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Find of the Week: Electric Desk!

26 Jun

You guys.  This desk is $40.


Find of the Week! Electric Desk.


It’s from Target, which I will admit has less than heirloom quality furniture, but it is what it is: a trendy $40 desk that looks fabulous. So who cares if it doesn’t last through two more Olympics?

I’ll take one, please!


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Find of the Week!

17 Jul

Well…I love this.

(This rug is available from CB2, here.)

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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Find of the Week: Mint Green Sideboard!

13 Jun

This is the “Vagabond Side Cabinet” available from Belle Escape, a new company I’ve been working with these past few weeks. I found it when I was tracking down a fabulous dining table for a current client. Just look at it….

Perfection, right? It can be yours for $1,775 (or less if you go through a designer). And it’s practical, you know. Because it has THIS MUCH storage….

I just love it. Love it!

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Find of the Week: Relic Vases from CB2!

6 Jun

These vases are really basic and simple: at first I thought they were concrete, but they’re actually oxidized aluminum. Which means they’re light…and you know how much that matters when you’re lugging them from sink to table.

They’re elegant and refined, but cheap and chic and very versatile: put them on the Saarinen table in  your modern loft or next to a classical urn on your distressed French Country table with fluted legs. Either way – they look beautiful!

Get them at CB2: you can have all three for under $30!


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Find of the Week: Beautiful Bookcase!

15 May

I can’t even…

I don’t know…

Nothing to say about this piece except that it’s incredible.

The Kitamura Cabinet from Anthropologie is $1,598, and measures 82” tall x 40” wide x 17” deep. It’s a casual distressed dark brown on the exterior, and has vibrant – almost yellow – gold leaf in the interior nooks. Simply put: it’s stunning!

I’d style it like this..

Items on the shelves are from here, here, here and here.

Do you love it as much as I do?


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Find of the Week: Natural Building Blocks!

30 Apr

Did you know that I love Jayson Home? Because I do. They are often my go-to for finishing off a space because they always seem to have “that one last thing.”

They are experts at neutral shades, and they carry tons of accessories that have wonderful texture and material: copper, wood, resin, bone…the list goes on. These Earth Blocks are no exception. As one of their less expensive offerings, they are $45 for 50 pieces.

(image via Jayson Home and Garden)


To be honest, I have no idea if these are intended for actual play or not. They appear to be substantial and cast like a resin, but something tells me that they won’t hold up to water (or apple juice) given that they are made from tree bark and tea leaves. But still, they are a wonderful addition to a sophisticated home that appreciates play and loves a little whimsy. If you take them for a spin in your house, do let me know how they work out!


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Find of the Week: Ethnic Inspirations!

24 Apr

This week’s Find of the Week is just in time for spring entertaining! The Round Sequin Tray  ($150) from Serena & Lily is part of their new “Africa Collection,” which is chock full of other neat finds.

Round Sequin Tray, $150 (image via Serena and Lily)


It’s made of recycled woven materials in Swaziland by artisans who create part time, which allows them to maintain their traditional lifestyles. Use this tray to hold some appetizers, and plate them on these equally lovely Moroccan Dessert Plates ($18 each) from Jayson Home and Garden !

Moroccan Dessert Plate, $18 (image via Jayson Home and Garden)


Happy entertaining!


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Find of the Week! A Rug for a Perfect Patio!

3 Apr

This week’s Find of the Week is an indoor outdoor rug from World Market. It has a pattern that exists somewhere in the realm of stripe/chevron/animal print, and the basic black and white is as versatile as it is classic. 

Wavy Stripes Indoor Outdoor Rug (image via World Market)


It’s an edgy mix of all the trends we’ve been seeing over the past year or two, and I think it would look stunning with some sleek outdoor furniture and some brightly colored pillows. The price ranges from $139 for a runner to $699 for a size slightly larger than 8” x 11.” 

Try it with the Alfresco Gray Sofa, which is on sale for $649 from Crate and Barrel, and some punchy pillows. Maybe you like the Outdoor Echo from West Elm ($34), the Zebra Bamboo Pillow from Trina Turk via Horchow ($285), or perhaps you dig both of them together (I do!). 

Alfresco Sofa (image via Crate and Barrel), Trina Turk Zebra Bamboo Pillow (image via Horchow), Outdoor Echo Pillow (image via West Elm), and Wavy Stripes from (image via World Market).


I love this look on the front porch of a classic Victorian just as much as I do on an industrial condo patio! What about you?


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Find of the Week: Heart Strings On Your Wall!

20 Mar

This week’s “Find of the Week” hits close to home (wherever home may be, provided it’s in the United States).

(image via Uncommon Goods)

These vibrant little folksy pieces are called “Heart Strings State Love Wall Art” by artist Eleanor Mathis, and they’re available via the online retailer Uncommon Goods. Each 11.5” x 11.5” square is $110, and completely custom down to where the heart is located. They’re made of pretty much what they look to be made of: plywood, reclaimed pine, acrylic paint, nails and sewing thread! They remind me of those grade school math projects you’d have to do where you’d nail nails into a shape drawn on a board, and make patterns with string by twisting it around the nails (anyone?…anyone else do this?…no?). I love every inch of them! See the details for yourself: cute, right?

A slice of NY. (image via Uncommon Goods)

You can specify your choice of red, navy, turquoise, or natural; I think my favorites are navy and turquoise, but you could twist my arm to take any of the colors. Do you love these, too?

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Find of the Week: Stained Glass!

7 Mar

This week’s “Find of the Week” is the perfect example of old-is-new-again. And best of all, it’s super colorful, bright, and full of character.

A few years ago, my mother and I were out antiquing somewhere in Virginia (I can’t recall which store) and found this gem: a stained glass panel that seems to have been used as a color sample board. It’s just a little bit bigger than a piece of paper but it packs a huge punch. I can’t tell when it dates from, but I’m guessing the 60s or 70s? Turns out it’s from a 122 year old company, Kokomo Opalescent Glass, in Kokomo, Indiana, which is neat because my husband is from an Indiana town not far from Kokomo! I completely missed this until I came across this piece a few weeks ago at my mother’s house. In fact, this past Christmas my husband and son and I were passing through Kokomo, and we stopped at a Target for fruit snacks and to stretch our legs. How funny!

Here are a few more shots of the glass close up. Isn’t it gorgeous?


Right now I have this panel leaning against the wall, sitting on top of a high bookcase. Next month…who knows where it’ll be? My guess is somewhere at my house or my mom’s – we’re passing it back and forth because neither of us wants to give it up! Do you have anything unique like this that just brightens your day to look at? If so, what is it?


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