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Color Friday is: Gold!

13 Jul

I thought about doing “rainbow” for today’s Color Friday, but somehow I feel like I’ve done that recently. So as an apt substitute, I’ll focus on what’s at the end of the rainbow: glittering gold. I get asked all the time by clients if they should choose silver or gold for their spaces, and here’s my typical response: when gold is a metal, there’s no need to expel silvers and bronzes from your repertoire: mixed metals are huge now, and all it takes is adding a few pieces of each type to achieve a beautiful balance. Throw in some distressed metals and mercury glass, and the task is easy. So see? There’s room for every kind of finish in my book. 

Enjoy the picks this week, and have a lovely weekend!

Clockwise from pendant at top: Arteriors Osgood Iron Pendant   Gold Pig Bookends from CB2  Thomas Paul  Gold Rug  Vintage Gold Clutch  Goldleaf Franklin Media Cabinet by Dwell Studio  Trina Turk Sunburst Yellow Pillow  Baroque Antique Goldleaf Mirror  Donut Table Lamp from MG+BW  Gold Velvet Pillow from Room and Board


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Color Friday is: Dark Blue!

15 Jun

Today’s Color Friday is dark blue. No, not navy. Dark blue. Like this wall… 



I love the fireplace color – it appears to be slightly different than the wall color, which is a neat touch. I thought dark blue was appropriate in honor of Father’s Day – doesn’t that just seem like such a “dad” color?

Here are blue items that, just for this week, have zero feminine qualities. Some even make great dad gifts.  Many of them are inspired by my own awesome dad, who has an affinity for bourbon, music, and golden retrievers. Enjoy!

Clockwise from mugs at top: Pantone Blue Mug Set, $90 (image via Amazon); Dado Vase from CB2, from $20 (image via CB2); Faux Suede Pillow from West Elm, from $29 (image via WestElm); Blue State Bourbon by Heaven Hill Distilleries (image via; Dog Blueprint from Uncommon Goods, $185 (image via UncommonGoods); Juno Recliner from Room and Board in Vance – Indigo, $2,099 (image via Room and Board); Midnight Bloom Glasscoat by Ru Ardo, $499 (image via ZGallerie); Urban Ears Headphones from Crate and Barrel, $39 (image via CrateandBarrel)


Happy Father’s Day…enjoy the weekend!


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Color Friday is: Radish!

8 Jun

I’ve been growing some radishes this past month. It appeared as if some of them were ready, but when I pulled them out, they were tiny. They are supposed to look the ones on the left: large, smooth, and very photogenic (image via But mine look like the ones on the right: tiny, not very smooth, and un-photogenic. I did successfully grow the lettuce myself though!

Anyway, I’m excited for the actual harvest, so in celebration of that, today’s Color Friday is “Radish” – or, if you prefer, “pink.” And I mean “pink” loosely…as these shades will range from very powdery to deep purple-tinged mauve. Enjoy the round-up and the weekend!

Clockwise from chandelier at top: Pink Jade Chandelier by Marjorie Skouras, price on request (image via marjorieskourasdesign);  Marimekko Unikko Pink and Red Wool Throw, $259 (image via Crate and Barrel); Spiced Pomegranate Dishtowel from Anthropologie, $24 (image via Anthropologie); Pink Mirrored Planter by Worlds Away, $780 (image via ClaytonGrayHome);  Petit Bird Chair for Kids by Oly Studio, price on request (image via The Foundry);  Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings in Pink Agate, $60 (image via LaylaGrayce);  Paul Marrot Pink Maze Artwork from Dwell Studio, $1400 (image via Dwell Studio);  Shangai Links Pillow by Trina Turk, $100 (image via LaylaGrayce);  Vesuvius Bottles from ZGallerie, $40 (image via ZGallerie)


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Color Friday is: Ombre!

