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Find of the Week: Ethnic Inspirations!

24 Apr

This week’s Find of the Week is just in time for spring entertaining! The Round Sequin Tray  ($150) from Serena & Lily is part of their new “Africa Collection,” which is chock full of other neat finds.

Round Sequin Tray, $150 (image via Serena and Lily)


It’s made of recycled woven materials in Swaziland by artisans who create part time, which allows them to maintain their traditional lifestyles. Use this tray to hold some appetizers, and plate them on these equally lovely Moroccan Dessert Plates ($18 each) from Jayson Home and Garden !

Moroccan Dessert Plate, $18 (image via Jayson Home and Garden)


Happy entertaining!


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Beautiful Bars.

9 Jan

When I was a kid, just about the coolest thing you could have in your house was a finished basement with a wet bar. A wet bar! Picture it: a little corner with dark wood, a mini fridge full of Dr. Pepper, creepy under-cabinet lighting interspersed between those racks that hold wine glasses upside-down, maybe some old signs or salvaged stained glass somewhere, and somewhere beyond this groovy set up was the rest of the room, where there was likely a sofa clad in plaid upholstery.

So. Yeah.

Flash forward about fifteen or twenty years and the coolest bar you can imagine probably looks very different. My ideal bar isn’t fancy, nor does it require a sink or any counters. It’s comprised of a simple table (or tables, or cart), a few (and I mean just a few) carefully chosen and well-placed decorative objects, and the essentials: glasses, plates, bottles… you get the idea. Below are some beautifully simple bar images that could exist in the middle of a palatial parlor just as well as they’d take up residence in a tiny studio apartment. They’re all 100% attainable and will cost you very little money (well, less liquor expenses) and about eight square feet. Like the inspiration images? Get hunting for your perfect table, and start arranging your bar!

I adore this set-up. A few bottles, a gorgeous painting, and a vintage bar cart that was purchased at auction for just $150! Check out Design Sponge’s write-up on Naomi Stein of Design Manifest’s house tour for more.

(image via Design Sponge)

This image is from Society Social, a vendor selling the chicest, cutest, most amazing bar carts out there. This one is the Sedgewick. Check them out!

(image via Society Social)

When left without a devoted bar cart, fear not: just pile it all on a table (turn the table 90 degrees if necessary to switch up the angles and create a better serving area). Love this one from Lonny!

(image via Lonny)

This one just takes the cake for me: a little Palm Beach chic, a little “Mad Men,” a little urban, and a lot awesome. From Styled Creative. They’re an event design and styling studio located in Philly. Hmm…I think I recognize that cart…

(image via Styled Creative)

Ok ok…here’s another from Styled Creative‘s online portfolio. Masculine, sleek, and beautiful. Wow. (Love that Knob Creek). 

(image via Styled Creative)

I suppose I should say sorry to all you parents with little curious ones. The cute cart or acrylic table set-up won’t quite cut it for you. But never fear: here’s a wall-mounted great idea that can be modified to be accessible to adults only! It’s via The Kitchn.

(image via The Kitchn)

And there you have it: all the drinking inspiration you need for a dreary Monday. Have a great week!

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Halloween Crafts Round-up!

29 Oct

In case you were looking for a little extra something to do this weekend (especially given the snowy forecast, fellow DC residents), here are three fabulously cute Halloween DIY projects! They’re not too difficult, expensive, or time consuming…because honestly, we all have more important things to do than decoupage all day but we still want some monster cupcakes, you know?

1.) Monster Cupcakes via Annie’s Eats.

So simple, yet so obviously a monster! (image via Annie's Eats)

Words can’t explain the cuteness of these treats, which are fairly easy to make if you have some basic baking tools laying around. Plus, how can you resist all that icing!  Follow along to the how-to here.


