Everyone Needs a Card Catalog.

12 Jan

Card catalog-inspired pieces are pretty big right now. I love them for their utility and their nerd-appeal.

You can take an old metal or wood vintage one, change simply the inserts, and be left with a gorgeous focal-point piece.

(image via Petite Maison via bitsandbobbins via Flickr)


You can do nothing, and just call it a mini-bar.

(image via calloohcallay.ca via Apartment Therapy)


You can buy a new one, meant to look vintage. I saw this Preston 5-Drawer Table in the flesh today while I was at World Market picking up holiday wrapping paper on sale ($1.24 for a three-roll pack! I don’t even CARE if my son decides to use it to “wrap” his bed up this time).  It’s not as delicate and soft as it appears because it has some mild distressing on it. It’s $139…so you should probably get one.

(image via World Market)


And finally, this one is for the Craigslist files, as it isn’t on the CB2 website anymore. It’s very much inspired by the card catalog look, but it manages to sneak in bigger compartments that hold dishes and albums instead of just paper clips and index cards. The Archive Credenza is super cute, finished with a punch of color, and has a surprise central door.

(image via CB2)


I’d love to have a medium-sized card catalog, painted in chalkboard paint, as part of my design library. It’s the perfect size to hold fabric and finish samples, and would be an Organizing Paradise. Ahh…someday.


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