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Color Friday is: Blue Hues!

27 Apr

Today is a blue kind of day. The sky is a clear and gorgeous shade of blue, and I’m a little bit sad because my son’s wonderful, sweet, and kind day care provider is retiring, and today is his last day with her. The kids are a little too young to get it, but the moms…oh, the moms are SAD. And so it is: today is blue. Just a little bit blue. 

Warm blues, cool blues, old blues, new blues! (image via The Rug Company)


Now here’s a lot of blue to get you your Color Friday fix:


Clockwise from pendant at top: Niche Modern Aurora Pendant, $425 (image via Niche Modern); Hudson Necklace in Deep Sea Blue from Chewbeads, $36.50 (image via; D. L. Rhein Honeycomb Peacock Pillow, $104 (image via; Industrial String Lights from West Elm, $39 (image via West Elm); Blue Louis Chair (source unknown); Godta Mug from Ikea, $2.99 (image via Ikea); Darling Art Print by Sugarboo Designs, $280 (image via; Blue Ombre Jar from Wisteria, $59 (image via Wisteria)


On a more positive note, did you see that gorgeous light from Niche Modern? And I love the necklace: it’s meant for teething children to chew on (because what mom hasn’t had their baby teeth on their jewels, right?) but it would be stunning without a baby and with a neutral sundress or cardigan!

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the blue skies!


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Suiting Up!

27 Feb

I’ve almost always worn a two piece bathing suit. Even with an incredibly rambunctious child, I’ve been able to swing it without any wardrobe malfunctions (knock on wood). It helps that he’s been a little scared of the water until now and just hangs on quietly the whole time we’re in the pool. But this year he’ll be turning three and I don’t trust him, so a once piece it will be! I suppose it’s time anyway…I’ll be turning something else that begins with a “3.”

Let's all squint and pretend there's a pool visible in this photo of a lovely, colorful patio. (image via Country Living)


Here are a few of my favorite one piece swim suits this year, all from J.Crew. I like them because they’re a.) cute, b.) well-made, and c.) reasonably priced. I’m really liking their bandeau tanks, which you can throw on with a long skirt, some jewelry, and metallic flip flops and be ready for the day (specifically, a day the beach)! As you may have expected, I’ve taken the liberty of matching each suit with a well-suited lawn chair and a complementary piece of glassware.

All you need to be summer chic, below!  (As usual, you can click on each image for a larger version.)

Fanfare Ruched Bandeau Tank from J.Crew, $88 (image via J.Crew); Cruz Lounge Chair in Blue, $299 from Room and Board (image via Room and Board); Frida White Glasses, $9.95 from Crate and Barrel (image via Crate and Barrel)


Wide Stripe Bandeau Tank from J.Crew, $88, also comes in pink/white (image via J.Crew); Liz Chair Designed by Piero Lissoni for Kartell, $285 from Design Within Reach (image via Design Within Reach); Pop Goblet Tomato, $28 from Jonathan Adler (image via Jonathan Adler)


Ruched Bandeau Tank from J.Crew, $82, comes in tons of other colors (image via J.Crew); Motel Chair, $69.95 from Crate and Barrel (image via Crate and Barrel); Wavering Glass in yellow, $28 from Anthropologie (image via Anthropologie)


What’s your favorite way to suit up?


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Vintage Frames!

17 Jan

I love accessorizing with a few thoughtfully placed vintage items, and I find that frames are one of my favorite things to use. They come in all colors and sizes, all kinds of materials, and they are pretty cheap in the grand scheme of accessories. You can often find bundles of antique frames in thrift or antique stores, or sold together on Etsy (which saves you the hunt of trying to put together a coordinated frame collection!). I once got a group of three white frames at an antique store in Tennessee for about $20. I still use them. Here’s one that I recently styled for an article on vintage pieces; I think this would be perfect for a teenager’s room!

One of the challenges with frames like this is that they often have no back or hardware (see above!). If this is the case with your recent find, you can always take the frame to a local shop and have them work their magic. For a more cost effective method of displaying your frame, you can just attach you own hardware and display it au-naturale like the frames below.

As you can see, a little spray paint never hurt anyone. (images via L - HGTV, R - sfgirlbybay)


Another image I saw this weekend that I just loved was from a favorite site of mine, Design Sponge. It’s the upstairs hallway from Sarah Fowlske and James Milward’s home in Toronto. You can see the rest of this lovely, typography-heavy abode here. This image of the virtually grayscale hallway is just perfect!

Monochrome minimalism at its best! (image via Design Sponge)


Finally, though this isn’t a frame it evokes the idea of using a frame to store jewelry. I am totally enamored with the way this home uses a strip of simple wood and hooks to display colorful beads at the top of the wall! This idea could be easily emulated on a smaller scale with a few frames rigged to hang your beads.

