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5 Things I Love RIGHT Now.

21 Feb

1.  Marbleized Anything

marble paper(source)

I love the idea of framing a piece of marbleized paper.

marble paper

I acquired a DIY marbling kit for Christmas so I might be trying this soon. Hopefully I’ll spring for a marbling tray so I don’t stain my bathtub, but I’ve been known to be a less than careful crafter when I’m struck with an urge to make something.


2. Making Candy

gummy candy

I experimented with chocolate and toffee and truffles during the holidays, but I’d never made gummi candy before. Until a few weeks ago. And the thing is, it’s SO easy! You just mix a large box of Jell-O with 3 packets of plain gelatin and 2/3 cup of water, let it sit for 5 minutes, then boil it until the crystals dissolve. Then you pour it into little silicone molds (it makes about two molds since there is so little liquid involved), let it sit for half an hour, and they pop RIGHT out. Easiest thing ever. Totally gross and artificial, but who am I to criticize that. I love candy.


3. Nurturing A Creative Soul

My son is really coming into his own as a tiny artist. He is not one to receive instruction or take direction often or with ease, but he has been asking for drawing lessons lately, and I oblige. He even added some…umm…”flair” to a rough sketch of mine. I’m not sure that it needed purses or Christmas trees, but he thought it did.

Collaborative Sketch


4. Rocks

A few weeks ago I rediscovered my childhood “100 Rocks of North America” chart, and it brought back awesome memories.

2014-02-21 04.35.20 pm

It’s hard to tell from my picture, but they really are super colorful and cover a wide spectrum of neutrals. They remind me of these agate platters from LEIF ($50 – currently sold out, but they should be back in stock soon).

2014-02-21 04.37.25 pm


5. Free Stuff!

I’ll be doing a GIVEAWAY on the blog next week! Look out for it – it’s a good one!


Have a wonderful weekend!


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Happy Birthday, Neuman!

23 May

Our sweet cat is 12 today.

Happy Birthday, Neuman!

He’s gentle and furry and smart and very large for a cat at 18.5 pounds. This is where my husband wants me to point out that he is not fat; he is just a big cat. Really, he is. Let’s call him “majestic.”

Happy Birthday, Neuman!

We made cupcakes in his likeness, because who am I to decline buying 6 kinds of candy in order to make a food creation that looks like a cat. His eyes are different colors (green and brown) because in real life they’re two different colors.

But before we made the cupcakes, I made a watercolor sketch of how I’d construct them. Because I do things like that.

Happy Birthday, Neuman!

They look pretty good, I think (despite having to forgo pretzel stick whiskers for blue-raspberry sour gummy whiskers…don’t ask).

Happy Birthday, Neuman!


Happy Birthday, Neuman!

Happy Birthday, Neuman! We love you very much!


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Another Instagramed View of Durham.

21 Apr

The other weekend my husband and I got away for a much-needed trip to Durham, North Carolina. We went for his law school reunion, but we really enjoy the town, so we spent time visiting places we love and enjoying the awesome weather. Last summer we took a similar long-weekend, during which I took a lot of pictures with Instagram. So I decided to carry on the tradition for this trip as well.

The town is filled with lots of old (mostly tobacco) warehouses which have been converted into any number of new uses: housing, communal art space, restaurants, and other creative adaptive-reuses. Here’s the side of one of the old buildings, featuring one of my favorite combinations: candy and soda.

Durham 2013

Another old building, this one a showroom for Organic Transit, which sells what I like to describe as a space-aged green golf cart. They were parked out front one of the days we were there, but I didn’t snap a picture that day. I adore the signage.

Durham 2013



An old building in the middle of downtown. Loving the green…

Durham 2013



…and you know I’m not lying. Look at my pants:

Durham 2013



Not all of the architecture is so hipster-y. The Carolina Theater at night is pretty classic.

