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Color Friday is: Bright Yellow!

18 May

Yellow is the color of summer, isn’t it? Think about all those glasses of lemonade, ears of sweet corn, sunshine, pretty dresses, and daffodils!

(L via DecorPad; R via

Though it isn’t summer quite yet, it kind of feels like it these days. Plus, I just booked a long weekend get-away for my husband and I in July, and I can already smell the flowers and feel the sunshine. So bright yellow it is!

Here are your picks!

Clockwise from light at top: Zooey Mini Chandelier by Perch! via 2Modern, $480 (image via; “Manners Can Be Fun” Book, $14.95 at Anthropologie (image via; Stray Dog Design’s Blum Wood Floor Lamp, $638 (image via StrayDogDesigns); Dwell Studio’s Draper Stripe Citrine Rug, $165 and up (image via; Yield Coffee Table from CB2, $449 (image via; World’s Away Acadia Wastebasket via Layla Grayce, $119 (image via; West Elm’s Colored Stripe Lacquer Box, from $24 (image via; Dover Mirror in yellow via Art Dreams Hospitality (image via; Trina Turk Multi-Floral Yellow Pillow, $150 (image via


Have a great, sunny weekend!


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It’s Been A While…A Few Updates!

11 May

I know that I haven’t been blogging much lately. While I’ve been offline life has been busy, but good. I think I previously mentioned that this summer (which began two weeks ago, for us) I am going to be keeping my son at home full-time (and by full-time, I forsee some type of irregular babysitting arrangement for  meetings and to cover my teaching schedule). His wonderful nanny recently (and deservedly) retired, and my husband and I concluded that keeping him home with me until August, when he begins daily six-hour preschool, is the best option. For those of you with little kids, I’m sure you feel me on the topics of “potty training readiness,” “behavior modification,” and just good, quality “mom time.” Here he is caught in a serious moment, which I believe was warranted by the excruciating anticipation of our neighborhood egg hunt last month.

So…how’s it going, you ask? Well, thanks to three-hour naps and a little bit of television, it’s going pretty well I think. Except for the blogging. The blogging is majorly lagging. But I am 100% able to keep up with my clients, and have even added several new ones over the past two weeks. I’ll be focusing on consulting this summer, and likely delaying any projects involving invasive renovations until the fall. In an effort to keep my productivity up in regards to my design practice, the blogging has had to fall behind; I expect this to be a trend over the next few months, but come fall I will be back to my regular almost-daily posting schedule. Who knows, I may even hold a few giveaways to compensate!

Here are a few other things I’ve been up to these past few weeks, in no particular order:

I started a project that is going to be using a lot of rusts and coppers, and I’m excited to see it through over the next few weeks. This rug is the starting point:


I entered a competition at a furniture vendor to design a chaise lounge, which if my plan goes right, will be MINE in a few months. Would love to show you my sketches but I don’t think I can…

I put together a few mood boards for a long-time client’s two children. This scheme, for a little girl, is a big time favorite of mine:

Lucky, the client favored this scheme, too. I love it when that happens!


Potty training. It’s been very very successful very very quickly. I don’t want to jinx it though, so that’s all I’m going to say about that.

And finally, last night I hosted a Stella & Dot Trunk Show for my cousin Joelly, who is a stylist. Fun was had by all, and there was wine and cupcake treats for all. You can check out, and shop for, some lovely Stella & Dot baubles here. I’m loving the four picks below!

1.) Carrie Bangles, $59; 2.) Bardot Hoop Earrings, $34; 3.) Chantilly Lace Cuff, $98; 4.) Bahari Necklace, $98


All in all, this summer experiment is working out. I’m thrilled to be able to maintain my ever-growing and currently thriving design practice, and I’m happy to be spending lots of time with my almost-always-adorable-but-sometimes-challenging three year old little boy. Pending any crazy shenanigans, I’ll be back next week with Color Friday and hopefully a post or two before that.

Until then…have a GREAT weekend, and if it applies to you, have a GREAT Mother’s Day on Sunday (which if I can really get organized, will warrant a Mother’s Day post)!



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Color Friday is: “Green!” Happy Earth Day!

20 Apr

Earth Day is Sunday April 22nd, which gives me a great opportunity to showcase a few fun and sustainable or recycled products for this week’s Color Friday! As you may have guessed, today’s color is “green,” which doesn’t refer to color. Last year, I one-upped myself and featured green “green” products. Ugh. I make myself feel so inadequate.

