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Wonderful World Market Finds!

23 Oct

I love to use World Market to fill in accessories, lighting, and sometimes even small furnishings for my more budget-conscious clients. If I’m being honest here, I also like to use them for my own home. And I’m not ever one to pass up their awesome candy selection.

If you look hard enough, you’ll see that they really have the  “look for less” thing down. For example, this wood bead chandelier is  $199 at World Market and over $1,300 for a Regina Andrew version:

Wood Bead Chandelier Look for Less


And these blue linen dining chairs, which are $398 for a set of 2 at World Market, are $100 more per chair at Wisteria:

Blue Dining Chairs Look for Less


Here are five more fun finds from World Market that’ll set you back way less than other comparable items from more expensive retailers. Many are even good for holiday gifts, if you’re organized enough to be shopping in October. I’ve thought about it…but haven’t quite pulled the trigger. Enjoy!

2013-10-23 10.19.42 am

1.   2.   3.   4.   5.


As an added bonus, they also have my FAVORITE candy: Hi-Chew!

2013-10-23 10.07.50 am


Have a great week!


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Five Under $50: Target Finds!

14 Jul

I dashed into Target last week to grab my son a towel for swim class, and got distracted by some flashy and CHEAP home goods. If you are familiar with the Columbia Heights Target, and if you are as attracted to graphic prints and novelty coffee cups as much I am, you’ll know that it’s a true test of wills to walk off that second floor elevator, breeze past the kid’s PJs as you make your way to the baby/toddler section, and be confronted with things like this:

Five Under $50 - Target!

…for JUST $19.99!

But I didn’t buy it. I can’t buy everything I like. Did I ever tell you how much my husband disdains unnecessary decoration? He would be happy with a bed, a single sofa, a concrete slab for a dining bench and a few well-placed candles for reading at night. He and Adolf Loos would have gotten along well (that’s for all my fellow architectural historian nerds).

I browsed for a few minutes, and here are some particularly neat finds I spotted. Thought I can’t say I advocate for a house full of Target, I am a huge advocate of mixing and matching across styles, materials, and budgets. You may even remember an edgy desk I posted about the other week…also from Target.

Here are some fantastic low-end contributions that you can easily make to your decor without feeling guilty. Have fun!

Five under $50 - Target!

1.)  2.)  3.)  4.)  5.)

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Five Under $50: Cool Coir Doormats for Spring!

15 May

I am loving these fun, cheap doormats for spring. Especially after all the long hikes we’ve been taking as a family. Hooray for a child who can walk more than 1/4 of a mile, but sigh at the child who thinks it’s fun to jump in muddy puddles and step in the occasional pile of mysterious nature stuff.

Which is your favorite? I really like the understated two-toned mat in #4 – it comes in lots of colorways!

Doormats!1.) $34  2.)$34  3.) $34  4.) $26  5.) $10 + craft supplies



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Five Under $50: Perfect Placemats!

2 May

I used to feel the same way about placemats as I still sort of do about panty hose.

Which is to say, I felt like they were for some people…but not for me.

Then I had a child. And I wanted to keep my dining room table in tact as much as possible (which I can’t say I was particularly successful at, but that’s another story). 

So now I use placemats.

Typically, they’re neutral Chilewich ones like these, because I find them pleasantly modern and easy to clean up. However, some more colorful and decidedly refined textures and fabrics have recently caught my eye. Here are five perfect placemats, each of which is under $50 (as they rightly should be,  because you will spill on them!).

1.) Avril Loreti Paintchip Placemat from Leif Modern, $18, four colors available (image via LeifShop); 2.) Rustic Placemat in linen from Jayson Home, $24 (image via JaysonHome); 3.) Octagon Placemat from Crate and Barrel, $10 (image via Crate and Barrel); 4.) Dwell Studio Color & Count Placemats, $11 (image via DwellStudio); 5.) Duo Carbon Linen Placemat for Two from CB2, $16 (image via CB2)

Which is your favorite? I love the reasonably priced two-person mat from CB2 and adore the Dwell tear-off coloring placemats for my son. Speaking of which, look out for another placemat post geared towards children alter this week! Until then, have a great day!


