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Missoni for Target is Coming Soon!

17 Aug

Missoni for Target Wine Box ($9.99) and Wine Labels ($2.99) (image via Target)


Finally! We get to see some images (88 to be exact) of the new Missoni for Target line, set to launch in-store on September 13th (it’s a Tuesday…I’ve got it on the calendar)!  In no particular order, here are some of my favorites for the home…all under $50!!


Clockwise from top left: Throw ($39.99); Glass Serving Bowl ($29.99); Hand Towels and Shower Curtain ($10.99 - $34.99); Rugs ($29.99). (all images via Target)


I don’t know about you, but I CAN’T WAIT!

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Closet Envy!

21 Jul

Who knew organizing your personal belongings could be easy and cheap…and beautiful! Here are a few great ideas to spruce up your storage space, none of which require tons of money, square footage, or a contractor. No need for closet envy here…just head to the hardware store, get yourself a few free hours, and you’ll have a stunning storage space (whether it’s in a closet-proper or not) in no time!


These brightly painted mouldings serve as a functional and fun shoe rack.

(image via Living Etc.)

Need a place to store jewelry without it getting tangled or hidden?  A wired empty frame will do the trick! And the best part is that you can hang it almost anywhere!

(image via


If you have a nursery, you have books. And surely you don’t have enough space to store them. The solution: ledges, and lots of them.

(image via


I’m not sure how easy this really is to do, but Love Aesthetics created a coat/accessory hanger out of a branch, some white paint, and some wire for hanging. Very minimal, and very creative!

(image via


Do you have any creative closet (or no closet) solutions? Would these work for you?


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Letters on the Wall, and How I Chose My Kid’s Name.

6 Jul

As soon as I found out I was having a boy at about four months pregnant (almost a whole three years ago!), I knew that I wanted to put his name on the wall in fun graphic letters. One night, I found myself wanting to mock-up the wall display but I didn’t have an actual name to mock-up (my husband and I gave each other equal veto power). I’d already collected a few inspirational alphabet images, so I just went ahead with a recent name that my husband had suggested (and that I had vetoed): Beckett.  You know, just to see what it looked like. It was seven letters, easy to center on a wall, and would take up plenty of space. It was filled with straight lines from the T’s and curves from the B and C. Sure…why not?

Needless to say that after a few hours of photoshopping and digital frame insertion, I was totally past the “everyone’s going to think we named our kid after David Beckham because my husband likes soccer a lot” and was no longer able to see this tiny person as anything other than a Beckett.  And so he is.  And I love it.

All I did was order seven 6” square black frames from an online frame discounter, and set up the images I’d found (via Flickr…thanks Creative Commons!) to print at the right size. I got them professionally printed to be crisp and lovely, and set to work with my exacto-knife to get the photos snug in their frames.

Now that he’s older and has real preferences, we’ve moved the letters to a smaller shelf in his new room. Due to the length of the shelf I had to shorten things a bit to “Beck” (which we don’t call him, but ehh, oh well). I let him choose which E he liked best and it’s no surprise that he chose the orange one!  We have them placed next to a “Big B” and a little handmade stuffed mountain goat that his Aunt and Uncle got him in Mexico.

Given the length of your child’s name (or perhaps your desire to frame the entire alphabet) your mileage may vary in terms of cost and degree of difficulty. In any case, this is project I highly recommend. I still love the letters more than two years later!

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Fabulous Picks from West Elm’s BIG Sale!

30 Jun

I’ve been showing a lot of love for West Elm lately, so it’s only fitting that I peruse their major Summer Sale that’s going on right now and give you some of my favorite bargains.

Here they are, in all of their contemporary and colorful splendor:

1.) Round Uplight Table Tamp, $39.99; 2.) Colored Pure Vase Collection, $4.99; 3.) David Stark "Zebra" Rug (it's jute), $129; 4.) Egg Crate, $4.99; 5.) Mediterranian Parfait Cup, $4.99; 6.) Patterned Frames, $12.99 (image via West Elm)

I think I love the egg crate best of all — perfect for summertime deviled eggs! 