Whatever you do this weekend, enjoy the weather, spend some time outside, and don’t forget to recycle! Here are the picks for this week…shades of “green” in every color:

Clockwise from pendant at top:Recycled Glass Pendant Light (source unknown); Dot Kuma Pillow in Organic Cotton, $24 (image via; Funky Faux Bois Mirror by Stray Dog Designs - comes in multiple colors, $525 (image via; Recycled Glass Tiles from, $20/sf and up (image via Women's Day); 1108 Platform Sofa by South of Urban, $2,900 in Maharam "Fluent," (image via; Recycled Glass Jugs from West Elm, $19 and up (image via; Log Bowl #9 by Loyal Loot, $260 (image via; Odegard Stripe Mosaic Rug made from recycled wool, $86/sf (image via


I’ll leave you with my favorite, easiest green tip that I have for when it comes to decorating your home; you’ll know I’m being sincere because it does absolutely nothing for my bottom line. The greenest thing to do, almost all of the time, is to keep what you already have. Of course this doesn’t always apply to energy inefficient appliances, but throwing out furniture when you can refinish it (with low or no VOC finishes, of course) or tossing whole pillows when you can just replace a cover is not only environmentally responsible, but it will save you an entirely different kind of green in the long run!

So what’s your favorite “green” pick? And is it actually green?


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Find of the Week! A Rug for a Perfect Patio!

3 Apr

This week’s Find of the Week is an indoor outdoor rug from World Market. It has a pattern that exists somewhere in the realm of stripe/chevron/animal print, and the basic black and white is as versatile as it is classic. 

Wavy Stripes Indoor Outdoor Rug (image via World Market)


It’s an edgy mix of all the trends we’ve been seeing over the past year or two, and I think it would look stunning with some sleek outdoor furniture and some brightly colored pillows. The price ranges from $139 for a runner to $699 for a size slightly larger than 8” x 11.” 

Try it with the Alfresco Gray Sofa, which is on sale for $649 from Crate and Barrel, and some punchy pillows. Maybe you like the Outdoor Echo from West Elm ($34), the Zebra Bamboo Pillow from Trina Turk via Horchow ($285), or perhaps you dig both of them together (I do!). 

Alfresco Sofa (image via Crate and Barrel), Trina Turk Zebra Bamboo Pillow (image via Horchow), Outdoor Echo Pillow (image via West Elm), and Wavy Stripes from (image via World Market).


I love this look on the front porch of a classic Victorian just as much as I do on an industrial condo patio! What about you?


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Color Friday is: Floral!

23 Mar

…I know I know.

“Floral” is not a color. But flowers are colorful! And there are flowers everywhere these days due the unseasonable warmth! And we all have allergies. And so it is: Color Friday is Floral.

Can't you just smell the flowers and feel the charm of these spaces? (image on L via houseofearnest, image on R via Country Living)


Enjoy the “picks” (get it? pick…flowers)! It’s my son’s birthday on Sunday, so my weekend is sure to be fun-filled and wonderful (and busy…)!


Clockwise from pendant at top: Capiz Lotus Flower Chandelier, $520 (image via SoHa Living); Recycled Kantha Quilt, sold out (image via connectedgoods); Thomas Paul Botanical Aqua Linen Pillow, $104 (image via Zinc Door); Curvy Chrysanthemum Vase, $28(image via Anthropologie); Saarinen Tulip Arm Chair, starting at $1,667 (image via Design Within Reach); Horchow's Nine Botanical Prints, $1,575 (image via Horchow); Pier 1 Red Flower Rug, $149 (image via Pier 1); DL Rhein Chrysanthemum Pillow, $70 (image via Layla Grayce)


I don’t ever intend for Color Friday images to serve as a mood board; they’re a grouping of objects with a color or element in common. This week’s group, however, looks like the beginnings of an eclectic space to me! It just feels like walking into an Anthropologie or a really good vintage store. I’m especially digging the kantha quilt!

Have a great weekend!


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Zoo Weekend!

12 Mar

What a lovely weekend this was! My family and I had a great time spending much of it outside, and even managed to squeeze in a long morning trip to the National Zoo!

Are we the only family who can’t ever manage to get a photo of all three of us?

At the zoo, we saw boldly striped zebras

Zebra Sky Papier-Mache Head, Dwell Studio, $76 (image via Dwell Studio)


big, gentle elephants

Antique Art Print, $22 via Etsy seller BlackBaroque (image via Etsy)


and those crazy reminders of dinosaurs long gone: crocodiles!

Maison Crocodile Blue Rug by The Rug Market, staring at $800 (image via Bold Rugs)


We also made chocolate chip cookies (yum!), got some new soccer gear (for the boys, one of whom tried on his first pair of mini cleats!), made it through the headache of day light savings time, and (shudder…) went to Taco Bell for those new Doritos-shelled tacos (don’t judge us).

Hope your weekend was equally relaxing, and that your week is spectacular!


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Color Friday is: Crazy Colorful!

17 Feb


It’s hard for me not to do this post every week. And yet, when I do write this post it’s still hard. Not because finding gorgeous colorful things is difficult, but because my son is sitting by my side yelling things like “I WANT THAT ONE!” and “When I grow up I’m gonna be a chocolate maker and I’m gonna give everyone chocolate!” and “Can I have some chocolate now?” So there you go – everything featured on this week’s Color Friday passes the two year old seal of approval! I know I’m relieved.

As per usual, here are eight sort-of-for-the-home things that I’m sure you’ll adore. My personal favorites are the garland, Missoni rug, and of course the chocolates (I’m a sucker for variety packs).