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Five Under $50: Simple Sheer Window Panels!

14 Mar

(image via Willow Decor)

I can’t help myself. It’s been almost 80 degrees for two days now, and I want to be outside all the time. But, because I have work to do, errands to run, and toddlers to nap, I can’t be. I can, however, sit right next to an open screen door with a nice breeze blowing over my shoulders, and watch my curtain panels sway with the wind. Which brings me to a useful Five Under $50 today: simple, sheer window panels. I love them as “screen replacements” during the day, but watch out at night; the bugs show no mercy if you have a truly open window. Below are five options that are as lovely as they are affordable. They may not be custom made, but they’re definitely made for a day like today!

1.) Faux Bois Burnout Window Panel from West Elm, starting at $24.99 (image via West Elm); 2.)Sheer Linen Window Panel from West Elm, starting at $29 (image via West Elm); 3.) Marimekko Tantsu White Sheer Curtain Panel from Crate and Barrel, starting at $24.95 (image via Crate and Barrel); 4.) Esha Panels in Charcoal from Z Gallerie, starting at $39 (image via Z Gallerie); 5.) Wilma Pair of Curtains from Ikea, $12.99 (image via Ikea)


Enjoy the weather!


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Five Under $50: Sparkles!

30 Dec

Ringing in the new year almost inevitably means parties. Whether at home, at a friend’s house, a bar, a fancy shindig, or enjoying an early bedtime and a conscious shunning of the hoopla, you’re going to encounter sparkles at some point. They come in the form of glitter, champagne, fancy baubles, and shiny candies; if you’re like me you can’t resist them. So here’s to a fabulous weekend of celebrations (or blissful early bedtimes if you so choose) and lots of sparkle! Here are my five picks, each WAY under $50 (which I know you’ll appreciate more than ever after the traditional December cash hemorrhage, right?). Enjoy!

1.) West Elm Deco Sequin Pillow Cover, $34 (image via West Elm); 2.) Crate and Barrel Jose Margarita Glass, $9.95 (image via Crate and Barrel); 3.) Urban Outfitters Galaxy Post Earring, $16 (image via Urban Outfitters); 4.) Z Gallerie 7'' Bling Hurricane, $39 (image via Z Gallerie); 5.) Kate Spade City Lights Gia Changepurse, $45 (on sale) (image via Kate Spade)


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Five Under $50: Hand Soaps That Don’t Stink!

18 Nov

Hand soap is one of those things that you don’t usually think about until you need to. Which is fine. Except for when it backfires. I’m sure everyone has experienced buying a really nice looking, expensive-ish soap and having it smell less than desirable…or reek as strongly as perfume…or be heavily mentholated (this happened to me). Or you’ve bought a really basic looking, inoffensive-seeming cheap or normal priced soap that ends up smelling like your elementary school bathroom soap. Or you’ve found a soap that you like just fine, but it’s ugly. Personally, I don’t have built-in soap dispensers in my house and I prefer to put the actual soap container out on the counter as opposed to a glass or ceramic vessel. So to me, the branding and appearance of the packaging matters because I’m always looking at it.

Below are five soaps under $50 that will last you a long time, smell great, and not hit you in the face with jasmine or pumpkin spice every time you raise your fork-wielding hand to your mouth. (We’ve all experienced that, right — that “I can’t get this off my hands, help me!” soap?).

Enjoy, and happy smelling!

