Oh my…it’s been a while.

29 Dec

…sorry about that!

Love these colors! (image via Elle Decor)

The past week has been full of joy for my family, and I hope it was for yours too. December was also a month chock-full of strep throat and colds (both for me and my son, each multiple times), so the recovery has been slow and my posting has been lagging. We spent Christmas in my husband’s home town, which is a 12-hour drive away, and we included a detour to Chicago to visit his sister and her husband. The car trip was exhausting but the company was lovely, and we arrived back last night full of cheer and cookies and supplied with gifts, memories and hugs. (And trucks. Lots of trucks.) My son made a new best friend in the form of a stuffed jaguar he’s named “Hooka Heeka Hoka Highway” (I don’t even know, you guys) and he got to spend much needed time with his far away family. It was a good week. …and our colds are much better!

I’ll be back to regular daily-ish posting next week, but before that I’ll be having a new GIVEAWAY beginning tomorrow! Just think of it as my special way of saying “Sorry for being MIA for nine days, and Happy Holidays!”  It’s a good one, sure to provide you with inspiration all year round!

Until then, have a lovely last few days of 2011! I’ll be catching up on the Christmas cookies I didn’t make when I was covered in germs. Like these…

Truffles! (image via JGB Interiors)

Design consultations for all styles and budgets: JGB Interiors.


2 Responses to “Oh my…it’s been a while.”

  1. bluepearlgirl's world December 29, 2011 at 11:51 PM #

    That is SUCH a beautiful table (setting etc)! It should have made the design mags for their holiday issues!

  2. jgbinteriors December 30, 2011 at 2:08 AM #

    It did — Elle Decor (not mine, unfortunately)! I can’t figure out if the branch is successfully suspended or being propped up for the shot. Either way, worth a DIY try, don’t you think!

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