25 May

Much like “floral“a few weeks ago, “ombre” isn’t really a color, but it’s a trend that’s pretty popular right now. Therefore, today’s Color Friday is Ombre! The term refers to the slight gradation of color from one shade to another, or from one hue to another. Here are a few examples:

A single instance of ombre can range from bright red to pale yellow (as seen in the flowers above), or from a very subtle green to a rich deep green, which keeps the ombre within the same hue (seen in the chic dresser above). It also refers to a hair color technique that is fairly popular right now, where your highlights or “color” is concentrated towards the tips and the natural or darker color is at the roots: a style which I have unintentionally – but fashionably! – been rocking for some time now. Another place we’re seeing a lot of ombre lately, and I kid you not, is cakes (shown above): the Pinterest crowd surely knows what I mean! 

Anyway…ombre is, in a word, pretty. And gentle. And feminine. And modern. In short: most paint chips you see, with the progression from light to dark, are ombre. Below are some lovely ombre picks. Enjoy!

Clockwise from clutch at top: Bruna Ombre Clutch, $195 (image via Calypso St.Barth); Kevin O’Brien Ombre Lilac Velvet Pillow, $218 (image via ABC Carpet and Home); Ombre Laundry Basket from Umbra, $20 (image via Container Store); Ombre Water Pitcher, $25 (image via Uncommon Goods); Le Creuset Heritage Cast Iron Oval Doufeu, $370 (image via Williams Sonoma); Purple Ombre Rug from Liora Manne, price on request (image via; Wooden Ombre Vase from West Elm, $29 and up (image via West Elm); Dipped Spice Celler Set from Leif, $45 (image via LeifShop); Wedding Stationery from Paper Freckles, price on request (image via Brides); Silk Ombre Ribbon, source unknown – try any craft store.


Have a great weekend!


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Color Friday is: Bright Yellow!

18 May

Yellow is the color of summer, isn’t it? Think about all those glasses of lemonade, ears of sweet corn, sunshine, pretty dresses, and daffodils!

(L via DecorPad; R via

Though it isn’t summer quite yet, it kind of feels like it these days. Plus, I just booked a long weekend get-away for my husband and I in July, and I can already smell the flowers and feel the sunshine. So bright yellow it is!

Here are your picks!

Clockwise from light at top: Zooey Mini Chandelier by Perch! via 2Modern, $480 (image via; “Manners Can Be Fun” Book, $14.95 at Anthropologie (image via; Stray Dog Design’s Blum Wood Floor Lamp, $638 (image via StrayDogDesigns); Dwell Studio’s Draper Stripe Citrine Rug, $165 and up (image via; Yield Coffee Table from CB2, $449 (image via; World’s Away Acadia Wastebasket via Layla Grayce, $119 (image via; West Elm’s Colored Stripe Lacquer Box, from $24 (image via; Dover Mirror in yellow via Art Dreams Hospitality (image via; Trina Turk Multi-Floral Yellow Pillow, $150 (image via


Have a great, sunny weekend!


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Color Friday is: Blue Hues!

27 Apr

Today is a blue kind of day. The sky is a clear and gorgeous shade of blue, and I’m a little bit sad because my son’s wonderful, sweet, and kind day care provider is retiring, and today is his last day with her. The kids are a little too young to get it, but the moms…oh, the moms are SAD. And so it is: today is blue. Just a little bit blue. 

Warm blues, cool blues, old blues, new blues! (image via The Rug Company)


Now here’s a lot of blue to get you your Color Friday fix:


Clockwise from pendant at top: Niche Modern Aurora Pendant, $425 (image via Niche Modern); Hudson Necklace in Deep Sea Blue from Chewbeads, $36.50 (image via; D. L. Rhein Honeycomb Peacock Pillow, $104 (image via; Industrial String Lights from West Elm, $39 (image via West Elm); Blue Louis Chair (source unknown); Godta Mug from Ikea, $2.99 (image via Ikea); Darling Art Print by Sugarboo Designs, $280 (image via; Blue Ombre Jar from Wisteria, $59 (image via Wisteria)


On a more positive note, did you see that gorgeous light from Niche Modern? And I love the necklace: it’s meant for teething children to chew on (because what mom hasn’t had their baby teeth on their jewels, right?) but it would be stunning without a baby and with a neutral sundress or cardigan!

