What’s For Dinner? Chili!

29 Feb

It’s cold and rainy again. Which is a bummer after lots of 60 degree “winter days” so far this year. But not to worry – dinner will be warm, tasty, and restorative. Best of all it’ll be easy, because we’re having chili! I’m not big on recipes (which occasionally…just occasionally…can cause problems) but I’ll give you my how-to version here so you can make your own pot.

Here goes…

1.) Grab some veggies, chop them, and give them a quick saute in olive oil or vegetable oil: garlic, an onion, a red pepper (or green, or yellow), a jalapeno (seeds if you love the heat, no seeds if you don’t), and any tomatoes you have on hand. Don’t forget to salt and pepper them!

2.) Throw these sauteed veggies into a crockpot.

3.) Add a can of rotel, about a cup of chicken or veggie stock, and can or two of tomato sauce/paste/crushed tomatoes, or whatever liquidish tomato products you have on hand. Don’t forget to pour in about half of your beer.

4.) Drink the rest.

5.) Throw in a handful of chopped cilantro (but save some for serving), chili powder (a packet, your own mix, whatever you feel comfortable with) and some cumin. I love extra cumin.

6.) My secret weapon enters here: cube up a sweet potato into little pieces, each about the size of a big pea. Throw these in, too. They’ll add some nice sweetness and texture. You can throw your beans in now: two cans is about the right amount. I like black and kidney. But you might not.

Now that was easy, wasn’t it?

Cook all this stuff on high for a few hours, then turn it to low. You may want to leave the lid askew to evaporate some of the liquid and thicken up your chili. After a few hours, season to taste with more salt, pepper, spices, and cilantro. Bake yourself up some cornbread, and serve this in pretty bowls (like the “Gemma Link” bowl above from Crate and Barrel) garnished with sour cream, cheese, green onions, more cilantro, and some chopped avocado (my favorite).

Enjoy! What are you having for dinner?


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