Durham 2013



And the new Cupcake Bar and The Parlour, and ice cream shop, are pretty cute. Here’s a shot of the exterior of the cupcake shop – prime real estate on a prominent corner, plus a very “apple store” aesthetic – and a shot of the neat art inside The Parlour.

Durham 2013

Durham 2013



Of course I can’t resist a photo of a dilapidated public health building. This is what Instagram was made for.  Not sure why, I just think it’s beautiful.

Durham 2013



But all else aside, you can’t go to Durham and not go to Parker and Otis. Because candy. That’s why.

Durham 2013



Can’t wait to return again!


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Pinata Cake!

26 Mar

My son turned FOUR yesterday, which is a big deal if you didn’t already know that about turning four.

It’s also a big deal to me, because I feel like this:

Pinata Cake!

Pinata Cake!


…turned into this overnight:


Pinata Cake!

And I guess it kind of did. I guess that’s just how it happens.

His cake of choice was a “Pinata Cake” which I found here at A Subtle Revelry. If you want to make this for yourself, I definitely encourage you to try via the tutorial: it wasn’t too difficult, and the end result was awesome.

Pinata Cake!


Basically, you bake two “layers” in pyrex bowls. After a thorough cooling session, you carve the insides out (to make each half like a scooped out melon). Then you fill one of the “bowls” with candy, top it with the other to form a sphere, and frost it.

It looks like this from the top. Just like a regular cake.

Pinata Cake!


And when you cut into it, it looks like THIS:

Pinata Cake!


So fun. So good. So easy. Give it a try for your next 4th or 5th or 35th birthday – I bet you’ll like it!


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Color (Almost) Friday is: Peach!

9 Aug

Before you delve into this post, I’m editing it to add that I posted my Friday post on a Thursday. AND I HAD NO IDEA IT WAS THURSDAY until my cousin sent me an email saying “Happy Thursday” and I went “She’s crazy…oh…wait…it’s me.”.  See, it’s been a long week, and my husband has a big project due today that’s kept him working until later than 10pm most nights. But he’s done with it today, and my clients are almost done for the week, and I finally have child-care relief tonight! So that basically means today is Friday for me. But not you. In short: expect no post tomorrow.  Now…

I admit that this week I had to search my own blog to see what colors were being ignored. Turns out I had prevalent and recent hues of everything but orange. So since it’s the absolute tail-end of peach season (we can say that, right? It isn’t over, right?) today’s color is Peach!

Door  Peaches Room via House & Garden

How about that DOOR?! I love it. And I especially love the way the above images take a little of the saccharin out of super-feminine peach, and infuse it with some edge via the Moroccan-inspired graphic aesthetic (see the shapes? the cushions? the geometric curves and variety of metals?). Enjoy this plethora of perfect peach objects. Each one is ripe for your decor!

Peach PendantPeach LampPeach Twill Tape Pillow;  Peach Candy;  Cloth NapkinDresserTransparent Louis Ghost ChairBrooklyn Fox Theatre MirrorJuice Cup

Have a great weekend!

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Treat Round-up for the Fourth!

29 Jun

In an attempt to be festive..and because I’m hungry…I’ve rounded up some Fourth of July treats that you can create this long weekend. Each are relatively simple, look incredibly tasty, and of course pass the “adorable” test. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!


This Fruited Cheesecake Flag from Martha Stewart is summery and sweet. She has all the best ideas; I’d never think to make the “white” stripe from powdered sugar…I’d probably be peeling strawberries to achieve a similar color.

Here’s an easy one for you: a Red, White, and Blue Sangria, with the fruit densities already thoughtfully calculated to give you a perfectly tiered beverage!

My Juice Cup has the cutest Cake Pop project for the Fourth. One of the process-shots reminds me of Oreo Truffles, and honestly, I’d be content to make those in the style of these. …You say you don’t know what Oreo Truffles are? Oh my. Google it. You’re welcome.