What’s even more exciting than these sale picks? West Elm is opening its first ever Pop-Up Shop in July in Georgetown!  Hooray!  I’ll be blogging about the preview later this month, so stay tuned for more details and pictures!


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Find of the Week!: Rainbow Appetizer Plates!

19 May

Remember Fiestaware? Well, if you love those rainbow hues that go with anything from stark white to country chic to modern brights, then you’ll love these:

$2.95! I SAID $2.95!!!!!!!!!! (image via Crate and Barrel)

Crate and Barrel has appetizer plates in ten gorgeous colors for $2.95 each. You read that right: for less than a tall Starbucks coffee drink, you can have one-tenth of an awesome appetizer/dessert plate collection. I’m cleaning out my cabinets to make room right now…

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Find of the Week: Restoration Hardware Baby!

31 Mar

This week’s “Find of the Week” is just as much of an idea as it as a particular item: sourcing childrens’ furnishings for your adult spaces.

The Vintage City Prints above the bed and the European Letter Jersey sheet set are two of my favorite things in the RH Baby line! (image via Restoration Hardware)


I’m not talking about stores like Land of Nod or Momeni Kids Rugs, which have a place in the nursery but are often too bright and cartoonish for our rooms (except for the lamps…always check out PB Teen for simple, cheap lamps!). Instead, I’m particularly enamored with Restoration Hardware’s baby and kids line, which incorporates RH’s signature style at smaller sizes and lower prices, and softens the edges ever-s0-slightly. Here are some of my favorites:

Vintage Industrial Letters: These are gorgeously imperfect with their mix of metal and distressed wood.  At $14 each, their price point is actually competitive with letters from Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters!

Vintage Industrial Letters, $14 each (image via Restoration Hardware)


Platform Bed…or a Daybed! I love this Industrial Cart Platform Bed, which is $549 for a a twin. It would add the perfect amount of ruggedness to a sunroom or guestroom if used as a daybed! I can just see it dressed in crisp white sunbrella fabric and bright, patterned pillows.

Industrial Cart Platform Bed, $549-$699 (image via Restoration Hardware)



Carnival Rides Art: At $149 for a 24” square canvas (or $269 for both!) I’d say these prints are a fantastic deal.  I’m actually surprised these are listed in the kids’ section of the website, since I can clearly see these in a bachelor pad, a modern industrial space, or a transitional gold/iron/copper-toned living area. Lovely!

Carnival Rides Art Prints, $149 for one or $269 for both (image via Restoration Hardware)



What do you like from the Restoration Hardware baby line, and how would you incorporate it into your spaces?

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(Cheap) Spring Clothes!

10 Mar

Well, let me preface this post by saying that if a designer who buys clothes from Target is wrong then I don’t want to be right.  Sure we all need quality, gorgeous basics that’ll last for years. But mama needs a $10 tank top to throw under a cardigan for a quick client meeting or a drink with her husband…and no one said she couldn’t buy it at the same place she buys her paper towels and string cheese.

Mossimo Off-Shoulder Dress in Guava, $18 (images via Target)

Here are a few of my Target favorites right now.  Each is perfect for the crazy temperatures and rainy days of March/April/May, and they’re all a good reason to add another $10 or $20 to your shopping trip (sorry, Matt).

This is the one piece I actually own, and I love it alone or under a cardigan. I give it about 10 or 15 washes, which I’ll gladly take at under $1 wear!

Xhilaration Ruffle Racerback Tank, $12 (images via Target)

Love these fun tights under an off-season dress or a with a skirt and boots.

Merona Geo Mesh Tights, $10 and Xhilaration Rose Marabou Tights, $7

Speaking of boots…

Peacock, Light Pink, and Aqua Dot Rainboots, $17-$26 (images via Target)

Aren’t those peacock boots incredibly fun?  I’d definitely wear them with all black or navy…nothing too colorful as to not overdo it.  Now those are the type of accessory that inspires a good interior…

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New Feature: Friday’s Five Under $50!

