Color Friday is: “Green!” Happy Earth Day!

20 Apr

Earth Day is Sunday April 22nd, which gives me a great opportunity to showcase a few fun and sustainable or recycled products for this week’s Color Friday! As you may have guessed, today’s color is “green,” which doesn’t refer to color. Last year, I one-upped myself and featured green “green” products. Ugh. I make myself feel so inadequate.

Whatever you do this weekend, enjoy the weather, spend some time outside, and don’t forget to recycle! Here are the picks for this week…shades of “green” in every color:

Clockwise from pendant at top:Recycled Glass Pendant Light (source unknown); Dot Kuma Pillow in Organic Cotton, $24 (image via; Funky Faux Bois Mirror by Stray Dog Designs - comes in multiple colors, $525 (image via; Recycled Glass Tiles from, $20/sf and up (image via Women's Day); 1108 Platform Sofa by South of Urban, $2,900 in Maharam "Fluent," (image via; Recycled Glass Jugs from West Elm, $19 and up (image via; Log Bowl #9 by Loyal Loot, $260 (image via; Odegard Stripe Mosaic Rug made from recycled wool, $86/sf (image via


I’ll leave you with my favorite, easiest green tip that I have for when it comes to decorating your home; you’ll know I’m being sincere because it does absolutely nothing for my bottom line. The greenest thing to do, almost all of the time, is to keep what you already have. Of course this doesn’t always apply to energy inefficient appliances, but throwing out furniture when you can refinish it (with low or no VOC finishes, of course) or tossing whole pillows when you can just replace a cover is not only environmentally responsible, but it will save you an entirely different kind of green in the long run!

So what’s your favorite “green” pick? And is it actually green?


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