Urban Graphic Maps: Hi and Low.

16 Jan

I’m a big fan of graphics: type, maps, logos…all of it. I’m especially a big fan of text- or shape-intensive maps, so naturally I love Ork’s city posters; they range from about $20 to $30 depending on the type of printing you choose. I own the DC version in gray and white. It was $27 and measures 18” x 24.”

Frame from Target; Poster via Ork Posters.

I came across this beautiful graphic map this weekend, which is by Bo Lundberg. It caught my eye for its use of color and it obviously reminded me of Ork’s work (I mean this in a complementary way, not in a “you’re copying them!” way, of course).

"Manhattan" by Bo Lundberg (image via Stampa)

It’s a map of Manhattan, and part of a series of other places; “Manhattan” however, is really the only map that evokes the Ork aesthetic. Others are less recognizable as maps, and some aren’t maps at all .Prints are available from Stampa, starting at $100 for an unframed 8”x 10” and going up to $800 for a framed 18” x 24.” You read that right: $800. 

Ork’s Manhattan is equally lovely, and you can snag one for far far less: $22 – $27. There are six colorways and two printing options. For you NYC folk, there’s also a greater New York City version.

"Manhattan" by Ork Posters (image via Orkposters.com)

What do you think? Do you prefer one print to another, or are you over the whole text-map thing already? I can tell you I’m definitely not over it yet, and I’m thrilled to see them thriving.

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