18 Feb

Life isn’t getting any less busy, which is good news if you’re a small business owner like me.  Often times though, that means I have fewer hours to devote to writing, or sleeping, or feeling human.  So in an effort to feel more sane but still keep Friday’s special on my blog, I’m adding a new feature that will alternate with Color Friday.  It’s called “Friday’s Five Under $50” and it will feature big ideas for spicing up your home that cost $5o or less.  I’m pretty excited about it, mainly because I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping people make affordable and feasible changes, but also because this will take me far less time to compose than the Color Friday collages (sad but true).

Here is THE FIRST idea in my Five Under $50 series: Frames!

Five Ribba Frames from IKEA + Homemade Artwork = $50! (frame images from IKEA, map images from various sources)

The above frames are From IKEA – each is $9.99.  They’re not tiny either, measuring in at about 10” x 10”. They’ll hold a standard sized small photo, or, you can rig the frame to do any number of things: lose the border and fill it with fabric or paper; swap out the border for a more customized look; frame your kid’s artwork on a rotating basis, or design your own graphics and experiment with which look you like best.  I love Papersource for decorative paper – it can be pricey at up to $10 a sheet, but a single sheet goes a long way when you’re filling small-ish frames.  I executed this idea in my own home using images of antique maps: I don’t believe you need to picture the whole map, but rather a place that’s important or special to you.  For our map art we used places we have lived: DC, Virginia, Indiana, Durham, Chattanooga…and just cropped to the most interesting part of the image.

IKEA offers lots of other frames, too, some for less than $5 (that’s five more frames…and you’re still right at $50!).  Here are two of them:

IKEA's Glana Frame, measuring about 6'' x 8'' ($4.99 - $5.99) with an Alphabet Collage (by me). (frame image via IKEA)

IKEA's Ribba Frame in Birch Veneer, measuring about 12'' x 16'' ($9.99) with Papersource's Japanese Paper in Yuzen Pool, Lake swosn ($8). (images via IKEA and Papersource)

Whichever frame or filler you choose, this is an easy and inexpensive way to add art to your home.  The hardest part is choosing the artwork. Ok…well…maybe the hardest part is hanging the frames straight, or installing the little saw-tooth hangers on the back (which can be purchased at any hardware store for about $2) — be warned that the IKEA frames often only come ready to perch and not hang.

Hope you enjoyed the first Five Under $50 — if you have any requests for the future let me know!

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Busy Week, DC Blogs, and a Colorful Wall.

31 Jan

This week was supposed to be relaxed and I was really looking forward to that.  Then, a lot of life happened last week, so it now promises to be busy and fast-paced.  …And then there’s the part about more snow being expected.  Ick.  I’m tired of gray and white…so…look at this:

Love this image I found from SallyTV of her paint chip wall! (image via Sally

I also wanted to tell my readers that I’m now the weekend editor for DC blogs, which means that I will be posting a round-up to the DC Blogs site every Monday morning now. This is just a fun thing for me to do, and as I become more entrenched in the blogging community I’m enjoying the opportunity to read more posts that others write as well as help them to get their blogs noticed and read.  If you’ve never stopped by DC blogs before, I recommend taking a look at their daily round ups once in a while; they provide a varied, fun, and well-rounded look into life in general.

Have a great Monday…hope your week is filled with shorter commutes and fewer icy roads than last!

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New Ways to Dry Erase

19 Jan

I’ve been seeing a lot of ways to bring the dry erase trend to a new chic status lately, so I thought I’d share some of them.

Real Simple magazine suggests you use a glass picture frame to scribble on — appropriate in any room, and can be adapted to accommodate any style!:

This list won't go in your purse, but it's cute! (image via Real Simple)


CB2 sells a bamboo dry erase board:

Bamboo Dry Erase, $59.95 from CB2 (image via CB2)


Or, you can make your own super modern custom board!  I love 3-Form, an ec0-resin product that typically is used as a paneling system or as a substitute for glass or metal sheets (eco-resin is their way of saying it’s a sustainable plastic).  It’s expensive and typically architectural in practice, but they have a great reclaim site where you can purchase smaller pieces that have been used in other projects.  Get one, have it cut to size, hang it up and write away!

Just a couple examples of the many many varieties of 3-Form eco-resin (image via 3-Form).

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