It’s Been A While…A Few Updates!

11 May

I know that I haven’t been blogging much lately. While I’ve been offline life has been busy, but good. I think I previously mentioned that this summer (which began two weeks ago, for us) I am going to be keeping my son at home full-time (and by full-time, I forsee some type of irregular babysitting arrangement for  meetings and to cover my teaching schedule). His wonderful nanny recently (and deservedly) retired, and my husband and I concluded that keeping him home with me until August, when he begins daily six-hour preschool, is the best option. For those of you with little kids, I’m sure you feel me on the topics of “potty training readiness,” “behavior modification,” and just good, quality “mom time.” Here he is caught in a serious moment, which I believe was warranted by the excruciating anticipation of our neighborhood egg hunt last month.

So…how’s it going, you ask? Well, thanks to three-hour naps and a little bit of television, it’s going pretty well I think. Except for the blogging. The blogging is majorly lagging. But I am 100% able to keep up with my clients, and have even added several new ones over the past two weeks. I’ll be focusing on consulting this summer, and likely delaying any projects involving invasive renovations until the fall. In an effort to keep my productivity up in regards to my design practice, the blogging has had to fall behind; I expect this to be a trend over the next few months, but come fall I will be back to my regular almost-daily posting schedule. Who knows, I may even hold a few giveaways to compensate!

Here are a few other things I’ve been up to these past few weeks, in no particular order:

I started a project that is going to be using a lot of rusts and coppers, and I’m excited to see it through over the next few weeks. This rug is the starting point:


I entered a competition at a furniture vendor to design a chaise lounge, which if my plan goes right, will be MINE in a few months. Would love to show you my sketches but I don’t think I can…

I put together a few mood boards for a long-time client’s two children. This scheme, for a little girl, is a big time favorite of mine:

Lucky, the client favored this scheme, too. I love it when that happens!


Potty training. It’s been very very successful very very quickly. I don’t want to jinx it though, so that’s all I’m going to say about that.

And finally, last night I hosted a Stella & Dot Trunk Show for my cousin Joelly, who is a stylist. Fun was had by all, and there was wine and cupcake treats for all. You can check out, and shop for, some lovely Stella & Dot baubles here. I’m loving the four picks below!

1.) Carrie Bangles, $59; 2.) Bardot Hoop Earrings, $34; 3.) Chantilly Lace Cuff, $98; 4.) Bahari Necklace, $98


All in all, this summer experiment is working out. I’m thrilled to be able to maintain my ever-growing and currently thriving design practice, and I’m happy to be spending lots of time with my almost-always-adorable-but-sometimes-challenging three year old little boy. Pending any crazy shenanigans, I’ll be back next week with Color Friday and hopefully a post or two before that.

Until then…have a GREAT weekend, and if it applies to you, have a GREAT Mother’s Day on Sunday (which if I can really get organized, will warrant a Mother’s Day post)!



Design consultations for all styles and budgets: JGB Interiors.

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