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Recently on Pinterest…

7 Jun

It’s been a long two weeks. Between work being busy and tending to a sick kid’s mystery illness (he’s fine…no longer a mystery) I haven’t have much time to blog. One thing I have been doing though, is pinning things to Pinterest. At first I regarded it as another site to demand my time, but now I’m finding it more and more useful. I still feel the same way about Twitter though, which is to say, I find it redundant and pointless and a tedious effort. (Sorry, tweeters.)

Here are five fun things I’ve recently “pinned.” If you like them consider “following me” on Pinterest!


An unconventional, super neat mantle-scape:

Recently on Pinterest...


A kitchen island with personality:

Recently on Pinterest....


A celebration of imagery from the Dutch Postal Service:

Recently on Pinterest...


15 DIY crafts you can make from a paper box!

Recently on Pinterest...


And last but certainly not least, this cake roll:

Recently on Pinterest...


Please follow the links thru for proper image crediting, as well as how-tos and more info on these fun projects.

Have a great weekend! Mine is already filled with clients, swim class, a baby shower, and a TRUCK TOUCH!


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A Pretty Great Weekend.

29 Apr

This weekend was pretty great.

We made clover necklaces.

Great weekend.

We found about 50 “wishing flowers.”

Great weekend.

I had a nice relaxing day at Spa World with good friends (no pics of that, sorry).

Went to H-Mart, which is always exciting.

Great weekend.

Got to spend a lovely, long evening with my husband because our little guy was exhausted from a big hike and went to bed very early.

Great weekend.

And got to bake some treats, which is always a good ending to a nice weekend.

Great weekend.

Hope your weekend was fun and your week is wonderful!

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Pinata Cake!

26 Mar

My son turned FOUR yesterday, which is a big deal if you didn’t already know that about turning four.

It’s also a big deal to me, because I feel like this:

Pinata Cake!

Pinata Cake!


…turned into this overnight:


Pinata Cake!

And I guess it kind of did. I guess that’s just how it happens.

His cake of choice was a “Pinata Cake” which I found here at A Subtle Revelry. If you want to make this for yourself, I definitely encourage you to try via the tutorial: it wasn’t too difficult, and the end result was awesome.

Pinata Cake!


Basically, you bake two “layers” in pyrex bowls. After a thorough cooling session, you carve the insides out (to make each half like a scooped out melon). Then you fill one of the “bowls” with candy, top it with the other to form a sphere, and frost it.

It looks like this from the top. Just like a regular cake.

Pinata Cake!


And when you cut into it, it looks like THIS:

Pinata Cake!


So fun. So good. So easy. Give it a try for your next 4th or 5th or 35th birthday – I bet you’ll like it!


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Really Easy Valentine Crafts!

11 Feb

In case you haven’t yet figured it out, I tend to prefer crafts and DIYs that are easy, quick, inexpensive, and use supplies that you likely already have on hand. There are exceptions of course, but as a mom who struggles to balance work and family, I don’t enjoy running to the store on a Tuesday night for pipe cleaners and wax paper, so I try to cultivate ideas that don’t encourage me to get frazzled. Like putting a pink marshmallow on top of a cupcake instead of rolling out the fondant. 

With Valentine’s Day coming up next week, it’s likely that you too have parties to cater, valentines to send, and crafts to conjure up, so hopefully this list makes it all a bit easier. Here is a little round-up of my favorites this year – enjoy, and put those DIY skills to good use!


Martha Stewart Crafts always has good ideas; there’s just no denying that. Here are two that are no exception: Valentine Hands, and Homemade Treat bags. All you’ll need for both is some simple craft supplies, candy, and a printer. Check our her slideshow, Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids, for these and 24 more!

(images via Martha Stewart Crafts)


Do you have some Hershey’s Kisses in your house? Come on, you know you do. And do you have sticky labels? Or even just paper and tape? –Well you’re in luck. Print out these adorable templates from Makoodle and you’re on your way to a cute treat (and for much less money than was spent on these very similar favors for my wedding…).

(image via Makoodle)


Here’s an idea that’s neither edible nor fits neatly in an envelope, but it’s innovative and fun just the same: Valentine lawn decorations! Or as the folks over at Oh Happy Day prefer to call them, Garden Heart Attacks. Grab some paper and scissors, flour or powdered sugar, and head outside and follow the tutorial above. Easy as pie! Did I mention that the crafter responsible for this idea, Brittany from The House That Lars Built, was a classmate of mine at the Corcoran College of Art + Design, which obviously breeds genius.

