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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…Pretty Umbrella Stands!

9 Sep

Today I’m breaking the rules. I typically do a “Friday’s Five Under $50” post once every week or so, but these umbrellas and accessories are all a little bit over $50. Well, some are just a little bit over $100. But that’s ok with you, right? I think after this week of torrential rain and 3-hour long 20 mile commutes, we can all go for a little window shopping (even if the view outside isn’t sunny).

Umbrellas at top from left to right: Kate Spade Umbrella, $75 (image via Kate Spade); LuluGuinness Diagonal Stripe Umbrella, $40 (image via Polyvore via LuluGuinness); Cole Haan Chevron Umbrella, $66 (image via Cole Haan). Umbrella Stands from left to right: From left to right: Owl Umbrella Stand from The Cross Design, $180 (image via The Cross Design); Marianna Umbrella Stand by Ballard Designs, $99 (image via Country Living via Ballard Designs); Marcello Umbrella Holder from Z Gallerie, $79.95 (image via Z Gallerie); Jonathan Adler Lacquer Umbrella Stand, $295 (image via Jonathan Adler); Campana Brother's Blow Up Umbrella Stand, price unknown (image via Highbrown Furniture).

Should you have a few hundred dollars to spend on umbrella accessories this weekend, I recommend you do so NOW…and enjoy the rainy-day!

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A Super Special Monday Garden Update!

25 Jul

Today is my first 29th birthday, so I can write about anything I want to. Hmmm….what’s it going to be?
You guessed it: my plants. I know you all come here to read about design and paint and color and MY PEPPERS so I’ll indulge you, just for a few sentences. Pictured above is the bounty that I collected this past weekend: a few tomatoes — medium red, small “purple” and tiny yellow; peppers in red, yellow, green and purple varieties; arugula; chives, parsley and basil. Needless to say, dinner last night was a Trader Joe’s Organic 3-Cheese pizza and a big salad. Combine that with the fact that my husband took me rock climbing this weekend, and you can call me a veritable earth mother. I even bought quinoa last week!

I won’t be so rude as to just leave you with rants about my garden and no actual decor nuggets, so below are a few picks of gardening items that have been helpful for my city-style balcony farm. I hope you enjoy them, and should you choose to eliminate any and all walking space from your outdoor patio this or next season, I wish you a thousand tiny tomatoes of luck!

Urban Gardening Essentials include, at least for me: a fashionable watering can that you will see from your living room (Ikea's PS Vallo); a paintbrush for pollinating those little tomato flowers, nice dish soap to wash your dirty hands and your dirty veggies...bugs! (Mrs. Meyers); sturdy decking to cover and even out your surface (IKEA's Platta); gardening gloves - again, dirt (Hable Construction's Clementine Dot Gloves), and twine...because sometimes your tomato cages just don't cut it and you have to tie things up to a nail on the exterior door frame. And don't forget a fun colander to gather and wash your veggies in!

Happy Monday to you! I’m having a very happy birthday so far!


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5 Essential Things for Summer! …A Guest Post at Design Wonderland!

21 Jun

Recently, my friend, former graduate school classmate, and sometimes partner-in-design, Jessica from Design Wonderland asked me to write a guest post for her as she makes a big move to NYC.  I gladly took on the task and wrote about my Five Favorite Essentials for Summer!

Celerie Kemble's lovely patio (image via Lonny)

To me, summer means an almost effortless style that is freeing and spontaneous. It means throwing on a simple but elegant dress and chopping 20 minutes off of your morning routine. It means washing some fresh berries, putting them in a lovely bowl and calling it dessert. It means bringing the party outside, where you can just grab a chair from your living room and pull together an eclectic and comfortable seating arrangement that isn’t concerned about matching…

Read the rest over at Design Wonderland!

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Friday’s Five Under $50: Outdoor Pillows!

13 May

Last night my husband and I went to a super delicious barbeque at a super good friend’s home with a super enviable outdoor space. She did a great job of accumulating so many comfy and bright pillows on her huge outdoor sectional: not an easy feat considering that there’s a fine line between too many and just enough pillows. I couldn’t help but laugh when at the end of the night my husband insisted that ALL of the outdoor pillows (and there were a lot of them) didn’t actually stay outdoors over night, and should be brought inside immediately.  It took at least five minutes and five people to get him to leave the pillows untouched, which he did, and that marked his introduction to the wonderful world of Sunbrella.

Here are five outdoor pillows under $50 that I’m loving right now:

1.) Fringed 12x20-inch Pillow (available in multiple colors and patterns) from Ballard Designs, $45 (image via Ballard Designs); 2.) Hoot Pillow from Chiasso, 18-inch square, $48 (image via Chiasso); 3.) Ventura Big Bloom Outdoor Pillow from Crate and Barrel, 20-inch square, $40 (image via C&B); 4.) Home Outdoor Two-Piece Toss Pillows in Blue Fretwork from Target, $24 (image via Target) 5.) A selection of outdoor pillows from Home Goods, sure to be under $50 (image via DesignMilk)

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