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Treat Round-up for the Fourth!

29 Jun

In an attempt to be festive..and because I’m hungry…I’ve rounded up some Fourth of July treats that you can create this long weekend. Each are relatively simple, look incredibly tasty, and of course pass the “adorable” test. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!


This Fruited Cheesecake Flag from Martha Stewart is summery and sweet. She has all the best ideas; I’d never think to make the “white” stripe from powdered sugar…I’d probably be peeling strawberries to achieve a similar color.

Here’s an easy one for you: a Red, White, and Blue Sangria, with the fruit densities already thoughtfully calculated to give you a perfectly tiered beverage!

My Juice Cup has the cutest Cake Pop project for the Fourth. One of the process-shots reminds me of Oreo Truffles, and honestly, I’d be content to make those in the style of these. …You say you don’t know what Oreo Truffles are? Oh my. Google it. You’re welcome.

I always hesitate to include two or more crafts or treats from the same source in a round-up, but damn Martha. What can I say. Enjoy these simple flags – you’ll love them if you loved those Rainbow-in-a-bag St. Patrick’s Day thingys that took over Pinterest the entire month of March!

Even though red, white, and blue food is pretty simple to make, it doesn’t have to be super sweet or 100% fruity. Try this ultra-easy-but-still-I’d-never-have-thought-of-it Watermelon and Feta plate from Wenderly.

And just because this is a decorating blog and I can’t help myself, don’t forget to throw these pillowcases (which are a set of two from Urban Outfitters…for $34!) on your guest or beach house bed. Love them!

Happy Fourth!

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Color Friday is: Dark Blue!

15 Jun

Today’s Color Friday is dark blue. No, not navy. Dark blue. Like this wall… 



I love the fireplace color – it appears to be slightly different than the wall color, which is a neat touch. I thought dark blue was appropriate in honor of Father’s Day – doesn’t that just seem like such a “dad” color?

Here are blue items that, just for this week, have zero feminine qualities. Some even make great dad gifts.  Many of them are inspired by my own awesome dad, who has an affinity for bourbon, music, and golden retrievers. Enjoy!

Clockwise from mugs at top: Pantone Blue Mug Set, $90 (image via Amazon); Dado Vase from CB2, from $20 (image via CB2); Faux Suede Pillow from West Elm, from $29 (image via WestElm); Blue State Bourbon by Heaven Hill Distilleries (image via; Dog Blueprint from Uncommon Goods, $185 (image via UncommonGoods); Juno Recliner from Room and Board in Vance – Indigo, $2,099 (image via Room and Board); Midnight Bloom Glasscoat by Ru Ardo, $499 (image via ZGallerie); Urban Ears Headphones from Crate and Barrel, $39 (image via CrateandBarrel)


Happy Father’s Day…enjoy the weekend!


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Happy Mother’s Day!

13 May

I hope all the moms I know have a wonderful day, especially my own very special mom, who I love very much and will be celebrating with tomorrow! I also hope that all of my dear friends and readers who don’t have their moms around anymore remember them fondly, and take some time out to enjoy themselves today. I, for one, have been planting my garden and will be enjoying Thai food and Mad Men tonight!

Have a great day, everyone!


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Easter Eggs: 7 Ways!

4 Apr

If you have kids, or if you like crafting, it’s likely that you’re going to dye eggs this week at some point. That is, if you didn’t already do it last weekend (I did). Here are seven ways to dye your eggs that go beyond the typical methods. Some are complicated, some aren’t. But they’re all neat too look at and fun to make! Enjoy!

1.) These Neon Dip-Dyed Eggs from Oh Joy are mod, colorful, and look incredibly easy to make!

Neon Dip-Dye (image via Oh Joy)


2.) I made some of these Silk-Dyed Eggs (aka Tie-Dyed Eggs) from Our Best Bites this past weekend. Many thanks to my friend’s husband for sacrificing one of his silk ties for our crafting enjoyment.  

Silk Tie-Dyed Eggs (image via Our Best Bites)


3.) You’ve probably seen this image floating around the web, especially if you belong to Pinterest. Make your own Natural-Dyed Eggs via Two Men And A  Little Farm.

Natural Dyed Eggs (image via Two Men and a Little Farm)


4.) These Chocolate Surprise Eggs from Martha Stewart are not just edible – they’re DELICIOUS! A bit more work than dunking orbs in dye, but why would you expect anything less than “a little bit labor intensive” from Martha?

Chocolate Eggs (image via Martha Stewart)


5.) Thought I’m still not 100% sure how you make these, the Chap Stick Eggs from Oh Joy are stunning and perfectly imperfect. Give it a try!

Chap Stick Eggs (image via Oh Joy)


6.) These Graphic Eggs from Martha Stewart stole my heart: vibrant, typographic, and shockingly easy!

