Find of the Week: Midnight Mirrors!

30 Nov

I encountered the Cassidy Mirror from Ballard Designs a few weeks ago and was sad that the color wasn’t quite right for a certain client I was shopping for at the time. At $189 the price was beyond perfect for this exquisitely finished piece, which is 17” in diameter and has navy, cream, and gold tones throughout the circular frame. Ballard claims it is “nautical” but I see none of that; to me, it’s 100% refined and richly colorful. Am I right, or am I right?

Cassidy Mirror from Ballard Designs, $189 (image via Ballard Designs)


I rarely do this with “Find of the Week,” but the Cassidy reminds me of this gem from the lastcentury store on; it’s called the Knabstrup Ceramic Blue Mirror, and it too is lovely. The difference? — A little more modernity, a much less functional mirror, and about a 1000% price increase.

Knabstrup Ceramic Blue Mirror from lastcentury @ (image via


Ideally we’d take them both, but for those of you on a budget at least one is within reach!


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