Find of the Week: Bamboo Cutlery!

16 Feb

I’m really digging these three-piece cutlery sets from Core Bamboo. They’re just $9 for all three (fork, spook, knife) and come in a huge range of colors like “banana,” “strawberry,” and “slate”


Core's Bamboo Cutlery (image via Core Bamboo)

More of Core's Bamboo Cutlery (image via Grassroots Modern)


One of the lovely things about bamboo is that because it grows so quickly, it is fairly easy to grow sustainably (meaning you can put back what you take out of the earth). Core seems to go one step further, and employs sustainable practices throughout the manufacturing life cycle of their products – hooray! Their website says, ” All of the bamboo we use is 100% organically grown. We use food safe water based adhesives and we finish our products with top grade natural oils. Even our lacquer comes from natural cashew trees. Every product adheres to the standards of the FDA and European equivalent. Wherever possible we use recycled and eco-friendly packaging.”  Perhaps their bamboo is being transported from across the globe (a not-so-green aspect that’s often overlooked when talking about bamboo), but they seem to be operating with the environment in mind and care about their artisans and the local people who harvest and work with their products. 

At $9, you can get enough for you and five other dinner guests for about $50! Love love love! (Gotta give one “love” for each utensil, don’t you think?)


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