Color Friday is: Candy Cane!

16 Dec

I think my favorite Color Friday each year involves those iconic red and white stripes we can’t get enough of this time in late December. Last year I called it “Peppermint,” and this year it’s “Candy Cane.” Either way, you get the point. So without further ado, enjoy these red and white picks that will having you feeling seasonal in no time!

Clockwise from pillow at top: Balanced Design Hand Printed Louis Stripe Pillow, $49 (image via All Modern); Red Scallop Chandelier Shade by Stray Dog Designs, $22 (image via Stray Dog Designs); Stitch Cake Pedestal from Crate and Barrel, $24.95 (image via Crate and Barrel); Red and White Huzza Vase by Hella Jongerius, $775 (image via; Dealmere Footrest in White/Canopy Red Stripe from Ballard Designs, $270 (image via Ballard Designs); Kalon Studios Caravan Crib in Red, $$895 (image via Layla Grayce); Vivienne Westwood Candy Cane Shoes (currently unavailable and source unknown, but aren't they fabulous!?); Edible Candy Cane Mug (image via; Red and White Striped Flatware from Sabre, $85 (image via House Beautiful)


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