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the blue skies!


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Color Friday is: “Green!” Happy Earth Day!

20 Apr

Earth Day is Sunday April 22nd, which gives me a great opportunity to showcase a few fun and sustainable or recycled products for this week’s Color Friday! As you may have guessed, today’s color is “green,” which doesn’t refer to color. Last year, I one-upped myself and featured green “green” products. Ugh. I make myself feel so inadequate.

Whatever you do this weekend, enjoy the weather, spend some time outside, and don’t forget to recycle! Here are the picks for this week…shades of “green” in every color:

Clockwise from pendant at top:Recycled Glass Pendant Light (source unknown); Dot Kuma Pillow in Organic Cotton, $24 (image via; Funky Faux Bois Mirror by Stray Dog Designs - comes in multiple colors, $525 (image via; Recycled Glass Tiles from, $20/sf and up (image via Women's Day); 1108 Platform Sofa by South of Urban, $2,900 in Maharam "Fluent," (image via; Recycled Glass Jugs from West Elm, $19 and up (image via; Log Bowl #9 by Loyal Loot, $260 (image via; Odegard Stripe Mosaic Rug made from recycled wool, $86/sf (image via


I’ll leave you with my favorite, easiest green tip that I have for when it comes to decorating your home; you’ll know I’m being sincere because it does absolutely nothing for my bottom line. The greenest thing to do, almost all of the time, is to keep what you already have. Of course this doesn’t always apply to energy inefficient appliances, but throwing out furniture when you can refinish it (with low or no VOC finishes, of course) or tossing whole pillows when you can just replace a cover is not only environmentally responsible, but it will save you an entirely different kind of green in the long run!

So what’s your favorite “green” pick? And is it actually green?


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Color Friday is Cobalt!

13 Apr

Cobalt isn’t particularly springy, but its vibrancy is refreshing and pure so it’s actually perfect for spring!

(L: image via DecorPad; R: image via SheKnows)


I have an aunt who had a huge collection (or at least I remember it to be huge) of cobalt blue glassware that she kept in her apartment windows; the light that came through the blue vases and bowls was just gorgeous! I was probably about nine or ten at the time, and this formed my picture of “what a cool adult apartment should look like” for a long time. This memory also leads me to believe that cobalt works best in translucent form – like glass or acrylic – but I also have come to adore it with a fun texture applied – like reflectivity, mosaic tile, or chunky paint. It works great as a single shot of color against otherwise blah neutrals, like in this bedroom:

Cobalt brightens up this bedroom. (image via LiveLikeYou)


Here are my cobalt picks for spring – enjoy them! And get outside this weekend when it becomes warm again!

Clockwise from chandelier at top: Blue Plexi Chandelier from PrettyPrettyProps, price unknown (image via; Cobalt Ring Tumbler no John Lewis, £6 (image via; Into The Blue by Michelle Oppenheimer for Z Gallerie, $149 (image via Z Gallerie); Cobalt Blenko Water Pitcher, $39 (image via try ebay); Ginger Side Table in Cobalt from Crate and Barrel, no longer available (image via Crate and Barrel); Plush Living - Pallas Black Label Pillow, $60 (image via 2Modern); Navy/Cobalt Feather Rug from Serena and Lily, starting at $395 (image via Serena and Lily); Louis XVI End Chair from Wisteria, $429 (image via Wisteria); Molten Spectrum Knob from Anthropologie, $8 (image via Anthropologie)


Enjoy the weekend!

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Color Friday is: Dove Gray!

30 Mar

Dove Gray. This is a TOUGH one.

