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Urban Graphic Maps: Hi and Low.

16 Jan

I’m a big fan of graphics: type, maps, logos…all of it. I’m especially a big fan of text- or shape-intensive maps, so naturally I love Ork’s city posters; they range from about $20 to $30 depending on the type of printing you choose. I own the DC version in gray and white. It was $27 and measures 18” x 24.”

Frame from Target; Poster via Ork Posters.

I came across this beautiful graphic map this weekend, which is by Bo Lundberg. It caught my eye for its use of color and it obviously reminded me of Ork’s work (I mean this in a complementary way, not in a “you’re copying them!” way, of course).

"Manhattan" by Bo Lundberg (image via Stampa)

It’s a map of Manhattan, and part of a series of other places; “Manhattan” however, is really the only map that evokes the Ork aesthetic. Others are less recognizable as maps, and some aren’t maps at all .Prints are available from Stampa, starting at $100 for an unframed 8”x 10” and going up to $800 for a framed 18” x 24.” You read that right: $800. 

Ork’s Manhattan is equally lovely, and you can snag one for far far less: $22 – $27. There are six colorways and two printing options. For you NYC folk, there’s also a greater New York City version.

"Manhattan" by Ork Posters (image via

What do you think? Do you prefer one print to another, or are you over the whole text-map thing already? I can tell you I’m definitely not over it yet, and I’m thrilled to see them thriving.

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Beautiful Breakfast Nooks, and a Winner!

4 Jan

Nothing starts your day right like a good breakfast in a beautiful setting. We can’t all wake up and eat gorgeous fruits and pastries on a balcony somewhere in Southern Italy, but we can try to emulate our favorite elements of some inspiring dining spaces. Here are a few of my favorites, each featuring black and white as the crux of the color scheme.

A quirky, almost-monotone look that incorporates the much loved "letter" look! Get your own wall letter from Etsy Seller OldNewAgain, and score your own fawn in the form of a pillow from Areaware! ...and that gorgeous lamp? Almost a perfect match with Arteriors' Hagen Pendant! (L image via, R image via Etsy)


The breakfast nook of Sacha Dunn and Edmund Levine from Country Living. Love the teal-ish cabinet? Paint your own, and see how to here.  (image via Country Living)


A chic black and white chevron! Start your own similar space with these plates from Missoni and bowls from Crate and Barrel! (design by Mary McDonald via Veranda)


On a completely different note, the WINNER from the magazine giveaway is #5 – Ashley Dior! Congratulations! I’ll be contacting you to confirm your magazine choice and to get your address.

Have a great rest of the week, everyone!

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Find of the Week: Midnight Mirrors!

30 Nov

I encountered the Cassidy Mirror from Ballard Designs a few weeks ago and was sad that the color wasn’t quite right for a certain client I was shopping for at the time. At $189 the price was beyond perfect for this exquisitely finished piece, which is 17” in diameter and has navy, cream, and gold tones throughout the circular frame. Ballard claims it is “nautical” but I see none of that; to me, it’s 100% refined and richly colorful. Am I right, or am I right?

Cassidy Mirror from Ballard Designs, $189 (image via Ballard Designs)


I rarely do this with “Find of the Week,” but the Cassidy reminds me of this gem from the lastcentury store on; it’s called the Knabstrup Ceramic Blue Mirror, and it too is lovely. The difference? — A little more modernity, a much less functional mirror, and about a 1000% price increase.

Knabstrup Ceramic Blue Mirror from lastcentury @ (image via


Ideally we’d take them both, but for those of you on a budget at least one is within reach!


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Missoni for Target is Coming Soon!

17 Aug

Missoni for Target Wine Box ($9.99) and Wine Labels ($2.99) (image via Target)


Finally! We get to see some images (88 to be exact) of the new Missoni for Target line, set to launch in-store on September 13th (it’s a Tuesday…I’ve got it on the calendar)!  In no particular order, here are some of my favorites for the home…all under $50!!


