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Three More Ornaments I’m Loving Right Now…

15 Dec

The Double Glass Sphere Ornament is from West Elm, and it’s only $8! It’s no longer available online, but if there’s a West Elm near you try popping in for a few! (image via West Elm)


If you covet Pantone products as much as I do, these ornaments are perfect. I can see a whole tree of them! Or a garland strung up in a doorway…or in an office! You can get them from way across the pond…in time for next Christmas at least…from Firebox.(image via Seletti)


I was in World Market last night and saw this charming six-pack ornament. It’s $20 in store, but just $9.99 online. (image via World Market)



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Go-to Gifts for the Host and Hostess That Won’t Break The Bank!

13 Dec

Holiday parties are in full swing, and if you’re a good guest you know not to show up empty handed!  Here are a few host and hostess gift suggestions that won’t break the bank (all under $30) and will universally please the recipients. I’ve even added some personalization ideas for warmth and good cheer, too! My belief is that adding an edible element to your gift makes it all the more festive and wonderful — just be sure to emphasize to the host that there’s no need to include your edible contribution in their meal (sometimes it’s helpful to bring food or wine, but sometimes it upsets a carefully planned menu!.

Enjoy the suggestions, and your parties!

Marble Wine Cooler from Crate and Barrel ($26.95) + a bottle of your favorite vino

Marble Cooler + Wine = always a safe bet! (images via Crate and Barrel, Cape Classics)


Rustic White Cake Stand from Wisteria ($19) + a gorgeous confection

Neutral Plate + Tasty Cakes = perfection! (images via Wisteria, Georgetown Cupcake)

Farmer’s Market Basket from Anthropologie ($14.95) + colorful candies

Simple Basket + Festive Candies = fun treat! (images via Anthropologie, Dylan's Candy Bar...just be sure to ditch the wrapping and put the candies in the bowl!)


Do you have any go-to gifts? If so, share!


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Fantastically Festive Picks from Zinc Door!

7 Dec

If you’re a fan of Paint It What I Tell You, then you surely love the home furnishings and accessories (among other goodies) website Layla Grayce.  It’s a beautifully curated aggregate of some of my personal favorite vendors: timeless but edgy classics like Arteriors Home, Oly Studio, and DL Rhein. Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff, at a pretty decent range of prices. Well…guess what?

The lovely front page of Zinc Door's website, featuring Dwell Studio's Pebble Blue Double Bulb Vase: (image via ZincDoor)

They now have a sister spin-off site with a more modern “edgy” edge. It’s called Zinc Door, and it is just as wonderful. Zinc Door has your typical furniture, seating, lighting, rugs, accessory, and bedding categories, and each is filled to the brim with brands that cater to the Lonny Mag set: Dwell Studio, Jonathan Adler, and Bungalow 5 among them (and yes, you’ve still got your Arteriors Home and Oly Studio in this mix). It thrills me to have another lovely site to explore, and I’m sure you’re tickled, too.

Here are five of my festive picks from Zinc Door that you can order right now! But don’t just take my word for it: explore it on your own. I’m sure you’ll fall in love!


1.) Ro Sham Beaux’s Malibu 30 Pendant, $3,933: This just looks like tinsel, doesn’t it!


2.) Trina Turk’s Watercolor Stripe Embroidered Linen Pillow, $140: Red + PINK + Green = festive to me!




3.) Oly Studio’s Morgan Lounge Chair, call for price: If Santa’s sleigh were an icy blue comfy cushy chair, THIS would be it!



4.)  Dwell Studio’s Draper Stripe Olive Throw Blanket, $150: Evergreen and natural stripes, cozy wool, fire, hot chocolate…oh, I’m asleep already!



5.) Arteriors Bombay Polished Nickel Hurricane, $334: When in doubt, few things are more festive than mercury glass (or polished nickel that looks like mercury glass)…no matter what holiday you celebrate!


Hopefully you still have some shopping to do! (And amid my excitement, I feel compelled to tell you that Zinc Door did not pay or ask me to write this glowing post, I’m just truly excited!).


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Find of the Week! Crate and Barrel’s Glass Ball Ornaments!

6 Dec

Crate and Barrel’s glass ornaments are pure perfection! Available in pink, red, “aubergine” (which is really a pure purple if you ask me), emerald green, apple green, and gold luster, each is a little shiny sphere of happiness!  You can find them here for under $3 — yep, you read that right!

