Go-to Gifts for the Host and Hostess That Won’t Break The Bank!

13 Dec

Holiday parties are in full swing, and if you’re a good guest you know not to show up empty handed!  Here are a few host and hostess gift suggestions that won’t break the bank (all under $30) and will universally please the recipients. I’ve even added some personalization ideas for warmth and good cheer, too! My belief is that adding an edible element to your gift makes it all the more festive and wonderful — just be sure to emphasize to the host that there’s no need to include your edible contribution in their meal (sometimes it’s helpful to bring food or wine, but sometimes it upsets a carefully planned menu!.

Enjoy the suggestions, and your parties!

Marble Wine Cooler from Crate and Barrel ($26.95) + a bottle of your favorite vino

Marble Cooler + Wine = always a safe bet! (images via Crate and Barrel, Cape Classics)


Rustic White Cake Stand from Wisteria ($19) + a gorgeous confection

Neutral Plate + Tasty Cakes = perfection! (images via Wisteria, Georgetown Cupcake)

Farmer’s Market Basket from Anthropologie ($14.95) + colorful candies

Simple Basket + Festive Candies = fun treat! (images via Anthropologie, Dylan's Candy Bar...just be sure to ditch the wrapping and put the candies in the bowl!)


Do you have any go-to gifts? If so, share!


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