Look for Less: Geometric Wool Blankets!

12 Jun

Blankets are a great way to intersect form with function. Especially in my house, where 4 out of 5 nights you’ll find someone crashed out on the couch watching MadMen or Dora the Explorer or Real Housewives of….wait. Forget that last one. We never watch that.

I love these two blankets right now – for the bed mostly, but I could see them on the sofa in the right setting: especially folded neatly across the back. Can you guess which is “high” and which is “low?” I’m referring specifically to the patterned blanket on the left, and the neatly folded up patterned blanket on the right.

So were you right?


This is the sleek, mod Chelsea Stipe Throw from Dwell Studio – yours for $175. All in all, that’s not a terrible price for a nice wool blanket.



Or you could get this one, the Henny from Ikea, for $39.99.


What’s your pick?


Design consultations for all styles and budgets: JGB Interiors.


One Response to “Look for Less: Geometric Wool Blankets!”

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