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Sneak Peek!

5 Nov

I snapped some photos today at a longtime client’s house, where we’re working on finishing up three kids’ rooms. I’m in love with the little girl’s space, and can’t wait to see the little boys’ rooms completed.

Here are a few sneak peeks:


This is a little girl’s room where we used an amazing light fixture as the focal point, and blended just the right shades of pink and green to create a space she loves and her parents can happily live with.



…and this is more of a staging area right now for a bunch of little boy items. Not quite ready yet, but it’s coming together. I do love the rug!


I haven’t taken portfolio pictures in long time, so there are many more to come in the next few months because I’m really overdue with documenting my projects. I’m super grateful for all of my clients – I love them all – and I can’t thank them enough for allowing me to document our projects.

…If you’re interested in working together on one, I’m now booking for 2013!


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Mood Boards for Monday!

29 May

I like to share my work on my blog, and there’s nothing I like to share more than the process of design. With many – or even most – of my clients, I like to start off with mood boards. My mood boards are typically the kick-off to a multi-step process, and are usually presented when we’re still getting to know each other. They allow me to get a better handle on my clients’ preferences, and allow my clients to experiment with stepping outside of their comfort zone. Sometimes people go on to buy lots of items that I’ve featured on a mood board. Sometimes we mix the options up and ultimately create a blend of all of the boards. Sometimes they are in love with a particular item that happens to be in price range that is unfathomable, so we use it for inspiration.

This weekend I presented a new set of living room boards to a couple who just purchased a home right outside of the city. I gave them three options, and I’d love to share them with you here. They had a definite, no-contest, absolutely-positively-sure-about-it favorite. Can you guess which one it is?


Here’s the first option:


And the second:


And the third (which was a bonus, as we’d agreed on two):


Which one is your favorite? …and is the same as my client’s?


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Lovely Lucite!

18 Apr

I love the look of sleek, crisp, lucite or acrylic.

(image via DecorPad)


At first blush these materials are indisputably contemporary, but they’re actually quite versatile; often, you don’t even see them at all. Lucite is a great option for when you need some additional functionality (an extra table, more seating, a tray or two…) but adding “more” would contribute to more visual clutter than you’d like. With the addition of a translucent piece, you can “float” your chairs, have a magical invisible surface, or just provide a place to rest while allowing your eyes to rest as well while they’re looking straight at a bench. 

Here are some lovely applications of acrylic. Some are modern, some are classically traditional. But all are without a doubt enviable.


A coffee table that breaks with tradition; it just floats in the middle of the room. (image via Elle Decor)


Can you spy a large, functional bench? I bet it took you a second...! (image via House Beautiful)


This kitchen has a lot happening, and the clear bar stools are just the right choice because they silently exist and let all of the other colorful touches shine. (image via DecorPad)


A discrete chair adds a touch of modernity while still letting the more classical elements exist in the foreground. (design by Tobi Fairley, image via DecorPad)


A chair in the air! And you barely see it! (image via Elle Decor)


What’s your favorite “invisible” piece?


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Lately on Pinterest…

5 Apr

I thought I’d write a quick post to share some of the things that I’ve been pinning to Pinterest, which I joined very recently. I have seven boards – Interiors, Exteriors, Art, Eats, Crafts, Kids, and Things That Are Fabulous – so I’ll share one image from each of those.  Here are a few peeks at my Pinterest page:

An Interior I adore.


An Exterior that is lovely.


Art to swoon over.


A delicious Eat.


A pretty smart Craft.


Kid coveted design.


How could you not think this is Fabulous?


Many people say it’s addictive to pin, but honestly, I’ve been finding that I have to make myself do it more often than not because I tend to hoard images on my desktop and tuck them into folders for clients and blogging. In any case it’s fun – and quite useful – to pin things.  As I’m sure you know, each image links back to (or should link back to) the site from which it originated or one that credits the creator; as such, it’s a great visual bookmarking tool. As the wife of an attorney, believe me, I’ve heard the lectures about proper crediting and legal issues that the site raises…it didn’t exactly make me want to sign up immediately, but alas, I caved, and I try to do it the right way.

Do you belong to Pinterest yet? If you don’t and would like an invitation, just shoot me an email!


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Jonathan Adler Comes to DC!

5 Mar

I don’t know about you, but I love a little bit of pop, lacquer, and 70s chic in my life. So naturally, I’m thrilled to hear that Jonathan Adler is coming to the Georgetown neighborhood of DC this spring! How did I miss this?

Like this room? The website will point you to everything in it via their "buy this room" tab! Or better yet, you can head to their DC store sometime this year and hunt for the pieces yourself! (image via Jonathan Adler)

Earlier this month, a presentation was made to the Old Georgetown Board by Chris Gray of Cox, Graae and Spack Architects for a building on Wisconsin and N Streets NW, which will be the location of the new Jonathan Adler Furniture store! According to The Georgetown Dish, “Plans to modify the façade included an orange and grey color scheme, raising the canopy and a new awning with signage.” You can read more about the pending fabulousness here.

