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Father’s Day Crafts Roundup!

17 Jun

Father’s Day is Sunday, and here are three quick and easy (really! seriously! very easy!) Dad’s Day crafts you can make in a snap.  All they take is a few minutes and maybe a quick trip to the grocery store.

 1.) Candy Bow Ties via Supermom Moments.

Candy Bowtie (image via Supermom Moments)


2.) Soda bottle covers via The Idea Room. (Who are we kidding: BEER bottle covers is more like it.) With printables!

Bottle Covers (image via The Idea Room)


3.) Father’s Day Pocket Square Card…for the dapper (or hipster) dad! Via Martha Stewart.

How cute! (image via Martha Stewart Crafts)


Told you they were easy.  I hope you enjoy a weekend honoring your father or father figure!  I’ll be enjoying breakfast with my own fabulous dad (who babysit my little guy today because he is the best!) and then having dinner with my husband…perhaps they’ll be lucky enough to get a pocket square card!

Happy Crafting!

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Another Giveaway!! Beautiful Stationery from Pounding Mill Press!

7 Feb

I’m very excited to be able to hold another amazing giveaway this month for my readers!

This time the prize is lovely stationery from Pounding Mill Press, a “tiny new paper goods company” from Oakland, California.  Their products —  available in ready made, custom or super custom — are edgy, modern, colorful and unlike other notecards, personalized stationery, or invitations I’ve seen recently.  Check out the incredibly varied and personal range of products from PMP – there is even some candy artfully placed in one of the custom Save The Dates!:

Great stuff from Pounding Mill Press! (all images via

You know I adore the alphabet notecards, right?  I find so many of their items suitable for framing.  Just think about a series of the topographic cut-outs (pictured above) in clean-lined frames going up your staircase, or the alphabet note cards framed in a child’s room: beautiful!

The giveaway is simple, and it works like this:

You leave a comment on this post indicating your favorite item for sale in the Pounding Mill Press online shop, and a winner will be drawn at random from the commenters.  The prize is one set of ready made notecards (your choice!) and 12 pieces of personalized stationery. What a great opportunity to write thank-yous, send an old fashioned greeting in style, or put some cute new small prints on your wall!!!   The drawing will be open until 11:59 pm on Wednesday, February 9th.  So enter, tell your friends, and enjoy the stationery!

Happy Monday, and Good Luck!

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Three MUST DO Valentine Crafts!

2 Feb

I know that Valentine’s Day is a whole 12 days away, but I have been loving these craft ideas and want to share them with you so that you have enough time to possibly accomplish one before the 14th.

1.) Valentine Crayon Cards!

What a wonderful idea! (image via The Long Thread)

Cute, functional, and fun to make, these are good for young kids and adults.  Check out this tutorial on The Long Thread about how to put together your own cards and then visit Make It Take It for the crayon how-to.  My personal experience with this is that you should avoid the metal pan/vegetable spray route and just use a silicon ice cube tray (trust me…I spent a long evening with my husband and our friend trying to do this with all metal parts, and the results were abysmal).

2.) Candy Necklaces!

Lovely DIY, edible necklaces! (image via One Charming Party)

There is little I can say about these except how gorgeous they are!  I remember when chunky, colored “pearl” necklaces became big in high school and I had a few necklaces that were very similar to these.  They were pink and purple, and surely at least $80 each…. Oh well.  I am dying to make a few of these this weekend, and I think I might run with the concept but see if I can cleanly poke holes in marshmallows.  My son is a little too small for stray gumballs around the house, and I hesitate to give these as gifts to parents with young kids. In any case, I anticipate some frustration with the hole-poking but I am super excited to take a crack at these!  Check out One Charming Party for the tutorial.

3.) Fruit Stickers

There are 7 fruit stickers to choose from! (images via Twig and Thistle)

Ok — here’s the easy one: all you do is get yourself a single sheet of sticky paper and print this template from Twig and Thistle.  Ok ok, you also need a 1” craft punch (which I of course happen to have floating in my bag of drafting/crafting supplies) but you can cut carefully and tediously by hand if you don’t have one.

Anyone have any more must-do crafts?  I haven’t been this excited about making things in a long time!  Hopefully I actually get a chance to: our “Valentines” will either be getting a cute bag full of stuff, or a print out of this blog posting this year!

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Put A Bird On It!

23 Jan

We’ve been seeing a lot of birds indoors recently.  Am I right?

(images, clockwise from L via: Burke Decor, Thomas Paul, Eleanor Grosch for Urban Outfitter )

Lately it seems that every popular designer has sipped some KoolAid from the birdbath…if you get what I’m saying.  If you want proof just take a look at Jonathan Adler, Thomas Paul, Angela Adams, Urban Outfitters, half of the stuff on Etsy, and all the popular catalogs like West Elm and CB2.  Even Dwell Studio has been using aviary themes for their bedding for adults and children for years.

