Lovely Lucite!

18 Apr

I love the look of sleek, crisp, lucite or acrylic.

(image via DecorPad)


At first blush these materials are indisputably contemporary, but they’re actually quite versatile; often, you don’t even see them at all. Lucite is a great option for when you need some additional functionality (an extra table, more seating, a tray or two…) but adding “more” would contribute to more visual clutter than you’d like. With the addition of a translucent piece, you can “float” your chairs, have a magical invisible surface, or just provide a place to rest while allowing your eyes to rest as well while they’re looking straight at a bench. 

Here are some lovely applications of acrylic. Some are modern, some are classically traditional. But all are without a doubt enviable.


A coffee table that breaks with tradition; it just floats in the middle of the room. (image via Elle Decor)


Can you spy a large, functional bench? I bet it took you a second...! (image via House Beautiful)


This kitchen has a lot happening, and the clear bar stools are just the right choice because they silently exist and let all of the other colorful touches shine. (image via DecorPad)


A discrete chair adds a touch of modernity while still letting the more classical elements exist in the foreground. (design by Tobi Fairley, image via DecorPad)


A chair in the air! And you barely see it! (image via Elle Decor)


What’s your favorite “invisible” piece?


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