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Cranberries Galore!

9 Oct

I’ve been hearing about a neat installation/viral marketing thing that Ocean Spray, of cranberry fame, is doing today and tomorrow over at Union Station. For those of you who are not from or familiar with Washington, D.C., Union Station is our main train station, and the building is a stunning, gleaming white mixture of Classical and Beaux-Arts styles of architecture. My parents used to take me there as a kid and I still love the building. It usually looks like this (image via 

Union Station

Today, however, those fountains in front are filled with something other than water…

Union Station Cranberry Bog(image via Ocean Spray via Prince of Petworth)

2013-10-8-CranberryBog(image via Washingtonian)

Ocean Spray has made us our very own cranberry bog!

Isn’t it beautiful? I understand it contains 2,000 pounds of little red berries, and will be open only through today – so get there FAST!

For more cranberry-ness, revisit my post from a few years back about the lovely color here.

Or you can check out this lovely chair, beautiful pendants (from my favorite, Niche Modern), or pretty pillow:

2013-10-09 10.24.19 am

…or you can make this delicious looking cranberry martini!

2013-10-09 10.20.18 am

Enjoy the day!




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Visiting the Watermelon House.

16 Jul

One afternoon last week, instead of heading straight home like we usually do I took my son to one of my favorite spots in DC: the “watermelon house” in Shaw. He was AMAZED. I’ve been wanting to do a photo shoot here for a while, but life doesn’t always happen with a DSLR in-hand, so instead of doing it right we busted out the Instagram and did it sort-of-right. He had on a green shirt, which was just perfect. I love this photo so I thought I’d share.

Watermelon House!

He looks so sweet and contemplative, when in reality he was bribed to be still instead of repeatedly yelling “WATERMELON! Are you serious? Can I get a watermelon popsicle RIGHT NOW?” He was still sweet. Just not very contemplative.

Below is an image of the whole house (via What About Watermelon), and here is an article from the Washington Post where you can read a little bit about its history. Fun, right?

Watermelon House!


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Orange and Periwinkle. Together.

25 Jun

Sounds like a weird combination right? …Except that I really like it!

It started with this outdoor rug from Koko Company that features the unlikely color combo. I think the geometric print really brightens it up.

Orange and Periwinkle

Then I thought this beach towel, a pair of these chairs, and this ceramic planter would go beautifully with the rug. Throw in some hydrangeas (and some green, of course) and you’re done!

 2013-06-25 06.19.32 pm

What do you think of these colors together?


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Five Under $50: Cool Coir Doormats for Spring!

15 May

I am loving these fun, cheap doormats for spring. Especially after all the long hikes we’ve been taking as a family. Hooray for a child who can walk more than 1/4 of a mile, but sigh at the child who thinks it’s fun to jump in muddy puddles and step in the occasional pile of mysterious nature stuff.

Which is your favorite? I really like the understated two-toned mat in #4 – it comes in lots of colorways!

Doormats!1.) $34  2.)$34  3.) $34  4.) $26  5.) $10 + craft supplies



(Hey – don’t forget to enter my $75 Novica GIVEAWAY – you have until Friday!)

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Rainbow Church Wins the Weekend!

11 May

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in DC in a while. We spotted it this morning, on the way back from Pentagon City (we took a little detour thanks to the race).

Rainbow Church Wins the Weekend!

This is the work of painter Alex “Hense” Brewer, an Atlanta-based artist, who was commissioned to paint this vacant church at 700 Delaware Avenue, SW. The building, formerly Friendship Baptist Church, was built in the early 1900s and was designated a historic site about 10 years ago. The painting was done in November of last year.

Here’s another shot of it, courtesy of the artist’s website.

Rainbow Church Wins the Week!

And another (via Miguel Martinez and Alex Brewer via

Rainbow Church Wins the Week!

We need more of this stuff in DC.


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Color Friday is: Fall Leaves!

1 Oct

You guys. I’m the worst. I haven’t been blogging, I’m doing the Color Friday I promised on a Monday, and I made frozen pizza for dinner for my family several nights last week. (But I made a salad too, so it’s cool).

Things have been really busy. Lots of great clients, my little one is doing very well at preschool (but we’ve encountered our first fall illness this year – both of us), and my husband is working hard as usual. That said, it’s been a nice past few weeks and we’ve managed to spend time together and with family and friends, and that is what it’s all about.

Plus, IT’S HAPPENING. And by that, I mean the leaves are changing. We were sitting at a stoplight today and I had my car window open and a leaf just blew into my lap. Amazing! I just love this season.

So here is my Color…umm…Monday: Fall Leaves! You can also see the one I did last Fall, and the Fall before that.


Chandelier, $869; Paper Bull, $178; Artwork, $1,495; Lamp, $519; Pillow, $388; Settee, $1,249; Teapot, $56; Pouf, $90; Vase, $78; Pot.

Enjoy the colors, and have a great week!

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Rainbow School in Paris!

2 Jul

If this super neat building doesn’t motivate your kid to go to school, I don’t know what will!


This vibrant, colorful, and amazingly fun Kindergarten in Paris is the Ecole Maternelle Pajol; the concept and design was executed by architects at Palatre and Leclere, a Parisian architecture firm.  Originally built in the 1940s, the building has been adapted to embody a contemporary aesthetic while retaining the original structure. From the wall hooks to the bathroom stalls to the interactive floors, it’s just perfection for any 5-year-old. Don’t you love it?


Check it out some more over at Cool Hunter.


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Find of the Week! A Rug for a Perfect Patio!

3 Apr

This week’s Find of the Week is an indoor outdoor rug from World Market. It has a pattern that exists somewhere in the realm of stripe/chevron/animal print, and the basic black and white is as versatile as it is classic. 