Just to whet your mod appetite, here are ten stunning and unique picks from Jonathan Adler. Enjoy!


1.) Lacquer Nesting Tables, $995; 2.) Pink and Blue Bargello Zig Zag Pillow, $165; 3.) Scales Duchess Tote, $198; 4.) Greek Key 4 Piece Setting, $50; 5.) Mr. and Mrs. Muse Salt and Pepper Shakers, $48; 6.) Haines Chair in Oslo Sea, $1395; 7.) Syrie Wallpaper, $250/roll; 8.) Zebra Rug, $995; 9.) Bond Console, $3,800; 10.) Rider Tripod Table, $795 (all images via Jonathan Adler)

Just what DC needs! A lot more color, a little more fun, and way less blah. Don’t you agree?


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Neutral Perfection!

5 Mar

My Monday trend in blogging lately is to take a look at calming spaces. It helps start the week off right, don’t you think?  Neutrals can be awesomely comforting when done well; a mixture of all shades of white, taupe, brown, gray, and black, coupled with a mastery of textures (woven, silky, grainy, shiny, matte, soft, and graphic) is a delight to look at. They’re pleasant to live amongst, too! Here are three perfectly serene neutral spaces that use strict neutrality and a plethora of patterns and textures. It’s not surprise that two of them belong to creative professionals!

This space, home to beauty mogul Aerin Lauder, is one that my husband and I agree we could both live in. But really, who could say “no” to those views!? I love how they brought the snow inside via the light rug, and I adore the dark window detailing. You can see the entire tour at “Mountain High: Aerin Lauder’s Aspen Home” in Vogue.

Aerin Lauder's Rocky Mountain Home (photograph by François Halard via Vogue Magzine)

This lovely, unexpected nursery belongs to Baby Collin, and was featured on Apartment Therapy Family. See “Collin’s Fresh White Room” for more. It’s brilliant to put textures and darker colors on the floor and curtains, because this will help make the room last as baby grows up (and gets messy). Truly, one of the more lovely and practical ways I’ve seen white used in a nursery. I love the mix of ethnic patterns with modern touches with Ikea basics. What a stunning compilation of items, that doesn’t break the bank!

Baby Collin's Room in Seattle (image via OhDeeDoh/Apartment Therapy)


This meticulously organized and neutral apartment belongs to Todd Waterbury, an NYC creative director and brand consultant. These gorgeous photos come via the NYT article, “No Room For Mistakes” from this past January. I find the apartment beautifully successful because among all of the clean lines and blacks and whites, there is an element of warmth in the space thanks to a few wooden pieces that have moderate curves (if you peek at the slideshow, you’ll see it in the bench, chair, and a bowl).

Todd Waterbury's NYC Apartment (photograph by Trevor Tondro for The New York Times)


Gorgeous, right? Don’t you feel like you just took a yoga class? And as a bonus, this look is easily emulated on an extreme budget: just start collecting all of the moderately priced sisals and woven baskets and ivory twills you see at places like Ikea, Home Goods, and World Market, and you’re on your way!


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Washington Post’s House Calls! It’s My Turn!

1 Mar

I just had the opportunity to be the “designer on call” for The Washington Post’s House Calls column, and it was an absolute blast! You can see my design, which was a sunroom for a family of four in Springfield, VA, here.  This is the lovely illustration of the space, by The Post’s very talented Julius Goyanko.

(image via The Washington Post, illustration by Julius Goyanko, design by Jessica Bonness)


The whole process for House Calls is thorough and interesting, so I thought I’d recap it for you briefly. When I was initially contacted about the column, a room had already been selected for me. I thought this one was a great match that allowed me to engage in one of my favorite types of design: family-friendly. I was able to contact the homeowner, who filled me in on the uses of the room and preferences. In this case, they wanted a place to play, relax, watch television (but they watch television primarily in another room), and sometimes even snack in.

I had a great time selecting all of the child-friendly elements of the room, particularly a table that ultimately wasn’t shown in the drawing (can’t show it all!), that has a durable metal top, casters, and is situated underneath a wall mounted chalkboard. There’s also a book nook with comfy ottomans (that can double as middle-of-the-room seating) in a corner where the wall is painted in wide horizontal stripes to add some visual interest. The ample seating and durable fabrics are well-suited to a large family. The television is amidst a wall-collage that conceals it, but still provides a central view; it’s mounted just over a low media console. The coffee table is a gorgeous play table that features pull our drawers to hold toys, magazines, or whatever else lands there. And finally, there’s some lovely art floating around on all the walls (and all of it is very reasonably priced).  Here is the rough, scaled plan I provided to The Post. 

If it appears there have been some minor layout changes between this and the illustration, there have been. Mostly for purposes of representation. (image via JGB Interiors)


With the plan, I included a key of items that indicated the sources for furnishings, fixtures, and finishes. This is that collage (without the mountains of text; though, if you have a specific source question, feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email).