From garland at top: Paper Garland, source unknown - let me know if you have it!; Liuwa Rug by Missoni (image via Missoni); Test Kitchen Measuring Cup from Mod Cloth, $15 (image via ModCloth); Dylan's Candy Bar Signature Chocolate Wheel, $42 (image via Dylan's Candy Bar), Art, also from an unknown source. I'm serious when I say my kid was distracting me this week! Help!; Multiplayer Wall Hook from Land of Nod, $15 (image via Land of Nod); Dot Matrix Rug from Land of Nod, $349 (image via Land of Nod); Grosgrain Rainbow Pillow from Dranesfield and Ross, (image via House Beautiful)


Enjoy your weekend, and if you find yourselves with some spare time and a significant abundance of Jell-o, you can find the recipe for those beautiful rainbow cups pictured at the top of the post here at Glorious Treats (which, of course, is where that lovely image is from). Happy Friday!


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Color Friday is: Powder Pink!

10 Feb

Valentine’s Day is next Tuesday (look out for a weekend-edition V-Day Crafts post!) so naturally, the range of options for today’s Color Friday ranges from pale blush to hot pink. I went somewhere left of middle and chose Powder Pink – a light, but decidedly cheery shade of femininity (yes folks, unlike hot pink which can be made ironically masculine, this one is typically reserved for the ladies). Check it out below, and try not to hate on my liberal definition of “powder pink,” which includes some darker and lighter variations.

Clockwise from chandelier at top: Maharani Chandelier from Currey and Company, $3400 (image via Layla Grayce); Zig Zag Rug by Dwell Studio, $350 (image via DwellStudio); Pink Moroccan Leather Pouf from Serena and Lily, $450 (image via Serena and Lily); Opie Table by GlimmerglassFurniture, $485 (image via GlimmerglassFurniture); Annabelle Frames from RHBaby&Child, $34 (image via Restoration Hardware); Chair featuring Kelly Wearstler's Bengal Bazaar fabric (image via House of Honey); KokoCompany Indoor and Outdoor Optic Rug, $89 (image via KokoCompany); Pink Cover for Nook Tablet by Jonathan Adler - no longer available, $39.95 (image via Barnes and Noble)


And since this post is primarily for the ladies, I couldn’t resist including some pops of pink that are absolutely irresistible. Are they are your wish list? Maybe they are now!


Clockwise from belt: Patent Leather Skinny Bow Belt from J.Crew, $45 (image via J.Crew); Rosewood Dot Necklace from Kate Spade, $128 (image via Kate Spade); 100 Calorie Chocolate Bars from Dylan's Candy Bar, $1.50 (image via Dylan's Candy Bar); Timed Originals Camper, $50 (image via Piperlime)


Don’t you LOVE that Kate Spade necklace?  Have a great weekend!


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What Do These Rugs Have In Common?

7 Feb

SUPER QUICK: tell me what these rugs all have in common?

No, it’s not that I like them. (But I do.)

And it isn’t that they’re all fantastically inexpensive (which they mostly are, but that’s not what I’m getting at).

Nor is it that they’re all from CB2. (The geometrics…the bright colors…you thought they just might be, didn’t you…)

Give up? Ok, I’ll tell you: It’s that they’re all from Land of Nod, which is a children‘s store.  Crazy, huh? — Because each and every one of these rugs would be perfectly fitting for lots of the adults I know! You can find them here: Grey Chevron; Pink Chevron; Green Crow’s Feet; Dot Matrix Rug; Grey Broad Stripe Rug; Aqua Magic Carpet; Brown/Cream Shag. (All images via Land of Nod)

Just another PSA brought to you by me, to say that if you don’t limit your sources to the obvious, you may be able to find some great bargains — and lovely finds — in unexpected places. I myself am totally coveting the Grey Zig Zag AND the Dot Matrix Rug; I have so so so many ideas for the Dot Matrix Rug. Quick – new nursery-seeking clients – call me!!!

What about you…see anything you love here?

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Color Friday is: Goldenrod!

2 Dec

Yellow is tough. Too cool, and it’s often sickly looking. Too warm, and it’s more brown and muddy than you wanted it to be. Gold is the sweet spot, and I don’t mean gold-gold; what I mean is that perfect shade of yellow that’s warm and desaturated just a bit, but still bright and happy. Let’s call it “goldenrod,” shall we?

(images from L to R via Elle Decor, Design Sponge, Elle Decor)

Here are my Goldenrod picks for the week. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Clockwise from pendant at top: Foscarini Caboche Chandelier, $3,300 (image via All Modern); Colt Circles Tea Towel by Skinny Laminx, $14 (image via CubeMarketplace); Chloe Throw from West Elm, $79 (image via West Elm); Chloe Chair in Citrine from Crate and Barrel, $899 (image via Crate and Barrel); Dijon Side Table, $418 at Layla Grayce (image via Layla Grayce); Pride and Prejudice (Penguin Classics), $20 (image via; Sweet as Honey Rug by Angela Adams for Anthropologie (image via Anthropologie); DL Rhein Helix Citrine Embroidered Pillow, $70 (image via DL Rhein)


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