I always hesitate to include two or more crafts or treats from the same source in a round-up, but damn Martha. What can I say. Enjoy these simple flags – you’ll love them if you loved those Rainbow-in-a-bag St. Patrick’s Day thingys that took over Pinterest the entire month of March!

Even though red, white, and blue food is pretty simple to make, it doesn’t have to be super sweet or 100% fruity. Try this ultra-easy-but-still-I’d-never-have-thought-of-it Watermelon and Feta plate from Wenderly.

And just because this is a decorating blog and I can’t help myself, don’t forget to throw these pillowcases (which are a set of two from Urban Outfitters…for $34!) on your guest or beach house bed. Love them!

Happy Fourth!

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Color Friday is: Crazy Colorful!

17 Feb


It’s hard for me not to do this post every week. And yet, when I do write this post it’s still hard. Not because finding gorgeous colorful things is difficult, but because my son is sitting by my side yelling things like “I WANT THAT ONE!” and “When I grow up I’m gonna be a chocolate maker and I’m gonna give everyone chocolate!” and “Can I have some chocolate now?” So there you go – everything featured on this week’s Color Friday passes the two year old seal of approval! I know I’m relieved.

As per usual, here are eight sort-of-for-the-home things that I’m sure you’ll adore. My personal favorites are the garland, Missoni rug, and of course the chocolates (I’m a sucker for variety packs).

From garland at top: Paper Garland, source unknown - let me know if you have it!; Liuwa Rug by Missoni (image via Missoni); Test Kitchen Measuring Cup from Mod Cloth, $15 (image via ModCloth); Dylan's Candy Bar Signature Chocolate Wheel, $42 (image via Dylan's Candy Bar), Art, also from an unknown source. I'm serious when I say my kid was distracting me this week! Help!; Multiplayer Wall Hook from Land of Nod, $15 (image via Land of Nod); Dot Matrix Rug from Land of Nod, $349 (image via Land of Nod); Grosgrain Rainbow Pillow from Dranesfield and Ross, (image via House Beautiful)


Enjoy your weekend, and if you find yourselves with some spare time and a significant abundance of Jell-o, you can find the recipe for those beautiful rainbow cups pictured at the top of the post here at Glorious Treats (which, of course, is where that lovely image is from). Happy Friday!


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Really Easy Valentine Crafts!

11 Feb

In case you haven’t yet figured it out, I tend to prefer crafts and DIYs that are easy, quick, inexpensive, and use supplies that you likely already have on hand. There are exceptions of course, but as a mom who struggles to balance work and family, I don’t enjoy running to the store on a Tuesday night for pipe cleaners and wax paper, so I try to cultivate ideas that don’t encourage me to get frazzled. Like putting a pink marshmallow on top of a cupcake instead of rolling out the fondant. 

With Valentine’s Day coming up next week, it’s likely that you too have parties to cater, valentines to send, and crafts to conjure up, so hopefully this list makes it all a bit easier. Here is a little round-up of my favorites this year – enjoy, and put those DIY skills to good use!


Martha Stewart Crafts always has good ideas; there’s just no denying that. Here are two that are no exception: Valentine Hands, and Homemade Treat bags. All you’ll need for both is some simple craft supplies, candy, and a printer. Check our her slideshow, Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids, for these and 24 more!

(images via Martha Stewart Crafts)


Do you have some Hershey’s Kisses in your house? Come on, you know you do. And do you have sticky labels? Or even just paper and tape? –Well you’re in luck. Print out these adorable templates from Makoodle and you’re on your way to a cute treat (and for much less money than was spent on these very similar favors for my wedding…).

(image via Makoodle)


Here’s an idea that’s neither edible nor fits neatly in an envelope, but it’s innovative and fun just the same: Valentine lawn decorations! Or as the folks over at Oh Happy Day prefer to call them, Garden Heart Attacks. Grab some paper and scissors, flour or powdered sugar, and head outside and follow the tutorial above. Easy as pie! Did I mention that the crafter responsible for this idea, Brittany from The House That Lars Built, was a classmate of mine at the Corcoran College of Art + Design, which obviously breeds genius.