(image via Oh Happy Day)


Last but not least is an idea I found while browsing Pinterest (I’ve resisted joining so far, but man, it’s getting tough). Valentine Smores from Two Shades of Pink was a last minute addition to a kid’s party gift bag. It’s cute, made with readily accessible ingredients, and can be customized with whatever label you want to put on it. I love it!

(image via Two Shades of Pink)


These ideas all seem lovely and, equally important, reasonable to me! For my quick-treat fix,  I like to shove candies and stickers into a small ziplock and affix a holiday-themed folded over piece of craft paper over the ugly zip closure. It’s a treat bag that actually closes and opens, is decorated nicely, and very easy and cheap to make. Seal with a sticker with a name or picture on it and you’re DONE.

Regardless of your Valentine’s Day plans or crafting intentions, hope your weekend is a good one!

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Thanksgiving Crafts for the Last Minute!

23 Nov

What a gorgeous pie! (image via Oh Happy Day)


There are lots of things to you today if you’re cooking for the big meal tomorrow. But if you’re not, or if you have kids who are old enough to do some crafting, or if you’re just interested in pulling an all-nighter doing as much as you can, then these three ideas below are for you!


This is a bowl of squash that my husband would approve he isn't very fond of the edible variety. (image via Martha Stewart Crafts)

Squash Bowl: Should you find yourselves with a few extra hours on your hands today (and about 10 unused butternut squashes, and various shades of paint) then you might enjoy putting together a game of squash bowling! This one is pretty self-explanatory and looks quite fun! This is actually a cute craft for general holiday decor: you can stencil names, words, or images directly onto the hard and durable flesh of the squash (just like you’d do a pumpkin!).


Love this idea! (via OhHappyDay via Anthology Mag)

Alphabet Soup Placecards: This idea is so simple and makes so much sense! Using some paper supplies, glue, and box of alphabet noodles, you just use the pasta letters to label everything from your placecards to your food IDs. You can find the tutorial here, with more images, from Oh Happy Day.


Gorgeous, and so clever! (image via WithSprinklesOnTop)

Thanksgiving Cupcakes: These look like small portions of veggies, mashed potatoes, and chicken (not pictured), but they’re actually cupcakes!  They’re called “TV Dinner cupcakes” but I’ve always thought “Thanksgiving!” when I see them. The how-to is contained in the book Hello Cupcake!, but as an owner of that book, I’ll give you the abridged version: turkey cupcake is a donut hole (to give shape) with icing and corn flakes (to give the cooked brown look) mounded on top, plus a white chocolate bone; the mashed potatoes are simple — white icing well with a yellow starburst (butter) and caramel (gravy); and the veggies are green icing with green M&Ms and orange starburst candies cut up like carrot nibs. Easy stuff, and SO neat looking! The blog where the above image comes from, With Sprinkles on Top, also has a simplified tutorial.

Happy Cooking Day, or last day of work…whatever it may be for you!

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Furniture as Food, and Food as Furniture.

22 Aug

It’s Monday, and it’s hot, and there are a whole five more working days until another glorious three day weekend, so I thought I’d keep things light this morning. As I’m sure you’ve gleaned from reading any of my posts at all, I love food. Particularly sweets. So naturally I find furniture and fixtures MADE FROM CANDY to be worth at least five minutes of my blogging time. Check out some of these amazing, fun, and dare I say gaudy reinterpretations of home decor, all made with a sugared medium.

This appears to be a Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona Sofa, but it’s actually a real, edible cake by Leandro Erlich. Isn’t it amazing!  I makes me cringe just seeing them cut into it, but I bet it’s delicious!

Barcelona Cake! (image via Cake Wrecks)


This Button Bench from Jellio Furniture after my own heart: minimal with a punch of color.  In fact, I designed a very similar one for my thesis project almost four years ago. Incidentally, this image appears to be computer generated: I wonder if they’ve sold any…?

Button Bench (image via


Jellio Furniture makes some other interesting items too, including this Gummi Bear Chandelier. Unfortunately, it’s made from acrylic gummi bears, but the effect is the same (and longer lasting, I’m sure!).

Gummi Bear Chandelier (image via


Now this Gummi Bear Chandelier by artist YaYa Chou, is ALL REAL. Aesthetically, I prefer Jellio’s version, but I can’t deny that the craftsmanship on this piece is stunning.

Gummi Bear Chandelier by YaYa Chou (image source unknown)


Doesn’t this just make you want to run to the nearest convenience store for lunch and grab all of the candy bars you can find? Or is that just me….

Have a great week, everyone!

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Butterfinger Brownies from Becky Bakes!

23 Jun

Posting recipes isn’t really my territory, but this one I just have to share: Butterfinger Brownies from Becky Bakes (a delightful little food blog).