1.) MOR Honey Nectar Hand and Body Wash, $16 available at Nordstrom (image via Nordstrom); 2.) CO Bigelow Handwash in Clementine, $12 (image via Bath and Body Works); 3.) Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap in "flavors" such as Basil, Geranium, Honeysuckle and Lavender. About $5 at various drugstore and (image via Mrs. Meyer's) ; 4.) Williams-Sonoma Hand Soap in Pink Grapefruit, $40 for lotion and soap set (image via Williams-Sonoma); 5.) Nest Liquid Soap, available a tNeiman Marcus for $22 each in "flavors" like Bamboo and Wasabi Pear (image via Neiman Marcus)

Another soap tip I like a lot is that when your container is halfway done, you can often fill it back up a bit with water. More than half and it tends to splatter when you pump it, but these soaps are often so concentrated that you can absolutely dilute them without decreasing suds or scent.  And finally, in the kitchen you’re likely to need an anti-bacterial soap. It’s always prudent to have a REAL dish soap here — Dawn, Pamolive, etc… — but if you want a scented anti-bacterial for your hands, too, I love Bath and Body Works’ Kitchen Lemon, White Citrus, and Pink Grapefruit for their clean and fresh kitchen scents (and their excellent price point…often 4 for $10).

What’s your go-to hand soap?

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Five Under $50: Bold Gray Stripes!

21 Oct

Gray is gorgeous. Stripes are splendid. Put them together? — You’ve got a ridiculously fabulous combination. Add some yellow?  — You’ve got a look that can’t be beat. Enjoy some mix and match accessories below…and as usual, each is under $50!

1.) Julia Child Poster by Etsy Seller Blimpcat, $15 (image via Etsy); 2.) Rugby Skull Cap by Juicy Couture, $48 (image via Juicy Couture); 3.) Gray and White Striped Paper Straws by Kikkerland, $4.50 (image via Kikkerland); 4.) Kate Spade Wickford Sea Cliffs Coffee Mug, $19 (image via Kate Spade); 5.) Rise Pillow from CB2, $25 (image via CB2)

 Happy Friday!

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Five Under $50: Perfect Posters!

14 Oct

Everyone loves a good poster. Even for those of you with the most expensive and refined tastes, a poster that pops is perfect in a basement, plays space, or child’s room. …and for the rest of you, posters can definitely find a home in your living room or hallway. Framed or not, infographic or homage to pop-culture, there’s a poster for everyone. Below are five of my favorites right now. Forgive me for being heavy on the text…I just love it!

1.) 99 Cent by Andreas Gursky, via the MOMA Store, $25 (image via MOMA); 2.) Bird Ave Skyline Poster (your choice of dozens of cities with customizable colors), $20 (image via BirdAve - an Etsy Seller); 3.) El Jefe Alphabet, $25 (image via El Jefe Design); 4.) Charley Harper National Parks Posters from the Cincinnati Art Museum, $40 (image via Cincinnati Art Museum); 5.) The Delectable Kaleidoscope of Candy Bars, $25 (image via Pop Chart Lab)

I love those Bird Ave skyline images — custom on the cheap! And the Gursky photography is a longtime favorite of mine; every time I see it I want to think it’s a painting and not a photograph. The El Jefe Alphabet was recently installed in a client’s 10 year old son’s bedroom — talk about perfect!

What’s your favorite poster?

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Five Under $50: Throw Blankets!

7 Oct

Throw blankets are often very very expensive: $200 for a beige alpaca…$300 for a gray and sky blue herringbone…$175 for a quirky graphic chevron. But if you get really lucky, sometimes you can score a great one for under $50. Here are my current picks, ranging from a super cheap and super versatile solid from West Elm, to an ironic grandma throw from (shockingly) Enjoy, and stay warm!

1.) West Elm Favorite Throw in Sky (comes in about 10 other colors), $29 (image via West Elm); 2.) Eivor Striped Throw from Ikea, $19 (image via Ikea);  3.) Knot Throw from CB2, $39.95 (image via CB2);  4.) Grandma’s Crocheted Throw Blanket, $38.95 (image via;  5.) Dip Dye Throw from West Elm, $39 (image via West Elm)

Have a great weekend, whether you’re reaping the last benefits of October warmth or curled up under a throw with a cup of tea!

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