(image via Oh Happy Day)


Last but not least is an idea I found while browsing Pinterest (I’ve resisted joining so far, but man, it’s getting tough). Valentine Smores from Two Shades of Pink was a last minute addition to a kid’s party gift bag. It’s cute, made with readily accessible ingredients, and can be customized with whatever label you want to put on it. I love it!

(image via Two Shades of Pink)


These ideas all seem lovely and, equally important, reasonable to me! For my quick-treat fix,  I like to shove candies and stickers into a small ziplock and affix a holiday-themed folded over piece of craft paper over the ugly zip closure. It’s a treat bag that actually closes and opens, is decorated nicely, and very easy and cheap to make. Seal with a sticker with a name or picture on it and you’re DONE.

Regardless of your Valentine’s Day plans or crafting intentions, hope your weekend is a good one!

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Color Friday is: Powder Pink!

10 Feb

Valentine’s Day is next Tuesday (look out for a weekend-edition V-Day Crafts post!) so naturally, the range of options for today’s Color Friday ranges from pale blush to hot pink. I went somewhere left of middle and chose Powder Pink – a light, but decidedly cheery shade of femininity (yes folks, unlike hot pink which can be made ironically masculine, this one is typically reserved for the ladies). Check it out below, and try not to hate on my liberal definition of “powder pink,” which includes some darker and lighter variations.

Clockwise from chandelier at top: Maharani Chandelier from Currey and Company, $3400 (image via Layla Grayce); Zig Zag Rug by Dwell Studio, $350 (image via DwellStudio); Pink Moroccan Leather Pouf from Serena and Lily, $450 (image via Serena and Lily); Opie Table by GlimmerglassFurniture, $485 (image via GlimmerglassFurniture); Annabelle Frames from RHBaby&Child, $34 (image via Restoration Hardware); Chair featuring Kelly Wearstler's Bengal Bazaar fabric (image via House of Honey); KokoCompany Indoor and Outdoor Optic Rug, $89 (image via KokoCompany); Pink Cover for Nook Tablet by Jonathan Adler - no longer available, $39.95 (image via Barnes and Noble)


And since this post is primarily for the ladies, I couldn’t resist including some pops of pink that are absolutely irresistible. Are they are your wish list? Maybe they are now!


Clockwise from belt: Patent Leather Skinny Bow Belt from J.Crew, $45 (image via J.Crew); Rosewood Dot Necklace from Kate Spade, $128 (image via Kate Spade); 100 Calorie Chocolate Bars from Dylan's Candy Bar, $1.50 (image via Dylan's Candy Bar); Timed Originals Camper, $50 (image via Piperlime)


Don’t you LOVE that Kate Spade necklace?  Have a great weekend!


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Color Friday is: Candy Cane!

16 Dec

I think my favorite Color Friday each year involves those iconic red and white stripes we can’t get enough of this time in late December. Last year I called it “Peppermint,” and this year it’s “Candy Cane.” Either way, you get the point. So without further ado, enjoy these red and white picks that will having you feeling seasonal in no time!

Clockwise from pillow at top: Balanced Design Hand Printed Louis Stripe Pillow, $49 (image via All Modern); Red Scallop Chandelier Shade by Stray Dog Designs, $22 (image via Stray Dog Designs); Stitch Cake Pedestal from Crate and Barrel, $24.95 (image via Crate and Barrel); Red and White Huzza Vase by Hella Jongerius, $775 (image via; Dealmere Footrest in White/Canopy Red Stripe from Ballard Designs, $270 (image via Ballard Designs); Kalon Studios Caravan Crib in Red, $$895 (image via Layla Grayce); Vivienne Westwood Candy Cane Shoes (currently unavailable and source unknown, but aren't they fabulous!?); Edible Candy Cane Mug (image via; Red and White Striped Flatware from Sabre, $85 (image via House Beautiful)


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