Happy Birthday, Neuman!

23 May

Our sweet cat is 12 today.

Happy Birthday, Neuman!

He’s gentle and furry and smart and very large for a cat at 18.5 pounds. This is where my husband wants me to point out that he is not fat; he is just a big cat. Really, he is. Let’s call him “majestic.”

Happy Birthday, Neuman!

We made cupcakes in his likeness, because who am I to decline buying 6 kinds of candy in order to make a food creation that looks like a cat. His eyes are different colors (green and brown) because in real life they’re two different colors.

But before we made the cupcakes, I made a watercolor sketch of how I’d construct them. Because I do things like that.

Happy Birthday, Neuman!

They look pretty good, I think (despite having to forgo pretzel stick whiskers for blue-raspberry sour gummy whiskers…don’t ask).

Happy Birthday, Neuman!


Happy Birthday, Neuman!

Happy Birthday, Neuman! We love you very much!


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