goes to bed at 7pm.

Signature Now and Then Cakestand, $25; Edible Candy Cakestand (yes, edible!!!!), Fancy Flours, $18; Corvella Cakestand, Chris Madden, $59

Bird Cakestand, Whitney Smith Pottery, $78; Scalloped Cakestand, Williams Sonoma, $45; Floating Tiers Cakestand, Lucy's Cakeshop, $70

Both Blue Glass Cakestands from Look In The Attic; Blue Cupcake Tiered Cakestand, Party Pieces (UK), £17.99

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Five Under $50: BBQ Accessories!

27 May

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and you probably have some potato salads in your immediate future. So fire up the grill and relish (get it?) these cheap but stylish BBQ accessories that are casual, fun, and outdoor-party-perfect!

1.) Saucepot with Basting Brush by Bodum, $19.99 (image via Target); 2.) Reclaimed Slate Cheese Board from Uncommon Goods, $48 (image via Uncommon Goods); 3.) 20 Melon Ball Paper Napkins from Crate and Barrel, $3.95 (image via Crate and Barrel); 4.) Bongenre Tangier Melamine Dinner Plate (set of 4), $36 (image via Plum Party); 5.) Mini Colorful Bowls with Tray from Pier One Imports, $14.95 (image via Pier One)

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Find of the Week!: Rainbow Appetizer Plates!

19 May

Remember Fiestaware? Well, if you love those rainbow hues that go with anything from stark white to country chic to modern brights, then you’ll love these:

$2.95! I SAID $2.95!!!!!!!!!! (image via Crate and Barrel)

Crate and Barrel has appetizer plates in ten gorgeous colors for $2.95 each. You read that right: for less than a tall Starbucks coffee drink, you can have one-tenth of an awesome appetizer/dessert plate collection. I’m cleaning out my cabinets to make room right now…

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Find of the Week!: Berry Basket

12 May

I’ve been contemplating a Sunday morning walk up to our local Farmer’s Market with my family this weekend, and this basket has me convinced that this is an excellent idea!

The Farmer’s Market Basket from Anthropologie ($14 for a small, $20 for a large) is that perfect spring or summer kitchen counter accessory. It’s  dishwasher and microwave safe stoneware that comes in two lovely colors: blue or neutral. Love it in both colors. I think my favorite thing about it is the fantastic cardboard texture!

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Find of the Week!: Seven Deadly Sins Plates

9 Mar

"Seven Deadly Sins Plates" by Etsy seller trixiedelicious (image via Etsy)

These deliciously witty plates are made from actual vintage pieces of china!

Etsy seller trixiedelicious takes traditional pieces and puts unexpected words or images on them, then resells them to you to hang or use in your own ironic setting.  Some of the pieces have hairline cracks or small chips, but that’s just the charm of buying vintage.  Her “Seven Deadly Sins Plates” sell for about $150 (as a set), but she has lots of single pieces that are less expensive.

I can’t stop chuckling at the red cabin plate that says “wrath.”  What a wonderful way to capture dysfunction on a piece of dinnerware!  No wonder Lady Gaga is a fan!

Another version of the "Seven Deadly Sins Plates" by Etsy seller trixiedelicious (image via Etsy)

You can visit her store and get some up-cycled, “vandalized vintage” goods here.

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Snow Day!

27 Jan

It’s a Snow Day for many of us, so grab your favorite mug and curl up with some coffee, tea or hot chocolate and a good book!  Or instead of curling up you can just sip from your mug every 10 minutes or so between wiping up melted snow puddles and picking up plastic trucks.  Just pick whatever sounds like the most fun for you.

My little guy last year in the snow. Somehow I think this year's snow day will be more active..


Here are some cute mugs to try out. Enjoy:

Astrology Mugs from French Bull (image via via French Bull)

The Carabiner Camping Mug: I don't enjoy camping, but really love this. (image via

Fishs Eddy's Alphabet Mugs...sadly unavailable, but awesome. (image via Fishs Eddy)

From Richard Ginori and artist Paola Navone, the Prova Primi collection has an excellently refined mug - perfect! (image source unknown)


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