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Color Friday is: Fall Leaves!

23 Sep

It’s the second First Day of Autumn in the history of my blog!  An exciting thing for two reasons: first because I love this season, and also because that means I’ve been at Paint It What I Tell You for a long time now! Last year near the beginning of the fall I posted a Color Friday focusing on the various shades of fall leaves. This year, I’m thrilled to do the same thing with new great finds; this year’s assortment is definitely inspired by apples. You’ll see crates, baskets, and even the fruits themselves!

Images clockwise from light at top: Tom Dixon Copper Shade Lamp, price on request (image via bonluxat); Thriller Double Old Fashioned from CB2, $3.95 (image via CB2); Thomas Paul Arboretum Maple Linen Pillow, $86 (image via Thomas Paul); Sweater Rug by West Elm, $49-$649 (image via West Elm); Antique French Apple Crate from The Hamper Shop, € 20.00 (image via TheHamperShop); Yellow Felt Pillow from Homesense (image via Homesense); Orla Kiely Apples and Pears Mug, £8.00 (image via Orla Kiely); Gabby Decor Barlow Numbered Crates, $504 (image via Layla Grayce).


I can’t wait to get to pie baking and soup making and snuggling this season. I’m so ready for the fall this year! Have a great weekend!


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Color Friday is: Aqua!

16 Sep

Somewhere in the realm of pretty greenish blues exists Aqua.

Left: Bathroom from House Beautiful's September 2011 issue; designed by designer Mona Ross Berman, photographed by Jonny Valiant (image via House Beautiful) Top right: source unknown Swatches from L to R: Aqua Chiffon by Olympic Paints (image via House Beautiful); Turquoise Pantone (image via House Beautiful)

It’s easy to mistake it for turquoise, robin’s egg, or even just plain “blue green.” If you mix and match these shades from time to time that’s alright by me! Aqua is both subtle and bold; it holds its own in a sea of neutrals and it plays well with coral, orange, pink or navy. It’s beachy and it’s icy and 100% lovely.

Here are some fabulous aqua picks for today’s Color Friday. Enjoy!

Images from Chandelier at top:Seaglass and Pewter Chandelier by Cottage and Bungalow, $1,250, image via Cottage and Bungalow); Mariposa Table Lamp by Z Gallerie, $150 (image via Z Gallerie); Knitted Aqua Pouf (image via NestEmporium); Pretty Nylon Tate Tote by Marc by Marc Jacobs, $168 (image via Marc Jacobs); Sea Measuring Cups by West Elm, $19 (image via West Elm); Vintage Glam Dining Chair from Jayson Home and Garden, $350 (image via Jayson Home and Garden); Diamonds on Your Doorstep Mat, $30 (image via ModCloth); Chanel's Nouvelle Vague Nail Polish, $27 (image via Chanel)

I just adore the measuring cups and the doormat — and each is less than $50!  What’s your favorite aqua find?


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Color Friday is: Plum!

22 Jul

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know that I’m often inspired by what I’m eating, and this week’s Color Friday is no exception. I could feature tomato red (already done it) or golden summer corn (I talk about yellow a lot) but I felt like those were colors I’ve covered at length. So I looked a little further into my fruit bowl and decided on the plum: it features the perfect blend of colors ranging from purple to orange to cream in a single little sphere of summer.

(image via Matt Bites)

For my round-up this week, I’ve tried to source items that capture little parts of “plummyness.” For example, the Well-Rounded Raj chair from Wisteria has a purple seat so deep and dark that it evokes the purple blackness of the untouched plum for me. David Rockwell’s Spotlight rug, on the other hand, really gets at the part of the plum where the skin meets the flesh in that tiny little band of shocking pink. I love these pieces, and I hope you have a little room for them in your home!

Clockwise from pendants at top: Niche Modern Pendant Lamps in Plum Glass, price varies (image via Niche Modern); Spotlight Rug by David Rockwell, price on request (image via The Rug Company); Plum Linen Pillow with Twill Tape, $163 (image via Layla Grayce); Purple Glassware, antique (image via Apartment Therapy via Martha Stewart); Lavendar Moroccan Pouf from Pieces, $295 (image via Pieces); Carmen Plum Pillow from Crate and Barrel, $50 (image via Crate and Barrel); Well-Rounded Raj Chair from Wisteria, $549 (image via Wisteria)

Have a great weekend, and stay out of the heat if you can! You can find the recipe for the Plum Granita pictured above at Matt Bites…the perfect weekend project to beat the heat!

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The Perfect Pair: Confetti Spots!

16 May

I found this rug today, “The Confetti Rug” from UK store Woven Ground and I just love it!  It’s the perfect blend of random colorful spots that has a lot, but not too much, going on. It strikes the right balance for me, and I’d find it really stunning in a monochromatic neutral space (black, white, gray or taupe). It’s £99 – £339: a great price, notwithstanding the shipping from across the pond.

Confetti Rug (image via Woven Ground)

I love it with this vase, the “Saturated Speckles Vase” from Anthropologie ($198).

Saturated Speckles Vase (image via Anthropologie)

…because a big pop of color can always use another tiny pop of color somewhere else in the room.

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CB2 Picks for Spring!