Graphic Eggs


7.) Last but certainly not least in this round-up are Kool-Aid Eggs from Hey Jen Renee.  I can’t say that I ever would have thought of this, but the results are stunning! I wonder if it works with Jell-o?

Kool Aid Eggs (image via Hey Jen Renee)

So there you have it: seven dazzling ways to decorate your eggs this Easter. I can’t wait to try them! What’s your favorite way to dye Easter Eggs? And do you have any other ways to share?

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Gorgeous Dining Tables for Your Valentine’s Day Dinner!

14 Feb

Today is Valentine’s Day! Though I wish you a very happy one, I’ll be sparing you from more pink things. Chocolate though, that’s a different story…

Here are three gorgeous dining tables that I’d be quite pleased to eat a romantic dinner on. Bonus points for each having a very durable top – the only rings you’ll be seeing are on your fingers. Enjoy!


The Paloma Dining Table from Crate and Barrel would be a lovely spot to pull up a chair and nosh. Very rustic, but also quite modern.

Paloma Table from Crate and Barrel, $1,999 (image via Crate and Barrel)


The Patched Butcher Block Table from Wisteria is a quaint round that would seat two nicely. Perfect for sharing a cupcake.

Patched Butcher Block Table from Wisteria, $899 (image via Wisteria)


For those of you who are fancy and more traditional, the Bovary Dining Table by Oly Studio will suite you very nicely. I can’t imagine a nicer surface to eat expensive chocolate on.

Bovary Dining Table by Oly Studio, price on request (image via Oly Studio)


Wherever your dinner is tonight, or whomever it’s with, I hope it’s a lovey one!


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Really Easy Valentine Crafts!

11 Feb

In case you haven’t yet figured it out, I tend to prefer crafts and DIYs that are easy, quick, inexpensive, and use supplies that you likely already have on hand. There are exceptions of course, but as a mom who struggles to balance work and family, I don’t enjoy running to the store on a Tuesday night for pipe cleaners and wax paper, so I try to cultivate ideas that don’t encourage me to get frazzled. Like putting a pink marshmallow on top of a cupcake instead of rolling out the fondant. 

With Valentine’s Day coming up next week, it’s likely that you too have parties to cater, valentines to send, and crafts to conjure up, so hopefully this list makes it all a bit easier. Here is a little round-up of my favorites this year – enjoy, and put those DIY skills to good use!


Martha Stewart Crafts always has good ideas; there’s just no denying that. Here are two that are no exception: Valentine Hands, and Homemade Treat bags. All you’ll need for both is some simple craft supplies, candy, and a printer. Check our her slideshow, Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids, for these and 24 more!

(images via Martha Stewart Crafts)


Do you have some Hershey’s Kisses in your house? Come on, you know you do. And do you have sticky labels? Or even just paper and tape? –Well you’re in luck. Print out these adorable templates from Makoodle and you’re on your way to a cute treat (and for much less money than was spent on these very similar favors for my wedding…).

(image via Makoodle)


Here’s an idea that’s neither edible nor fits neatly in an envelope, but it’s innovative and fun just the same: Valentine lawn decorations! Or as the folks over at Oh Happy Day prefer to call them, Garden Heart Attacks. Grab some paper and scissors, flour or powdered sugar, and head outside and follow the tutorial above. Easy as pie! Did I mention that the crafter responsible for this idea, Brittany from The House That Lars Built, was a classmate of mine at the Corcoran College of Art + Design, which obviously breeds genius.

(image via Oh Happy Day)


Last but not least is an idea I found while browsing Pinterest (I’ve resisted joining so far, but man, it’s getting tough). Valentine Smores from Two Shades of Pink was a last minute addition to a kid’s party gift bag. It’s cute, made with readily accessible ingredients, and can be customized with whatever label you want to put on it. I love it!

(image via Two Shades of Pink)


These ideas all seem lovely and, equally important, reasonable to me! For my quick-treat fix,  I like to shove candies and stickers into a small ziplock and affix a holiday-themed folded over piece of craft paper over the ugly zip closure. It’s a treat bag that actually closes and opens, is decorated nicely, and very easy and cheap to make. Seal with a sticker with a name or picture on it and you’re DONE.

Regardless of your Valentine’s Day plans or crafting intentions, hope your weekend is a good one!

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Color Friday is: Powder Pink!

10 Feb

Valentine’s Day is next Tuesday (look out for a weekend-edition V-Day Crafts post!) so naturally, the range of options for today’s Color Friday ranges from pale blush to hot pink. I went somewhere left of middle and chose Powder Pink – a light, but decidedly cheery shade of femininity (yes folks, unlike hot pink which can be made ironically masculine, this one is typically reserved for the ladies). Check it out below, and try not to hate on my liberal definition of “powder pink,” which includes some darker and lighter variations.