Crate and Barrel's Glass Ball Ornaments, $2.50 - $2.95, available in 6 colors. (image via Crate and Barrel)

I’d love a tree FULL of them. I’d love a tree with all apple and emerald green ones, studded with colored lights. I’d love a tree with purple, red, pink and gold ones with whites lights. Or I’d love a tree with red and pink ones — did you notice the balls are all 4” in diameter, except that the pinks are 3” — what a great contrast! I could go on with these combos!

What’s your favorite glass ball?


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Advent Calendar Round-up!

1 Dec

It’s December 1! Have you thought about having an advent calendar? If not, you still have some time to pull one together. Here is a round-up of three do-it-yourself treat containers that will function perfectly and perk up your holiday decor!

1.) Toilet Paper Roll Calendar (via Woman’s Day): You heard me right: those pockets are made of toilet paper rolls that are strung across a ribbon.

Crafty Calendar: if you don't have 24 toilet paper rolls, you can just roll up paper and fold them over to make pockets. (image via Woman's Day)


2.) Beautiful Boxes (via The Painter Family):  This is my kind of advent calendar — candy, candy and more candy! Though it looks elaborate, it appears to be simple boxes adhered to a large framed board!

Gorgeous little gifts! (image via The Painter Family)


3.) Kid-centric Advent Calendars (via the Crafty Crow): It isn’t cheating for me to point you to another round-up in my round-up right? I can’t commit myself to a single project featured in The Crafty Crow’s 2011 Advent Calendar Idea post, so I’ll just send you to read it for yourselves. It includes lots of paper crafts, and yet another toilet paper project! Enjoy!

Just one amazing calendar you'll see in this post... (image via The Craft Crow via Giddy Giddy)


Still too much DIY-ing for you? If you have a Christmas tree, you can always wrap a single small gift and put it under the tree each day. To be 100% honest, I think this is the plan I’m going to follow. My little guy is still two so he is barely understanding the concept of Christmas, but he is fascinated by everything about the tree and I’d love to get him even MORE excited about it. What a fun month this is!

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Thanksgiving Mishaps Happen To Us All.

28 Nov

I hope you all had a good (and hopefully long) Thanksgiving weekend! Ours was slow-paced, full of good food, family time, and topped off with a sick kid who is ever so slowly recovering from a bad cough.

On the upside, leftovers, coughs, and (kind of) chilly weather led to a great Turkey and Dumplings dinner this weekend. It’s just as good as it is pretty!

Turkey & Dumplings -- made just like the chicken variety...with your Thanksgiving leftovers!

On the downside, someone (ahem…my husband) removed their steaming hot bowl of dumplings from their plate and set it directly on a paper towel on the dining room table, which caused the lovely paper towel ring you see below. Yep, it’s stuck directly to the table (which has an inexplicably weird waxy finish).

Well that's frustrating!

So that was frustrating. Thankfully, my husband is pretty good at fixing things. His tip is to heat up the table (hot towel, heating pad, hair dryer) slowly and remove the towel but by bit…it is embedded in the melty-waxy finish, so it comes out just the same way it went in. If re-polishing is necessary once the towel is removed (meaning you have a little discoloration or marring) a little elbow grease will get your table top back good as new…and all will be well with the world (or the dining room). I suppose I should be thankful that this was the worst thing that happened all weekend!

Did you have any decor horror stories over this big entertaining week? Need help fixing something? If so drop me a note — it would make a great Ask JGB question!


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25 Nov

Give Thanks Pillow from, $24 (image via Dear Lillie)


I had intended to write a very sappy and fairly lengthy post about Thanksgiving and all that I am thankful for…which is a lot. But I didn’t draft it ahead of time, and well, you know how Thanksgiving Day goes: cook, food, drive, more food, wrestle sugar-fed toddler to bed, and you’re spent. That said, I suppose that the biggest thing of all that I have to be thankful for this year is that I love the people I am surrounded by so much that I don’t really want to entertain spending half an hour away from them to craft a complete and thoughtful blog post tonight. So if you want my sappy “thank yous” you can kindly refer to my post from last year, which remains unchanged.

My husband, my son, my family, my friends, our fantastic neighbors, my job, our wonderful day care provider who is like another grandma to our son, and so many of the little and big parts of my life are constant bright spots. It’s nice. I’m grateful.

So on that note, I hope that your Thankgiving celebrations were fulfilling and filling, and that you too have lots of little and big things to be thankful for every day.


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Thanksgiving Crafts for the Last Minute!

23 Nov

What a gorgeous pie! (image via Oh Happy Day)


There are lots of things to you today if you’re cooking for the big meal tomorrow. But if you’re not, or if you have kids who are old enough to do some crafting, or if you’re just interested in pulling an all-nighter doing as much as you can, then these three ideas below are for you!