Chinoiserie-chic for adults on the left (image via Dwell Studio), and kitschy-cute birdies for kids on the right (image via Dwell Studio).

Don’t get me wrong: I like birds.  Well, actually, I don’t care much for real birds (I’ve been known to call them Sky Rats) but I do like them on pillows, bedding, and melamine plates.  I even have birds on my shower curtain at home!  Also, some of the most successful nurseries I’ve seen have had anywhere from subtle to super-prominent bird themes.  I mean, if we’re being honest we all agree that the bird theme is EVERYWHERE.  When done right it’s lovely; but when overused and done haphazardly it’s become a symbol of “cute” that doesn’t really translate to good design.

Nothing captures the comical application of birds to dishes, teapots, pillows, and tote bags better than the new IFC show “Portlandia” which aired last week and made me laugh more than a few times.  You can see the clip of their “Put A Bird On It!” sketch below.  Enjoy, and remember to choose your birds wisely!!


P.S.: In the spirit of full-disclosure, I love and have recommended the wallpaper that’s very briefly featured in the first few seconds of the clip.  It’s called Blackbird and it’s by the lovely people at Cavern Home.

Cavern Home's Blackbird wallpaper. (image by Mark Finkenstaedt via Apartment Therapy)


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Tracy Melton’s Tree Ring Art

14 Dec

Tracy Melton's Tree Ring Paintings...colorfully rustic! (image via FocusLineArt on Etsy)

I know that I often feature Etsy products on my blog, and that doesn’t always scream “high design.”  Yes, it’s super to have a few high-end paintings studding your wall and a $4,000 sofa flanked by Murano glass lamps, but not many people can hang a month’s salary above every console table.  This is one of the reasons I truly adore the QUALITY products on Etsy:  unexpectedly exceptional products at affordable prices, and you’re helping the actual crafter/maker/artist earn a living!

But I digress. I am in love with the Tree Ring Paintings by artist, Tracy Melton.

More of Tracy Melton's Tree Ring Paintings. (image via FocusLineArt on Etsy)

Based out of Knoxville, he sells them in his Etsy store called FocusLineArt.  They’re about $100 for three and worth every penny.  The measurements are about 5-6” in diameter and 2.5” deep; there are holes pre-drilled in the back for hanging, but you can also display them flat.  I own a few of them and would be elated to have more added to my collection each year!  I could browse these for an hour and still not be certain about which color I want (perhaps this is because I want ALL of them).   Also, I should say that I try to either own Etsy items myself or consult a source that does own a particular Etsy product before I recommend it.  I don’t want you to get stuck with something less than desirable that just happens to look good in a photo: trust me when I say that these are as awesome as they look in the images.

Still more of Tracy Melton's Tree Ring Paintings...the feminine version. (image via FocusLineArt on Etsy)

It’s always a joy to me when I can show a client or a reader something new and cool without forcing them to break the bank.  If you have some tried-and-true Etsy, or other, finds please share!

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Great Blog Discovery – Geninne’s Art Blog!

3 Dec

I’m headed out the door early in the morning to go to a cousin’s wedding, and have decided that pulling together a cohesive Color Friday post is going to be difficult on the road.

Visit at (image via Genine's Art Blog).

Alternatively, I want to share a blog I just found via Etsy: it’s called Geninne’s Art Blog and its one of the most colorful and inspiring blogs I’ve seen lately.  Geninne is an artist and mom living in Queretario, Mexico, and she writes about her art, her life, and her business.  She seems to be a super mom: painting, blogging, and running art camps for adults (adults with lots of cash to burn by traveling to Mexico to spend a week delving into creative projects with her!).  I’ve glimpsed at many of her photos and it also appears her home is super cool, with lots of reclaimed woods and light and contemporary comfort; I will refrain from re-posting all of her pictures here, but I hope that you take a look at them for yourself.  I can’t wait to dig deeper into her blog!

This is the neat print that guided me to the blog: Archival print of original watercolor, "Pile o Wood" by Geninne on Etsy, $25,

Hope you enjoy the share — let me know if you find anything interesting!

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Log Bowls from Loyal Loot

21 May

Loyal Loot is a Canadian group of artists that produces exhibit-worthy work and also markets some of their goods through partnerships with select retailers.  Their Log Bowls are available online through Good Egg Industries.  Each order is custom (because you choose you own size and color) and will take up to 6 weeks to arrive.

A bunch of Loyal Loot Collective's Log Bowls

Their Log Bowls are 100% handmade from Canadian wood and are finished with a brilliant lacquer.  Available in a rainbow of colors and a few different sizes, they are $64-$138 plus shipping.

I wish there was a way to hang a set of them on the wall!

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