Clockwise from chandelier at top: Maharani Chandelier from Currey and Company, $3400 (image via Layla Grayce); Zig Zag Rug by Dwell Studio, $350 (image via DwellStudio); Pink Moroccan Leather Pouf from Serena and Lily, $450 (image via Serena and Lily); Opie Table by GlimmerglassFurniture, $485 (image via GlimmerglassFurniture); Annabelle Frames from RHBaby&Child, $34 (image via Restoration Hardware); Chair featuring Kelly Wearstler's Bengal Bazaar fabric (image via House of Honey); KokoCompany Indoor and Outdoor Optic Rug, $89 (image via KokoCompany); Pink Cover for Nook Tablet by Jonathan Adler - no longer available, $39.95 (image via Barnes and Noble)


And since this post is primarily for the ladies, I couldn’t resist including some pops of pink that are absolutely irresistible. Are they are your wish list? Maybe they are now!


Clockwise from belt: Patent Leather Skinny Bow Belt from J.Crew, $45 (image via J.Crew); Rosewood Dot Necklace from Kate Spade, $128 (image via Kate Spade); 100 Calorie Chocolate Bars from Dylan's Candy Bar, $1.50 (image via Dylan's Candy Bar); Timed Originals Camper, $50 (image via Piperlime)


Don’t you LOVE that Kate Spade necklace?  Have a great weekend!


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Five Under $50: Sparkles!

30 Dec

Ringing in the new year almost inevitably means parties. Whether at home, at a friend’s house, a bar, a fancy shindig, or enjoying an early bedtime and a conscious shunning of the hoopla, you’re going to encounter sparkles at some point. They come in the form of glitter, champagne, fancy baubles, and shiny candies; if you’re like me you can’t resist them. So here’s to a fabulous weekend of celebrations (or blissful early bedtimes if you so choose) and lots of sparkle! Here are my five picks, each WAY under $50 (which I know you’ll appreciate more than ever after the traditional December cash hemorrhage, right?). Enjoy!

1.) West Elm Deco Sequin Pillow Cover, $34 (image via West Elm); 2.) Crate and Barrel Jose Margarita Glass, $9.95 (image via Crate and Barrel); 3.) Urban Outfitters Galaxy Post Earring, $16 (image via Urban Outfitters); 4.) Z Gallerie 7'' Bling Hurricane, $39 (image via Z Gallerie); 5.) Kate Spade City Lights Gia Changepurse, $45 (on sale) (image via Kate Spade)


One more thing…don’t forget to enter my end-of-2011 Giveaway. Just click here to enter (via leaving a comment).


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Oh my…it’s been a while.

29 Dec

…sorry about that!

Love these colors! (image via Elle Decor)

The past week has been full of joy for my family, and I hope it was for yours too. December was also a month chock-full of strep throat and colds (both for me and my son, each multiple times), so the recovery has been slow and my posting has been lagging. We spent Christmas in my husband’s home town, which is a 12-hour drive away, and we included a detour to Chicago to visit his sister and her husband. The car trip was exhausting but the company was lovely, and we arrived back last night full of cheer and cookies and supplied with gifts, memories and hugs. (And trucks. Lots of trucks.) My son made a new best friend in the form of a stuffed jaguar he’s named “Hooka Heeka Hoka Highway” (I don’t even know, you guys) and he got to spend much needed time with his far away family. It was a good week. …and our colds are much better!

I’ll be back to regular daily-ish posting next week, but before that I’ll be having a new GIVEAWAY beginning tomorrow! Just think of it as my special way of saying “Sorry for being MIA for nine days, and Happy Holidays!”  It’s a good one, sure to provide you with inspiration all year round!

Until then, have a lovely last few days of 2011! I’ll be catching up on the Christmas cookies I didn’t make when I was covered in germs. Like these…

Truffles! (image via JGB Interiors)

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Color Friday is: Candy Cane!

16 Dec

I think my favorite Color Friday each year involves those iconic red and white stripes we can’t get enough of this time in late December. Last year I called it “Peppermint,” and this year it’s “Candy Cane.” Either way, you get the point. So without further ado, enjoy these red and white picks that will having you feeling seasonal in no time!

Clockwise from pillow at top: Balanced Design Hand Printed Louis Stripe Pillow, $49 (image via All Modern); Red Scallop Chandelier Shade by Stray Dog Designs, $22 (image via Stray Dog Designs); Stitch Cake Pedestal from Crate and Barrel, $24.95 (image via Crate and Barrel); Red and White Huzza Vase by Hella Jongerius, $775 (image via; Dealmere Footrest in White/Canopy Red Stripe from Ballard Designs, $270 (image via Ballard Designs); Kalon Studios Caravan Crib in Red, $$895 (image via Layla Grayce); Vivienne Westwood Candy Cane Shoes (currently unavailable and source unknown, but aren't they fabulous!?); Edible Candy Cane Mug (image via; Red and White Striped Flatware from Sabre, $85 (image via House Beautiful)


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