Cauliflower: Three Ways!

15 Feb

So this is a bit awkward: another cooking post from me…a designer. Not a cook. 

If I can deal with it, I’m confident you can too. In fact, since you’re being so cooperative I’ll throw you a bone and point you toward this colorful olive oil jar from Dean & DeLuca. Who cares about how convenient it is when you see how cute it’ll look on your counter?

Antico Frantoio Muraglia 'Intenso' Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $48 at Dean & DeLuca (image via Dean & DeLuca)

So, moving on.

Lately we’ve been struggling to get my son to eat new foods. A boy can not live on strawberries, black olives, and bacon alone. We’ve implemented a “new food chart” with stickers, and we’re introducing lots of new veggies, grains, and meats to him on a regular basis. One other thing we do is vary preparations often so that he’s exposed to a wide range of flavors and textures: I know I hate wilted, soft broccoli…but throw it in a super hot oven for half an hour and I’ll eat POUNDS of the crusty, brown-edged roasted stuff. Recently, cauliflower has been something I’m using a lot of lately around our house. It’s versatile, cheap, and lasts a long time. It doesn’t smell so great raw though, but that’s just a temporary issue; you can’t win them all!

Here are three basic cauliflower recipes that all start the same way: a roasting pan or pyrex dish, olive oil + salt and pepper, cauliflower florets, and a 400 degree oven. The add-ins are what make it special, and I love them all equally (but differently!). To make these scrumptious sides, just toss the ingredients, throw ’em into a hot oven, and bake away until they’re as crunchy or brown as you like them. A shorter cooking time will get you brighter, crunchier veggies; a longer bake time will get you a more rustic result with deeper flavor (especially the tomatoes). Hope you enjoy the veggie combos!I know we do!


Cauliflower + Chick Peas + Cumin.


Cauliflower + Brussels Sprouts (halved, flat side down!) + Balsamic


Cauliflower + Grape Tomatoes + Lemon Zest


There you have it – super easy sides that go with just about anything. What’s your favorite veggie these days? Got any secrets to share?


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