Lovely, rich shades of gray, with the red and pink accessories highlighting warmth. (image via Elle Decor)


So tough in fact, that I actually looked it up. Sometimes, we designers are so intimately acquainted with colors that we can “think” them backwards and forwards, but to put them into words is a challenge. Both Wikipedia and Google’s image search say that Dove Gray is gray with a hint of pink or blue in it. So…umm…there goes my easy explanation about whether it’s warm or cool (pink is warm, blue is cool). Color temperature is tricky, and this color pretty much embodies why that’s the case. Though red/orange/yellow are typically the warmer shades and green/blue/purple are typically cool, that’s not a hard and fast rule. Blues can feel warm to me, and there are certainly cool reds (ever try on lipstick?).

What Dove Gray is to me, and you’re going to think I’m crazy here, is almost iridescent or luminescent. It kind of switches back an forth from warm to cool like an evening sky does, and to me, that reads much like a moon rock or a mood ring does. Iridescent. Luminescent. So there; are you with me now?

Gorgeous tile installation from one of my favorites: New Ravenna Mosaics (image source unknown, but it is likely NRM)


It’s such a sophisticated color that plays nicely with many other hues. It’s masculine and feminine, playful and serious, and richly infused with pigment. You can incorporate it into a monochrome room with other neutrals, or, you can pair it with vibrant shades like lime, magenta, or tangerine. Try it: it works with all of them (though maybe not together…).


Martha Stewart likes it with orange...these grays are her "Mourning Dove Gray." (images via L - Remodelista, and R - Martha Stewart)


Here are some Dove Gray items that I think would be a great start to any room you want to feel cozy and calm. What’s your favorite? And what undertones do you see in them?


Clockwise from lamp at top: Calligaris Andromeda Collection Table Lamp, price on request (image via Calligaris); West Elm Ellery Chair in Dove Gray performance Velvet, $499 (image via West Elm); Dervish from New Ravenna Mosaics, price on request (image via New Ravenna Mosaics); Pintuck Dove Sheet Set by Dwell Studio, $230 (image via Dwell Studio); Misty Morning Giclee by Norman Wyatt, Jr. for Ballard Designs, $299 (image via Ballard Designs); Batavia Dove Sham by Dwell Studio, $90 (image via Dwell Studio); Faux Bois Mirror by Oly Studio, price on request (image via Oly Studio); Fairfax Gray Oak Side Table by Bungalow 5, $871 (image via Zinc Door); Hush fabric in Dove by Darryl Carter for Lee Jofa (image via House Beautiful)

Enjoy the Dove Gray, and have a great weekend!


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Color Friday is: Floral!

23 Mar

…I know I know.

“Floral” is not a color. But flowers are colorful! And there are flowers everywhere these days due the unseasonable warmth! And we all have allergies. And so it is: Color Friday is Floral.

Can't you just smell the flowers and feel the charm of these spaces? (image on L via houseofearnest, image on R via Country Living)


Enjoy the “picks” (get it? pick…flowers)! It’s my son’s birthday on Sunday, so my weekend is sure to be fun-filled and wonderful (and busy…)!


Clockwise from pendant at top: Capiz Lotus Flower Chandelier, $520 (image via SoHa Living); Recycled Kantha Quilt, sold out (image via connectedgoods); Thomas Paul Botanical Aqua Linen Pillow, $104 (image via Zinc Door); Curvy Chrysanthemum Vase, $28(image via Anthropologie); Saarinen Tulip Arm Chair, starting at $1,667 (image via Design Within Reach); Horchow's Nine Botanical Prints, $1,575 (image via Horchow); Pier 1 Red Flower Rug, $149 (image via Pier 1); DL Rhein Chrysanthemum Pillow, $70 (image via Layla Grayce)


I don’t ever intend for Color Friday images to serve as a mood board; they’re a grouping of objects with a color or element in common. This week’s group, however, looks like the beginnings of an eclectic space to me! It just feels like walking into an Anthropologie or a really good vintage store. I’m especially digging the kantha quilt!

Have a great weekend!


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