Clockwise from top left: Throw ($39.99); Glass Serving Bowl ($29.99); Hand Towels and Shower Curtain ($10.99 - $34.99); Rugs ($29.99). (all images via Target)


I don’t know about you, but I CAN’T WAIT!

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Closet Envy!

21 Jul

Who knew organizing your personal belongings could be easy and cheap…and beautiful! Here are a few great ideas to spruce up your storage space, none of which require tons of money, square footage, or a contractor. No need for closet envy here…just head to the hardware store, get yourself a few free hours, and you’ll have a stunning storage space (whether it’s in a closet-proper or not) in no time!


These brightly painted mouldings serve as a functional and fun shoe rack.

(image via Living Etc.)

Need a place to store jewelry without it getting tangled or hidden?  A wired empty frame will do the trick! And the best part is that you can hang it almost anywhere!

(image via


If you have a nursery, you have books. And surely you don’t have enough space to store them. The solution: ledges, and lots of them.

(image via


I’m not sure how easy this really is to do, but Love Aesthetics created a coat/accessory hanger out of a branch, some white paint, and some wire for hanging. Very minimal, and very creative!

(image via


Do you have any creative closet (or no closet) solutions? Would these work for you?


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Letters on the Wall, and How I Chose My Kid’s Name.

6 Jul

As soon as I found out I was having a boy at about four months pregnant (almost a whole three years ago!), I knew that I wanted to put his name on the wall in fun graphic letters. One night, I found myself wanting to mock-up the wall display but I didn’t have an actual name to mock-up (my husband and I gave each other equal veto power). I’d already collected a few inspirational alphabet images, so I just went ahead with a recent name that my husband had suggested (and that I had vetoed): Beckett.  You know, just to see what it looked like. It was seven letters, easy to center on a wall, and would take up plenty of space. It was filled with straight lines from the T’s and curves from the B and C. Sure…why not?

Needless to say that after a few hours of photoshopping and digital frame insertion, I was totally past the “everyone’s going to think we named our kid after David Beckham because my husband likes soccer a lot” and was no longer able to see this tiny person as anything other than a Beckett.  And so he is.  And I love it.

All I did was order seven 6” square black frames from an online frame discounter, and set up the images I’d found (via Flickr…thanks Creative Commons!) to print at the right size. I got them professionally printed to be crisp and lovely, and set to work with my exacto-knife to get the photos snug in their frames.

Now that he’s older and has real preferences, we’ve moved the letters to a smaller shelf in his new room. Due to the length of the shelf I had to shorten things a bit to “Beck” (which we don’t call him, but ehh, oh well). I let him choose which E he liked best and it’s no surprise that he chose the orange one!  We have them placed next to a “Big B” and a little handmade stuffed mountain goat that his Aunt and Uncle got him in Mexico.

Given the length of your child’s name (or perhaps your desire to frame the entire alphabet) your mileage may vary in terms of cost and degree of difficulty. In any case, this is project I highly recommend. I still love the letters more than two years later!

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Fabulous Picks from West Elm’s BIG Sale!

30 Jun

I’ve been showing a lot of love for West Elm lately, so it’s only fitting that I peruse their major Summer Sale that’s going on right now and give you some of my favorite bargains.

Here they are, in all of their contemporary and colorful splendor:

1.) Round Uplight Table Tamp, $39.99; 2.) Colored Pure Vase Collection, $4.99; 3.) David Stark "Zebra" Rug (it's jute), $129; 4.) Egg Crate, $4.99; 5.) Mediterranian Parfait Cup, $4.99; 6.) Patterned Frames, $12.99 (image via West Elm)

I think I love the egg crate best of all — perfect for summertime deviled eggs! 

What’s even more exciting than these sale picks? West Elm is opening its first ever Pop-Up Shop in July in Georgetown!  Hooray!  I’ll be blogging about the preview later this month, so stay tuned for more details and pictures!


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