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Beautiful Details.

8 Feb

My week has been filled with lots of little tiny perfect details.

For example, I visited a client this morning whom I have been working with on small projects for quite some time, and I just had to take a picture of the gorgeous architectural detailing in her Logan Circle row house.

This is the top of the beautiful built-in mirror above her mantle.

Beautiful Mantle

I don’t think I’d noticed until I looked at this photo that it has an “M” on it before! It’s very high up.

Here is another view of the whole thing. It makes me so happy.

Beautiful Mantle


Yesterday evening, when I was playing with my son, I decided to take on a quick but very gratifying 2-minute craft project. I found myself sitting on the floor with his (formerly mine) little tiny wooden rocking chair and a few rolls of washi tape. Wheels started spinning, and a few minutes later this is what I had:

Rocking Rocking Chair

I kind of love it. Such a small change and easy but it created a big impact.


And finally, this is the other small but uplifting detail that I’ve been coming into contact with daily – no, hourly…and sometimes every ten minutes. Cough drops.

Well Designed Cough Drops

Yes, they’re silly. But they truly do make me feel better in the midst of my constant winter cold.

So there you have it: a historical mantle, an old rocking chair, and some drugstore cough drops all have one magical thing in common: great details that are beautiful and inspiring.

Design really does make a difference, and often, it’s all in the details!


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Coming Together…

24 Jan

A project that I have been working on for several months in the U Street/Logan Circle neighborhood of DC is really chugging along…

Here is a dark, mysterious, shadowy photo of it. The details are really incredible, and the blue (in many shades) color pops are everywhere (hard to see, but believe me, they are).

New Project!


If you think this looks smashing, I can’t WAIT to show you the real photographs (when we take them)! Stay tuned…


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ANOTHER Sneak Peek: A Great Green Space!

14 Nov

I certainly haven’t been blogging regularly lately, but…as promised…I have another sneak peek to share!

This client wanted an urban, casual yet grown up, simple and green space on a fairly modest budget. I think we managed quite nicely and I am thrilled with how it turned out.

For my clients who think they recognize the Otis Chairs and Seguro Coffee Table: you certainly do. I was 100% honest when I told you “I like to use these a lot.” Because I do.


I really like the textures here, and the way that the neutral walls give the art some room to breathe. …and those vintage wallpaper bolts by the fireplace are a favorite find of mine from Trohv.

Hope you like it, too!


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Sneak Peek!

5 Nov

I snapped some photos today at a longtime client’s house, where we’re working on finishing up three kids’ rooms. I’m in love with the little girl’s space, and can’t wait to see the little boys’ rooms completed.

Here are a few sneak peeks:


This is a little girl’s room where we used an amazing light fixture as the focal point, and blended just the right shades of pink and green to create a space she loves and her parents can happily live with.



…and this is more of a staging area right now for a bunch of little boy items. Not quite ready yet, but it’s coming together. I do love the rug!


I haven’t taken portfolio pictures in long time, so there are many more to come in the next few months because I’m really overdue with documenting my projects. I’m super grateful for all of my clients – I love them all – and I can’t thank them enough for allowing me to document our projects.

…If you’re interested in working together on one, I’m now booking for 2013!


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Mood Boards for Monday!

29 May

I like to share my work on my blog, and there’s nothing I like to share more than the process of design. With many – or even most – of my clients, I like to start off with mood boards. My mood boards are typically the kick-off to a multi-step process, and are usually presented when we’re still getting to know each other. They allow me to get a better handle on my clients’ preferences, and allow my clients to experiment with stepping outside of their comfort zone. Sometimes people go on to buy lots of items that I’ve featured on a mood board. Sometimes we mix the options up and ultimately create a blend of all of the boards. Sometimes they are in love with a particular item that happens to be in price range that is unfathomable, so we use it for inspiration.

This weekend I presented a new set of living room boards to a couple who just purchased a home right outside of the city. I gave them three options, and I’d love to share them with you here. They had a definite, no-contest, absolutely-positively-sure-about-it favorite. Can you guess which one it is?


Here’s the first option:


And the second:


And the third (which was a bonus, as we’d agreed on two):


Which one is your favorite? …and is the same as my client’s?


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Lovely Lucite!

18 Apr

I love the look of sleek, crisp, lucite or acrylic.

(image via DecorPad)


At first blush these materials are indisputably contemporary, but they’re actually quite versatile; often, you don’t even see them at all. Lucite is a great option for when you need some additional functionality (an extra table, more seating, a tray or two…) but adding “more” would contribute to more visual clutter than you’d like. With the addition of a translucent piece, you can “float” your chairs, have a magical invisible surface, or just provide a place to rest while allowing your eyes to rest as well while they’re looking straight at a bench. 

Here are some lovely applications of acrylic. Some are modern, some are classically traditional. But all are without a doubt enviable.


A coffee table that breaks with tradition; it just floats in the middle of the room. (image via Elle Decor)


Can you spy a large, functional bench? I bet it took you a second...! (image via House Beautiful)


This kitchen has a lot happening, and the clear bar stools are just the right choice because they silently exist and let all of the other colorful touches shine. (image via DecorPad)


A discrete chair adds a touch of modernity while still letting the more classical elements exist in the foreground. (design by Tobi Fairley, image via DecorPad)


A chair in the air! And you barely see it! (image via Elle Decor)


What’s your favorite “invisible” piece?


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Lately on Pinterest…

5 Apr

I thought I’d write a quick post to share some of the things that I’ve been pinning to Pinterest, which I joined very recently. I have seven boards – Interiors, Exteriors, Art, Eats, Crafts, Kids, and Things That Are Fabulous – so I’ll share one image from each of those.  Here are a few peeks at my Pinterest page:

An Interior I adore.


An Exterior that is lovely.


Art to swoon over.


A delicious Eat.


A pretty smart Craft.


Kid coveted design.


How could you not think this is Fabulous?


Many people say it’s addictive to pin, but honestly, I’ve been finding that I have to make myself do it more often than not because I tend to hoard images on my desktop and tuck them into folders for clients and blogging. In any case it’s fun – and quite useful – to pin things.  As I’m sure you know, each image links back to (or should link back to) the site from which it originated or one that credits the creator; as such, it’s a great visual bookmarking tool. As the wife of an attorney, believe me, I’ve heard the lectures about proper crediting and legal issues that the site raises…it didn’t exactly make me want to sign up immediately, but alas, I caved, and I try to do it the right way.

Do you belong to Pinterest yet? If you don’t and would like an invitation, just shoot me an email!


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