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Favorite Things: Spring Edition!

24 Apr

In keeping with my sporadic blogging of late, I just wanted to pop in and share a few of my favorite things right now. This may be short, but I assure you, all five things are super sweet!


1.) This “French Country Writing Desk” from Belle Escape.

It comes in a ton of colors and even though my husband loathes it, I love it enough to make up for his disdain. (Sorry for the odd picture format, I couldn’t get it to crop evenly).

2014-04-23 07.56.27 pm


2.) This gorgeous slab I saw last week when doing some granite selection with a client.

Well, actually, it’s two slabs. See the reflection of the man for scale – they’re huge! I wish I remembered the name of the stone but all I can recall is the word “azure.”

2014-04-23 07.54.52 pm


3.) Easter Eggs/Family Crafts

We did some family egg dyeing last weekend, and I thought I was very clever when I taped off an egg and made an abstract landscape:

2014-04-23 07.57.20 pm

Then I walked around the table to check on my husband, and he TOTALLY showed me up with his PAINTING of our cat. Unbelievable. But he is talented! Do I even need to mention that instead of using a regular, pedestrian hard-boiled egg like my son and I did, he drilled a hole into his and literally blew out all of the insides?…of course I don’t.

2014-04-23 07.57.34 pm

Here are the finished eggs:

2014-04-23 08.02.08 pm


4.) Graphic patterns with bold colors.

This is a detail from a restaurant in Chattanooga, Tennessee called Milk and Honey (their website sports the same colors. Excellent gelato.) Right up my alley! This has been a long lasting combo, and I hope it sticks around.

2014-04-23 07.57.53 pm


5.) This video, which creatively applies the aesthetic of filmmaker Wes Anderson to the classic, Forest Gump.

Spot on, perfection.

<p><a href=”″>Forrest Gump by Wes Anderson</a> from <a href=”″>Louis Paquet</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


Hope you enjoy at least some of the same things! Have a great rest of the week!


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Piano Lovers: Be Excited.

8 Dec

I got word this week that the Kennedy Center is going to be selling some of its Steinway pianos at a public sale starting December 19th.   Up for grabs — I’m sure at a pretty penny – are the same pianos that have been used at the Kennedy Center for performances and practice.  The inventory “includes grands, baby grands, studio pianos, and professional uprights.”  No doubt that this is a very cool opportunity for the music lover with cash to burn!  If only I were much more liquid I would purchase one of these for my dad, a certified piano lover, for sure.

The famous Steinway Concert Grand Art Poster by David Yost, 1984. (image via

If you’re one of those lucky music lovers with a few extra many-thousand dollars just sitting around I’d be happy to give you access to the pre-sale, which will take place before the opportunity opens to the public.  You’ll just have to promise me that I can let me dad borrow it for a few practice sessions..

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Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Floor Plan (Re-blog)

19 Oct

If you don’t watch Mad Men, then this post will be lost on you.

If you’re a fan of the show, then I think you’ll love it.

This is just the basic space plan; the link is illustrated with axons, perspectives, and some renderings. (image via Kratkocasnik)

Reblogged from Kratkocasnik (which for the record I am not familiar with), this is a fairly detailed and seemingly accurate floor plan of the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce office.  FOR ONCE I have a Mad Men-related topic to blog about that isn’t linked to mid-century modern furniture!  Hooray!

I find only one glaring inaccuracy, which is the fact that there is no space for Bert Cooper’s office (or former office).  Ok ok, and that there are no exterior windows.  My husband thinks that there are several more offices missing and therefore hundreds of square feet omitted.  In any case, it’s a good effort and I enjoyed the images…hope you do, too!

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