Find(s) of the Week!

25 Jan

Yesterday I was browsing Crate & Barrel for some quick finds and a few things jumped out at me. JUMPED, I tell you. I was excited to see some truly great items.

First was this gorgeous Grey City Map. I’m showing New York, but Chicago and San Fran are also available. Each is $199 and measures 21” w x 27” h.

New York City Map, $199 (image via Crate & Barrel)


Second was this “And” Pillow. For $29.95, it’s a steal! It would be perfect sandwiched in between two other pillows.

"And" Pillow, $29.95 (image via Crate & Barrel)


Finally, I am loving this Grey C Table. I adore C tables to begin with for their utility and small footprint, and for $59.95 you can not beat this one! It’s also available in a bright blue, lime green, and white.

Grey C Table, $59.95 (image via Crate & Barrel)


Just a few Crate & Barrel basics to get you through your design dilemmas. Remember, it’s totally fine to get your furniture and accessories from catalogs: it’s about curating them to be a unique mix, and occasionally throwing in some truly unique finds. (I know that’s a difficult task…that’s why I do what I do!…)


Design consultations for all styles and budgets: JGB Interiors.


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