5 May

In honor of the NEW CB2 opening up in Georgetown last weekend, I thought I’d peruse their offerings and feature some of my favorites.  I love CB2 for their versatility and their affordability; their pieces can typically be the meat of a contemporary home and they can often serve as the spice in an otherwise traditional room. So without further delay, let’s get to it: my favorites for spring from the cooler younger sister of Crate and Barrel are below…

Peacock Rug, $249-$449. Somehow this rug is delightfully modern, retro, and indulgently glamorous all at once. Get it while you can, because it’s on sale.

The Fleet Chair, $179. Equally at home as a side chair as it is in a group of six dining chairs, the Fleet’s clean lines and sleek surface pair well with reclaimed wood and tangerine powder-coated steel alike.

Brooklyn Print, $199. I’m typically not a huge fan of mass-produced catalog art, so when I make an exception it’s for what I consider to be a truly special piece. This one just gets it right for me in terms of simple composition and graphic lines.

Robot, $19.95.  The name says it all: this is a tiny robot made out of recycled iron and an old (non-working) meter.  It’s cool on a desk top, neat displayed on shelf in a child’s room, or even a good idea for bookends (decoratively, not structurally).  I’d get one myself if my toddler hadn’t recently been waking up in the middle of the night saying “Robot! Scared!”  True story.

In case I lost you with that steampunk robot, let me bring you back in with a very safe throw pillow and blanket. I like the Striped Woven Lobsta Throw, which is $39.95, especially when paired with the unexpectedly spherical Knitted Pouf, priced at $89.95 (it also comes in gray).

(all images via CB2)

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Find of the Week: Global Warming Rug by NEL

12 Apr


The Global Warming Rug by NEL is soft and cuddly, but very serious in terms of its inspiration.  In the designers’ own words: it “contrasts the comfort and softness of a rug with a thorny problem that is specific to our time. Following the age-old tradition of using rugs as a means for communication and a cultural record, NEL is portraying global warming in a scene that invites us to reflect on our impact on today’s world.”

The Global Warming Rug, which I do not believe actually comes with a tiny polar bear. (image via NEL)


I hadn’t heard of NEL before, but after looking at their projects I think that the concept of the collective sounds exciting and purposeful. From their website: “NEL is a platform for experimentation formed by an evolving collective of Mexican designers. The collective, founded in 2004, serves as a channel to create and exhibit projects that focus on the conceptual and playful side of design. The organic nature of the collective allows for an ever changing pool of designers, which in turn generates a wide variety of projects that range from political statements to playful storytelling or aesthetic explorations.”

But more of this gorgeous rug:

The whole Global Warming Rug by NEL. (image via NEL)

Tiny bear on a big rug. (image via NEL)

It’s 100% hand-tufted New Zealand Wool, and comes in a variety of sizes, including custom.  If we’re being honest here, I partially like this rug because it would look FABULOUS in my living room (and my son has a lot of properly-proportioned animals to put on that little iceberg).  It handles vacuuming well, and that beautiful color won’t show stains as much as a lighter shade – perfect!

You can see more of this rug at the manufacturer’s website: Nanimarquina.   Hope you like it as much as I do!

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Find of the Week: SUPER Deal!

9 Feb

I spotted this rug on a shopping trip yesterday.  It’s a 3′ x 3′ rug, and it retails for $10.

Simple, graphic, natural, and CHEAP!


Such a refined chevron in a natural material.  I think it’s perfect for kitchens, entry ways, or porches!  You can get one at IKEA — it’s part of the Hessum line.

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5 Great Kid Rugs…That You’ll Love, Too!

16 Nov

Just because you have a kid doesn’t mean you need to decorate his or her floor in primary colors, cars, and butterflies. Unless you like that sort of thing…or your kid is BEGGING for something like that.

Just saying....What would YOU rather be greeted with every morning? It's probably a scientific fact that 9 out of 10 people will choose the rug on the left. (Image on L via Dwell Studio, image on R via

When thinking about how to decorate a nursery or a playroom, you can and should think outside of the Babies R Us box and explore your options. Think about this: If you have, or are about to have, a new baby then this is a good time to test drive your rug style. Can you spend $2,000 on a plush, beautiful silk-blend-pink-and-purple-8 x 10 for her nursery? Sure. Will it get all kinds of unmentionable fluids on it and perhaps be cast off by your bundle of joy when she turns two and has opinions? — Definitely and probably.  So save your sanity, preserve your style, and make a compromise that will please the kids and the adults in your house.  Also, know that lots of money doesn’t always equate to lots of style when it comes to rugs.

A few rugs for kids that I love are below.  They’re cute, not too expensive, and will likely be able to transition from nursery to playroom to elsewhere if and when you decide to make a change.  There are no (ok, a few) primary colors in sight!


Sadly, this one is no longer available but it is a personal favorite of mine. If you love it try Ebay or watch Craigslist for unopened or gently used ones. CB2 Hopscotch Rug, $199 (image via CB2)

I admit that this is currently the rug I'm coveting for my son's room. The desaturated colors and bold lines are right in line with what we like, and the colors are already "his." Land of Nod's Flyover Rug, $199-299. (image via Land of Nod)

I can say nothing bad about this rug; clean lines, played down but still rich color, and subtly themed. Football Rug, Scandinavian Design Center, about $400. (image via Scandinavian Design Center)

If you want to go girly then consider playing down the themes and patterned elements. This quirky, interestingly shaped rug is both fun and seriously cool. I can see it working nicely with violet-gray walls. Chelsea Collection PB&J Rug, $400-$1200. (image via

Themes aren't necessarily bad design at all. Just use a little restraint. Chandra Numbers Rug, $80-$1100 (image via

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