Thanksgiving Mishaps Happen To Us All.

28 Nov

I hope you all had a good (and hopefully long) Thanksgiving weekend! Ours was slow-paced, full of good food, family time, and topped off with a sick kid who is ever so slowly recovering from a bad cough.

On the upside, leftovers, coughs, and (kind of) chilly weather led to a great Turkey and Dumplings dinner this weekend. It’s just as good as it is pretty!

Turkey & Dumplings -- made just like the chicken variety...with your Thanksgiving leftovers!

On the downside, someone (ahem…my husband) removed their steaming hot bowl of dumplings from their plate and set it directly on a paper towel on the dining room table, which caused the lovely paper towel ring you see below. Yep, it’s stuck directly to the table (which has an inexplicably weird waxy finish).

Well that's frustrating!

So that was frustrating. Thankfully, my husband is pretty good at fixing things. His tip is to heat up the table (hot towel, heating pad, hair dryer) slowly and remove the towel but by bit…it is embedded in the melty-waxy finish, so it comes out just the same way it went in. If re-polishing is necessary once the towel is removed (meaning you have a little discoloration or marring) a little elbow grease will get your table top back good as new…and all will be well with the world (or the dining room). I suppose I should be thankful that this was the worst thing that happened all weekend!

Did you have any decor horror stories over this big entertaining week? Need help fixing something? If so drop me a note — it would make a great Ask JGB question!


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