2.) Pumpkin Favor Pouches from Martha Stewart

You can do this is two minutes. I'm not kidding. (image via Martha Stewart)

This is easy, you guys. Seriously. I’ll direct you to the DIY, but basically you take orange crepe paper (or double or triple layered tissue), throw some candies in the center, twist it up into a ball, and seal the “stem” with green masking tape. That’s it!


3.) Modern Pumpkin Displays

Who said your pumpkins have to be scary, or carved, or even orange? (image via Curbly)

This DIY is as easy as you can get – it’s pretty much a make-it-up-as-you-go-along thing. Perfect for those of you who don’t like instructions! Grab some house paint, some glitter, some japanese masking tape, or even decorative nail heads (which you punch directly into the pumpkin to “stud” it).  Have fun, break rules, and get the pumpkin that says “You!” and not “Third Grade Class Party Craft.!”  For a super sleek and sophisticated look, you can even just spray a bunch of pumpkins white and call it a day. Very “too cool for school” and celebratory at the same time!

Have anyone else tried or seen any other Halloween-themed DIY’s? If so, I’d love to hear about them!

Have a great weekend doing whatever it is you do to prep for Halloween! For me, it’s hiding the candy I hoard from my husband and trying to finish off the makings of a tiny spaceman.


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Find of the Week: The Coolest Cooler!

28 Jun

If you’ve got a cool $800 to drop on a drink cooler (plus the inevitable and likely massive cost of shipping), I love this old fashioned Cola-Cola Drink Cooler from Pottery Barn.

Coca-Cola Drink Cooler, $799 (image via Pottery Barn)

Doesn’t it just scream summer? Throw some ice in it, add some pretty vintage sodas or beer bottles, and you have a really adorable talking piece for a summer (0r spring or fall) party! 

Don’t have $800 to spend on drink storage? Then try this Vintage Coke Bucket from instead…not quite the same impact, but one will hold about eight bottles. At $12 each, that’s pretty cool, too.

Cute and compact Coke Bucket, $12. (image via


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Friday’s Five Under $50: Summer Cookbooks!

10 Jun

Barbecues, birthday parties, outdoor suppers, and picnics in the park: you’ll surely be trying out some new recipes this month!  Try these five fabulous cookbooks for culinary inspiration…and be confident that they’ll look pretty on your counter, too!  All are available at for under $30, except for the IKEA baking cookbook, which you’ll have to exert some serious effort to find (let me know if you do!). 


1.) Martha Stewart Living Cookbook, by Martha Stewart; 2.) The Good Stuff Cookbook by Spike Mendelsohn; 3.) Peace Love and Barbecue, by Mike and Amy Mills; 4.) Terre à Terre: The Vegetarian Cookbook by Powley and Taylor; 5.) Homemade is Best from Ikea (apparently being given away in Sweden)

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Five Under $50: BBQ Accessories!

27 May

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and you probably have some potato salads in your immediate future. So fire up the grill and relish (get it?) these cheap but stylish BBQ accessories that are casual, fun, and outdoor-party-perfect!

1.) Saucepot with Basting Brush by Bodum, $19.99 (image via Target); 2.) Reclaimed Slate Cheese Board from Uncommon Goods, $48 (image via Uncommon Goods); 3.) 20 Melon Ball Paper Napkins from Crate and Barrel, $3.95 (image via Crate and Barrel); 4.) Bongenre Tangier Melamine Dinner Plate (set of 4), $36 (image via Plum Party); 5.) Mini Colorful Bowls with Tray from Pier One Imports, $14.95 (image via Pier One)

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Find of the Week!: Rainbow Appetizer Plates!

19 May

Remember Fiestaware? Well, if you love those rainbow hues that go with anything from stark white to country chic to modern brights, then you’ll love these:

$2.95! I SAID $2.95!!!!!!!!!! (image via Crate and Barrel)

Crate and Barrel has appetizer plates in ten gorgeous colors for $2.95 each. You read that right: for less than a tall Starbucks coffee drink, you can have one-tenth of an awesome appetizer/dessert plate collection. I’m cleaning out my cabinets to make room right now…

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