Wavy Stripes Indoor Outdoor Rug (image via World Market)


It’s an edgy mix of all the trends we’ve been seeing over the past year or two, and I think it would look stunning with some sleek outdoor furniture and some brightly colored pillows. The price ranges from $139 for a runner to $699 for a size slightly larger than 8” x 11.” 

Try it with the Alfresco Gray Sofa, which is on sale for $649 from Crate and Barrel, and some punchy pillows. Maybe you like the Outdoor Echo from West Elm ($34), the Zebra Bamboo Pillow from Trina Turk via Horchow ($285), or perhaps you dig both of them together (I do!). 

Alfresco Sofa (image via Crate and Barrel), Trina Turk Zebra Bamboo Pillow (image via Horchow), Outdoor Echo Pillow (image via West Elm), and Wavy Stripes from (image via World Market).


I love this look on the front porch of a classic Victorian just as much as I do on an industrial condo patio! What about you?


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Suiting Up!

27 Feb

I’ve almost always worn a two piece bathing suit. Even with an incredibly rambunctious child, I’ve been able to swing it without any wardrobe malfunctions (knock on wood). It helps that he’s been a little scared of the water until now and just hangs on quietly the whole time we’re in the pool. But this year he’ll be turning three and I don’t trust him, so a once piece it will be! I suppose it’s time anyway…I’ll be turning something else that begins with a “3.”

Let's all squint and pretend there's a pool visible in this photo of a lovely, colorful patio. (image via Country Living)


Here are a few of my favorite one piece swim suits this year, all from J.Crew. I like them because they’re a.) cute, b.) well-made, and c.) reasonably priced. I’m really liking their bandeau tanks, which you can throw on with a long skirt, some jewelry, and metallic flip flops and be ready for the day (specifically, a day the beach)! As you may have expected, I’ve taken the liberty of matching each suit with a well-suited lawn chair and a complementary piece of glassware.

All you need to be summer chic, below!  (As usual, you can click on each image for a larger version.)

Fanfare Ruched Bandeau Tank from J.Crew, $88 (image via J.Crew); Cruz Lounge Chair in Blue, $299 from Room and Board (image via Room and Board); Frida White Glasses, $9.95 from Crate and Barrel (image via Crate and Barrel)


Wide Stripe Bandeau Tank from J.Crew, $88, also comes in pink/white (image via J.Crew); Liz Chair Designed by Piero Lissoni for Kartell, $285 from Design Within Reach (image via Design Within Reach); Pop Goblet Tomato, $28 from Jonathan Adler (image via Jonathan Adler)


Ruched Bandeau Tank from J.Crew, $82, comes in tons of other colors (image via J.Crew); Motel Chair, $69.95 from Crate and Barrel (image via Crate and Barrel); Wavering Glass in yellow, $28 from Anthropologie (image via Anthropologie)


What’s your favorite way to suit up?


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Stunning Climbing Walls!

20 Oct

This past summer, my husband took me to an indoor top-rope rock climbing class for my birthday. Heights aren’t my #1 idea of a good time but nevertheless I was excited to give it a try. Flash forward a few months and we are both the proud owners of harnesses and belay devices and all that fun stuff. So in short, climbing is awesome, I love it, and you might too.

The typical design of an indoor climbing gym, such as Earth Treks in suburban DC, looks like this:

A typical, though really large, wall. This particular one is at Earth Treks in suburban Washington DC, which is also where we go. It's an awesome experience seeing this for the first time. (image via Earth Treks)

You’ve got your standard sedona-esque walls in that orange-y clay color studded with bright and irregular hand and foot holds. Technicolor electrical tape marked with hand-scrawled ratings and names shoots out of each knob.  These are to mark the courses; if you begin your climb grasping or stepping on a blue hand/foot hold, then you continue up the wall using only the hand/foot holds marked with blue tape.  It’s really a unique experience and it’s exciting and satisfying to say the least. I’m not very strong, but lugging around a 30-pound kid for a year has made me strong enough to climb, and that’s a great feeling.

My husband has always said if we had unlimited land and resources he would build his own soccer field. As someone who never was interested in sports beyond 30 minutes of solitude at the cardio gym, I now think that if I had the same luxury I’d build an indoor climbing facility. And here’s the great news: it need not look like a caricature of Yellowstone!

Here are two very design-centric climbing facilities that took the sport and made it visually stunning, while maintaining true function. These are so neat to me, and I’d love to visit one.

The PekiPeki Climbing Center is an indoor bouldering center located in Tokyo. Bouldering is a type of climbing that uses floor pads but no ropes or belay devices; as such, the height is significantly less at usually no more than 15 feet (versus the top-rope climbs that can be up to 50 feet high). It looks like a climbing GALLERY, doesn’t it?

The PekiPeki Climbing Center in Tokyo (image via PSFK)

Another wall that caught my attention just this week is at Illoiha Fitness Club in, you guessed it, also Tokyo. It’s in the fashion district, and well, that makes sense. Look at it.

Indoor Climbing Wall by Nendo in Tokyo, Japan (image via Toxel)

I question whether the frames are moveable, which is kind of essential for a true climbing gym (as you re-route challenges and move them around fairly frequently), but I suppose that’s not the point of this installation. Especially given that the climbers are ascending the wall in business casual garb. Here’s another shot of the wall, designed by Japanese firm Nendo.

A close-up of the monochromatic foot/hand holds and the subdued, striking aesthetic. (image via Toxel)

I also like the looks of this wall, outdoors in Kathmandu. I love the authenticity, the understated elegance, and the ruggedness of it. This type of installation would fit in an indoor space very seamlessly in the right kind of residence. 

Wall in Kathmandu (image via asianoffbeat)

Which one is your favorite? …or would you rather have a custom-built soccer field like my husband?

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