This is a bowl of squash that my husband would approve he isn't very fond of the edible variety. (image via Martha Stewart Crafts)

Squash Bowl: Should you find yourselves with a few extra hours on your hands today (and about 10 unused butternut squashes, and various shades of paint) then you might enjoy putting together a game of squash bowling! This one is pretty self-explanatory and looks quite fun! This is actually a cute craft for general holiday decor: you can stencil names, words, or images directly onto the hard and durable flesh of the squash (just like you’d do a pumpkin!).


Love this idea! (via OhHappyDay via Anthology Mag)

Alphabet Soup Placecards: This idea is so simple and makes so much sense! Using some paper supplies, glue, and box of alphabet noodles, you just use the pasta letters to label everything from your placecards to your food IDs. You can find the tutorial here, with more images, from Oh Happy Day.


Gorgeous, and so clever! (image via WithSprinklesOnTop)

Thanksgiving Cupcakes: These look like small portions of veggies, mashed potatoes, and chicken (not pictured), but they’re actually cupcakes!  They’re called “TV Dinner cupcakes” but I’ve always thought “Thanksgiving!” when I see them. The how-to is contained in the book Hello Cupcake!, but as an owner of that book, I’ll give you the abridged version: turkey cupcake is a donut hole (to give shape) with icing and corn flakes (to give the cooked brown look) mounded on top, plus a white chocolate bone; the mashed potatoes are simple — white icing well with a yellow starburst (butter) and caramel (gravy); and the veggies are green icing with green M&Ms and orange starburst candies cut up like carrot nibs. Easy stuff, and SO neat looking! The blog where the above image comes from, With Sprinkles on Top, also has a simplified tutorial.

Happy Cooking Day, or last day of work…whatever it may be for you!

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Halloween Crafts Round-up!

29 Oct

In case you were looking for a little extra something to do this weekend (especially given the snowy forecast, fellow DC residents), here are three fabulously cute Halloween DIY projects! They’re not too difficult, expensive, or time consuming…because honestly, we all have more important things to do than decoupage all day but we still want some monster cupcakes, you know?

1.) Monster Cupcakes via Annie’s Eats.

So simple, yet so obviously a monster! (image via Annie's Eats)

Words can’t explain the cuteness of these treats, which are fairly easy to make if you have some basic baking tools laying around. Plus, how can you resist all that icing!  Follow along to the how-to here.


2.) Pumpkin Favor Pouches from Martha Stewart

You can do this is two minutes. I'm not kidding. (image via Martha Stewart)

This is easy, you guys. Seriously. I’ll direct you to the DIY, but basically you take orange crepe paper (or double or triple layered tissue), throw some candies in the center, twist it up into a ball, and seal the “stem” with green masking tape. That’s it!


3.) Modern Pumpkin Displays

Who said your pumpkins have to be scary, or carved, or even orange? (image via Curbly)

This DIY is as easy as you can get – it’s pretty much a make-it-up-as-you-go-along thing. Perfect for those of you who don’t like instructions! Grab some house paint, some glitter, some japanese masking tape, or even decorative nail heads (which you punch directly into the pumpkin to “stud” it).  Have fun, break rules, and get the pumpkin that says “You!” and not “Third Grade Class Party Craft.!”  For a super sleek and sophisticated look, you can even just spray a bunch of pumpkins white and call it a day. Very “too cool for school” and celebratory at the same time!

Have anyone else tried or seen any other Halloween-themed DIY’s? If so, I’d love to hear about them!

Have a great weekend doing whatever it is you do to prep for Halloween! For me, it’s hiding the candy I hoard from my husband and trying to finish off the makings of a tiny spaceman.


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Color Friday is: Red White and Blue!

1 Jul

What else would it be?

Enjoy these unique, exciting, and some one-of-a-kind picks for your Fourth of July weekend!  I hope it’s full of family, friends, fun, and fireworks!

Clockwise from top: Fireworks Chandelier from Plantation Home (image via Plantation Home); Lollipop!; Red White and Blue Vase by Barbini (image via StyleHive); Red Flutter Fabric Pillow from Seacloth (image via Seacloth); Louis XV Salon Chair in Azure Fabric from Ballard Designs (image via Ballard Designs); One of a kind Turkish-made American Flag-inspired Rug (image via Beach Bungalow 8 via ABC Carpet and Home); One-of-a-kind Late 19th Century Indian Clubs from Urban Country (image via 1st Dibs); Popsicle!; "Flag" by Jasper Johns 1954-55 (image via


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