Christopher Stott Paints Super Realistic Pictures of Average Things…

20 Dec

…they’re wonderful.

Red, Green, Blue. 16''x 24',' oil on canvas, 2010. (image via Christopher Stott's website)

I have a soft spot for beautifully realistic oil paintings on a blank minimalist background. Christopher Stott, a Canadian artist, does just this. He paints art supplies, household objects, and candy. He reminds me a lot of another artist I adore named Michael Fitts, who paints similarly mundane-but-beautiful things on scrap metal. (I mention him frequently on this blog…perhaps I should feature him one day!)

About his work, Stott says: “The banal and ordinary subjects of [my] work are painted in a celebratory way, turning them in to iconic vestiges of the not so distant past. The simple yet bold compositions are set in variations of neutral grey and white tones. The paintings have repetition, rhythm and an emphasis on the basic geometric designs of the subjects with their finger firmly on the pulse of contemporary representational art.” He mentions Wayne Thiebaud as an inspiration; say no more Chris, you had me at your reference to beautiful cakes.

Here are some more of Christopher Stott’s incredible paintings.

It's What's Inside That Counts. 30'' x 24,'' oil on canvas, 2010. (image via Christopher Stott's website)


Yellow Rotary Phone. 20'' x 24,'' oil on canvas, 2011 (image via Elliot Fouts Gallery)


Vintage Electric Fan and Three Glasses of Water. 30'' x 36,'' oil on canvas, 2009 (image via Christopher Stott's website)


He is represented by the Elliot Fouts Gallery in San Francisco. You can see more of his work here on his website

…and if you’re coveting that fantastic yellow rotary phone, you can find one like it here.


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One Response to “Christopher Stott Paints Super Realistic Pictures of Average Things…”

  1. bluepearlgirl's world December 29, 2011 at 11:54 PM #

    Wow. You do such great glass! It is so hard for me to do clear stuff like glass. Really nice work.

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