Find of the Week! Crate and Barrel’s Glass Ball Ornaments!

6 Dec

Crate and Barrel’s glass ornaments are pure perfection! Available in pink, red, “aubergine” (which is really a pure purple if you ask me), emerald green, apple green, and gold luster, each is a little shiny sphere of happiness!  You can find them here for under $3 — yep, you read that right!

Crate and Barrel's Glass Ball Ornaments, $2.50 - $2.95, available in 6 colors. (image via Crate and Barrel)

I’d love a tree FULL of them. I’d love a tree with all apple and emerald green ones, studded with colored lights. I’d love a tree with purple, red, pink and gold ones with whites lights. Or I’d love a tree with red and pink ones — did you notice the balls are all 4” in diameter, except that the pinks are 3” — what a great contrast! I could go on with these combos!

What’s your favorite glass ball?


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