Yes, they're as good as they look! (image via Becky Bakes)

Becky’s post about these brownies includes a cute story about her father and how every gift he receives always includes Butterfingers. My dad doesn’t have a taste for that candy specifically, but like her dad, he almost always receives some kind of candy with every gift I give him, too. Very cute, and definitely relatable for me. Needless to say, this morning when I dropped the toddler-monster off with my parents they also received a plate of these brownies.

Like Becky, I  omitted the espresso powder. I also cut the cocoa powder to three tablespoons instead of four because I don’t love a bitter-chocolate taste.  Instead of four Butterfingers I used only two (not necessarily to cut down on the Burrerfingeryness, but because my husband saw that I’d brought four Butterfingers home and complained that I wasn’t going to leave any for him.) Though I baked them for 41 minutes, a minute over the 35-40 minute recommended time, they were definitely a little undercooked. This is fine with me because in my house we tend to like our baked goods a little underdone. I found these perfect to eat, and easy to cut, after being stored in the fridge! You know what? — you should just make some yourself.

I won’t even try to top this post off with an interior-related image or thought. Sometimes, brownies are enough.


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Asparagus Cake? Don’t Mind If I Do….

4 Jun

I came across this impossibly cute and intricate cake a few weeks ago via Sweetapolita, an amazingly talented blogger/baker/photographer. I could sit and peruse her blog for hours. 

This is actually a cake! A CAKE! (image via Sweetapolita)

She has got to be KIDDING me. This is impossibly awesome. (image via Sweetapolita)

If you have no other plans this weekend I dare you to attempt this confection. I consider myself pretty proficient in the kitchen, but this is something I can’t even imagine trying to pull together. How inspirational, fun, and charming! If you’d like to try it yourself, you can follow Sweetapolita’s tutorial by following the link at the top of this post. 

Have a great weekend!

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Memorial Day Cake Plates!

30 May

I wasn’t planning on posting today since I normally don’t post on weekends and today is still a holiday, but then I remembered last year’s Memorial Day post and I can’t help re-featuring it!  Below are nine fabulous cake plates in red, white, and blue. Thankfully, this year my son is old enough to happily tag along to BBQs  (you’ll see in my last paragraph how last year this was not the case. Oh, how 365 days can change things!).  

Happy Memorial Day 2011!

I know that holidays mean a lot of things:  family traditions, love and togetherness, supporting a cause, or adhering to religious principles.  In addition to all of these wonderful things, they also often mean CAKE: probably the most wonderful of all those things.

So, in keeping with the summery festivity and seasonally appropriate colors, enjoy these red, white, and blue cake plates on this Memorial Day weekend!  And enjoy lots of charred meat and backyard barbeques; I’m jealous, as it’s very difficult to attend nighttime grilling activities when your toddling mini-monster goes to bed at 7pm.

Signature Now and Then Cakestand, $25; Edible Candy Cakestand (yes, edible!!!!), Fancy Flours, $18; Corvella Cakestand, Chris Madden, $59

Bird Cakestand, Whitney Smith Pottery, $78; Scalloped Cakestand, Williams Sonoma, $45; Floating Tiers Cakestand, Lucy's Cakeshop, $70

Both Blue Glass Cakestands from Look In The Attic; Blue Cupcake Tiered Cakestand, Party Pieces (UK), £17.99

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Cupcakes, Portraits, and Paintings…oh my!

28 Mar

Umm.  Well….I had so much fun at my son’s birthday party that I forgot to be diligent about taking pictures of the actual party.  We did, however, get a lot of good pictures of the people at the party, which is really what matters.  Thankfully I managed to get a few excellent shots of the cupcake tier that I made:

The bottom (white) is a cake plate that a good friend gave us for our wedding, and the black top piece is actually a candle pillar from Crate and Barrel!  A perfectly toned down vessel for the super bright birthday treats! Sigh…I didn’t even get a chance to photograph the banner, or the way we used an old Coke crate to display other food.

But we got a good family portrait! Even if my son’s hand is in his mouth…

This is a rare happening: we hardly ever take family pictures, and when we do someone’s eyes are closed.  The painting on the left is by Abbe McGray and it’s one of my favorite things we have. Here’s a better look at it (it’s huge). I believe it’s called “It’s Me” — as in the artist as a little girl, not “me.”  But I get asked that a lot.  If this “me” had tons of money, I’d ask her to do another half-face portrait of my son…and also one of our cat.

(image via Abbe McGray)



So that was our weekend.  Family, food, trucks, and fun. Hope yours was good as well!

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