(image via JGB Interiors)


You may notice that many of the pieces are from children’s stores: Land of Nod and Restoration Hardware Baby and Child in particular. One of the tricks I use often, and certainly did here, is to mix up more expensive pieces (like the media console from Gus Modern) with less expensive, unconventional alternatives (like the art on the wall from Urban Outfitters). It’s a sort of “catalog curating” that is full of style, but costs less than it looks. …and can’t we all appreciate that?

I hope you enjoyed this week’s column as much as I did participating in it! I can’t wait to do it again sometime, and I hope to be one of the DC designers who contributes regularly. Many thanks to Megan and Julius at the Post for a seamless and fun experience!

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Another Sneak Peek: A Peaceful Bedroom!

6 Feb

This sneak peek of a calming, green and neutral-toned bedroom is literally just a tiny peek, but I think it’s worth it.

Are you ready?

Ok. Here we go.

First up is the bed: a gorgeous combination of about seven different fabrics ranging from a lovely suzani print to an elegant lattice to velvets to linens to an off-the-shelf Restoration Hardware print that I had cut to use as cording and flange material. (Phew – that was a lot!) The rug is a simple woven jute and wool – and was a steal if you believe it! – and the fantastic patina-finish bed was existing to the client’s home. I am beyond thrilled with the results.


Next up (and last up — I told you it was a super tiny peek) is the fantastic mirror I chose for the wall that is adjacent to the bed. With the reflection of all those perfect textiles in it, it looks, well, perfect!


Pulling together fabric collections is incredibly fun, and satisfying when it turns out well. These photos make me so happy! Thankfully, my client feels the same way (and gets to live in the room)!

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Sneak Peek: A Beautiful Blue Bathroom.

24 Jan

How many times have I said I was going to be taking project photographs “soon.” Then a lot of time went by. And I didn’t. Maybe two times? OK, ten.

Well yesterday I styled and photographed a few fantastic rooms, and surprisingly many of them turned out quite well! Here’s a sneak peek of a bathroom I worked on in 2011. I mentioned in my A Designer’s Year in Review post that I’ve come to really enjoy designing bathrooms, and this one was a huge part of that! (You can actually even see a little progress photo of it in the montage.) So here it is: enjoy the views! 


Have you ever seen such a fun, fancy shower in a second bathroom? This one has beautiful tiny glass tiles from Sicis from floor to ceiling!


Even the back of the toilet is beautiful. And the backsplash is lovely, if I do say so myself.


See that light? Perfection.


Hope you enjoyed the Sneak Peek! Coming up: another bath, a bedroom, and a kitchen! What fun!


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Beautiful Bars.

9 Jan

When I was a kid, just about the coolest thing you could have in your house was a finished basement with a wet bar. A wet bar! Picture it: a little corner with dark wood, a mini fridge full of Dr. Pepper, creepy under-cabinet lighting interspersed between those racks that hold wine glasses upside-down, maybe some old signs or salvaged stained glass somewhere, and somewhere beyond this groovy set up was the rest of the room, where there was likely a sofa clad in plaid upholstery.

So. Yeah.

Flash forward about fifteen or twenty years and the coolest bar you can imagine probably looks very different. My ideal bar isn’t fancy, nor does it require a sink or any counters. It’s comprised of a simple table (or tables, or cart), a few (and I mean just a few) carefully chosen and well-placed decorative objects, and the essentials: glasses, plates, bottles… you get the idea. Below are some beautifully simple bar images that could exist in the middle of a palatial parlor just as well as they’d take up residence in a tiny studio apartment. They’re all 100% attainable and will cost you very little money (well, less liquor expenses) and about eight square feet. Like the inspiration images? Get hunting for your perfect table, and start arranging your bar!

I adore this set-up. A few bottles, a gorgeous painting, and a vintage bar cart that was purchased at auction for just $150! Check out Design Sponge’s write-up on Naomi Stein of Design Manifest’s house tour for more.

(image via Design Sponge)

This image is from Society Social, a vendor selling the chicest, cutest, most amazing bar carts out there. This one is the Sedgewick. Check them out!

(image via Society Social)

When left without a devoted bar cart, fear not: just pile it all on a table (turn the table 90 degrees if necessary to switch up the angles and create a better serving area). Love this one from Lonny!

(image via Lonny)

This one just takes the cake for me: a little Palm Beach chic, a little “Mad Men,” a little urban, and a lot awesome. From Styled Creative. They’re an event design and styling studio located in Philly. Hmm…I think I recognize that cart…

(image via Styled Creative)

Ok ok…here’s another from Styled Creative‘s online portfolio. Masculine, sleek, and beautiful. Wow. (Love that Knob Creek). 

(image via Styled Creative)

I suppose I should say sorry to all you parents with little curious ones. The cute cart or acrylic table set-up won’t quite cut it for you. But never fear: here’s a wall-mounted great idea that can be modified to be accessible to adults only! It’s via The Kitchn.

(image via The Kitchn)

And there you have it: all the drinking inspiration you need for a dreary Monday. Have a great week!

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