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Five Under $50: Bold Gray Stripes!

21 Oct

Gray is gorgeous. Stripes are splendid. Put them together? — You’ve got a ridiculously fabulous combination. Add some yellow?  — You’ve got a look that can’t be beat. Enjoy some mix and match accessories below…and as usual, each is under $50!

1.) Julia Child Poster by Etsy Seller Blimpcat, $15 (image via Etsy); 2.) Rugby Skull Cap by Juicy Couture, $48 (image via Juicy Couture); 3.) Gray and White Striped Paper Straws by Kikkerland, $4.50 (image via Kikkerland); 4.) Kate Spade Wickford Sea Cliffs Coffee Mug, $19 (image via Kate Spade); 5.) Rise Pillow from CB2, $25 (image via CB2)

 Happy Friday!

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Five Under $50: Perfect Posters!

14 Oct

Everyone loves a good poster. Even for those of you with the most expensive and refined tastes, a poster that pops is perfect in a basement, plays space, or child’s room. …and for the rest of you, posters can definitely find a home in your living room or hallway. Framed or not, infographic or homage to pop-culture, there’s a poster for everyone. Below are five of my favorites right now. Forgive me for being heavy on the text…I just love it!

1.) 99 Cent by Andreas Gursky, via the MOMA Store, $25 (image via MOMA); 2.) Bird Ave Skyline Poster (your choice of dozens of cities with customizable colors), $20 (image via BirdAve - an Etsy Seller); 3.) El Jefe Alphabet, $25 (image via El Jefe Design); 4.) Charley Harper National Parks Posters from the Cincinnati Art Museum, $40 (image via Cincinnati Art Museum); 5.) The Delectable Kaleidoscope of Candy Bars, $25 (image via Pop Chart Lab)

I love those Bird Ave skyline images — custom on the cheap! And the Gursky photography is a longtime favorite of mine; every time I see it I want to think it’s a painting and not a photograph. The El Jefe Alphabet was recently installed in a client’s 10 year old son’s bedroom — talk about perfect!

What’s your favorite poster?

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Five Under $50: Throw Blankets!

7 Oct

Throw blankets are often very very expensive: $200 for a beige alpaca…$300 for a gray and sky blue herringbone…$175 for a quirky graphic chevron. But if you get really lucky, sometimes you can score a great one for under $50. Here are my current picks, ranging from a super cheap and super versatile solid from West Elm, to an ironic grandma throw from (shockingly) Enjoy, and stay warm!

1.) West Elm Favorite Throw in Sky (comes in about 10 other colors), $29 (image via West Elm); 2.) Eivor Striped Throw from Ikea, $19 (image via Ikea);  3.) Knot Throw from CB2, $39.95 (image via CB2);  4.) Grandma’s Crocheted Throw Blanket, $38.95 (image via;  5.) Dip Dye Throw from West Elm, $39 (image via West Elm)

Have a great weekend, whether you’re reaping the last benefits of October warmth or curled up under a throw with a cup of tea!

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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…Pretty Umbrella Stands!

9 Sep

Today I’m breaking the rules. I typically do a “Friday’s Five Under $50” post once every week or so, but these umbrellas and accessories are all a little bit over $50. Well, some are just a little bit over $100. But that’s ok with you, right? I think after this week of torrential rain and 3-hour long 20 mile commutes, we can all go for a little window shopping (even if the view outside isn’t sunny).

Umbrellas at top from left to right: Kate Spade Umbrella, $75 (image via Kate Spade); LuluGuinness Diagonal Stripe Umbrella, $40 (image via Polyvore via LuluGuinness); Cole Haan Chevron Umbrella, $66 (image via Cole Haan). Umbrella Stands from left to right: From left to right: Owl Umbrella Stand from The Cross Design, $180 (image via The Cross Design); Marianna Umbrella Stand by Ballard Designs, $99 (image via Country Living via Ballard Designs); Marcello Umbrella Holder from Z Gallerie, $79.95 (image via Z Gallerie); Jonathan Adler Lacquer Umbrella Stand, $295 (image via Jonathan Adler); Campana Brother's Blow Up Umbrella Stand, price unknown (image via Highbrown Furniture).

Should you have a few hundred dollars to spend on umbrella accessories this weekend, I recommend you do so NOW…and enjoy the rainy-day!

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Friday’s Five Under $50: Hurricane Preparedness!

26 Aug

In keeping with the “natural disaster” theme this week, here are five very necessary, very fashionable items that may be of use to you in a hurricane. Or an earthquake. Or thundersnow.  Or a sandstorm (hey…you never know). The bright side is that they are all under $50!

1.) Chevron Throw by H&M, $14.99 (image via H&M); 2.) Ljusa hand-powered Flashlight from Ikea, $4.99 (image via Ikea); 3.) Kamik Ellie Rainboot in Eggplant, $34.99 and up (image via; 4.) KitchenAid Manual Can Opener in Red, about $20 (image via KitchenAid); 5.) Archipelago Botanicals Currant Candle, $30 (image via Archipelago Botanicals)

Of course these items go frivolously beyond the bottled water, food, first aid kit, radio, solar chargers (of which I recommend the Free Loader Pro Solar Charger with gadget adapters) and all that other essential stuff.

So on a lighter note, have a great weekend indoors — and stay safe!

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Missoni for Target is Coming Soon!

17 Aug

Missoni for Target Wine Box ($9.99) and Wine Labels ($2.99) (image via Target)


Finally! We get to see some images (88 to be exact) of the new Missoni for Target line, set to launch in-store on September 13th (it’s a Tuesday…I’ve got it on the calendar)!  In no particular order, here are some of my favorites for the home…all under $50!!


Clockwise from top left: Throw ($39.99); Glass Serving Bowl ($29.99); Hand Towels and Shower Curtain ($10.99 - $34.99); Rugs ($29.99). (all images via Target)


I don’t know about you, but I CAN’T WAIT!

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Friday’s Five Under $50: Knotty Finds!

29 Jul

I’ve been practicing a lot of knots lately. You see, my husband took me to learn indoor rock climbing last weekend as part of a very thoughtful and fun birthday gift and to say that I loved it would be an understatement. I loved it A LOT. I’ve always had a fantasy about trying and being good at climbing.  For proof, take my graduate thesis project in which I drafted a candy-like rock climbing wall and climbing structure, to be installed in a playroom of “The Museum of Candy.” See below for the true and slightly embarrassing proof.

Today, we’re going to the climbing gym again to get in some more practice before our second technical class, and we’re going to take a test to prove that we know our stuff so that we can belay ourselves without an instructor. Hence why I’ve been “tied up” practicing my knots. It seems more than fitting to feature knotty, ropey, chalky and carabiner-ey finds for today’s Five Under $5o post: I’ve just got climbing on the brain!

1.) J.Crew Resin Chain Necklace, $30 (image via J.Crew); 2.) Carabiner Mug, $12 (image via think geek); 3.) Melissa and Doug Triangular Chalk, $8 (image via Melissa and Doug); 4.) LL Bean Rope Mirror, $50 (image via LL Bean); 5.) One World Rope Pillow (image via One Kings Lane)

Enjoy these fun fibrous finds, have a great weekend, and wish me luck as I reach for tiny hand and foot holds 35′ in the air!

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