A neat, non-traditional take on molding. (image source unknown)


Do you have any creative uses for old frames, or good places to find them? If so, share in the comments!


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Five Under $50: Sparkles!

30 Dec

Ringing in the new year almost inevitably means parties. Whether at home, at a friend’s house, a bar, a fancy shindig, or enjoying an early bedtime and a conscious shunning of the hoopla, you’re going to encounter sparkles at some point. They come in the form of glitter, champagne, fancy baubles, and shiny candies; if you’re like me you can’t resist them. So here’s to a fabulous weekend of celebrations (or blissful early bedtimes if you so choose) and lots of sparkle! Here are my five picks, each WAY under $50 (which I know you’ll appreciate more than ever after the traditional December cash hemorrhage, right?). Enjoy!

1.) West Elm Deco Sequin Pillow Cover, $34 (image via West Elm); 2.) Crate and Barrel Jose Margarita Glass, $9.95 (image via Crate and Barrel); 3.) Urban Outfitters Galaxy Post Earring, $16 (image via Urban Outfitters); 4.) Z Gallerie 7'' Bling Hurricane, $39 (image via Z Gallerie); 5.) Kate Spade City Lights Gia Changepurse, $45 (on sale) (image via Kate Spade)


One more thing…don’t forget to enter my end-of-2011 Giveaway. Just click here to enter (via leaving a comment).


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Missoni For Target Takes DC By Storm!

14 Sep

Early Tuesday morning, as the first Target stores around the area opened, Missoni Madness took over in full force.

Just a few of the lovely colorful offerings from the most recent designer-collaboration. (images via Target)

The Washington City Paper describes how all of the shoes at the Falls Church Target were gone in just eight minutes, and how Columbia Heights was virtually sold out of all things zig-zag in about twenty minutes. Apparently the website even crashed. As if that weren’t enough hoopla, you can already find Missoni for Target items on eBay, marked up insanely high. I can’t say I’m surprised, and I can’t say I would have had the energy to fight the masses and brave the lines this morning (especially with a sick kid and a raging headache myself)!

Though I didn’t personally make it to the debut my mom did, and I hear she has lots of fun goodies for me: including BOOTS! Are they these? I hope so!

Missoni for Target Rainboots (image via Target)

Did you go bright and early? If so, what did you snag? If you didn’t, what are you coveting from the website?


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Missoni for Target is Coming Soon!

17 Aug

Missoni for Target Wine Box ($9.99) and Wine Labels ($2.99) (image via Target)


Finally! We get to see some images (88 to be exact) of the new Missoni for Target line, set to launch in-store on September 13th (it’s a Tuesday…I’ve got it on the calendar)!  In no particular order, here are some of my favorites for the home…all under $50!!


Clockwise from top left: Throw ($39.99); Glass Serving Bowl ($29.99); Hand Towels and Shower Curtain ($10.99 - $34.99); Rugs ($29.99). (all images via Target)


I don’t know about you, but I CAN’T WAIT!

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A Burst of…Starbursts!

24 May

Just like in fashion, patterns and textures in interior design come in and out as styles and seasons change.  One season it’s all subtly contrasting ikats and chunky linen, and the next it’s bold chevrons and silk. You can often see parallels between your favorite decor source and your favorite boutique, with themes mimicking each other only a few months apart (think about all the electric-colored chevron pillows you’ve seen lately, then walk down the street and check out how many similar dresses you observe).

Exhibit One, see this montage from Red Vines For Breakfast:

Looks familiar, right? (image via Red Vines For Breakfast)

And then reference these popular pillows below:

You probably have one. So does your sister, or friend, or favorite magazine. Images clockwise from light blue via: All Modern, Rubie Green, West Elm, Room & Board.

Anyway, what I’m getting at here is an excuse to post images of a dress that I saw recently; I don’t think I’ve liked a piece of clothing so much in months, but sadly, it’s already on sale (WHY? – Is it not selling well? Who doesn’t like this?) and they don’t have any in my size left. It’s J Crew’s Silk Organza Starburst Dress.

J Crew's Silk Organza Starburst Dress (image via J Crew)

The pleats! The sheen! The radial orientation of the folds that are usually pin-tucked or parallel (or crappily-executed). The exquisite detail! Now this is a trend I’d love to see in pillows or in bedding. I haven’t spotted anything quite like it yet, but I’m keeping an eye out for something that evokes this aesthetic. What a lovely combination of tone on tone texture and wonderful craftsmanship!

Are there any fashion to home design trends you’d like to see?

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